Microsoft produce the Wireless Xbox 360 Controller because that Windows. The controller works v both Xbox 360 consoles, and also most home windows XP-based operating systems and above. Although designed mostly to played disk based computer games, the controller works v the few of the many popular video game emulators.

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Fusion is a video clip game emulator the supports several various Sega video clip game consoles, consisting of Sega SG1000, SC3000, understand System, video game Gear, Genesis, Sega CD and also 32X. It provides support for virtually any kind of recognized game controller, which consists of the Xbox 360 controller for Windows. Blend has the option to configure the switch layout the the controller as well, including a great of customized video game play.

Visual young Advance

Visual Boy progressed helps friend play games from Nintendo"s video game Boy Advanced. Original video game Boy shade games are additionally playable ~ above the Visual young Advanced. Like Fusion, intuitive Boy progressed supports the Xbox 360 controller because that Windows, also as nearly every other PC-designed game controller. You need the latest variation of Microsoft DirectX to operation the emulator, however.


ZSNES is a video game emulator qualified of playing games from the super Nintendo console. The ZSNES supports all of Super Nintendo"s technologies, including DSP1, SuperFX and also C4 emulation. The emulator supports computer controller support, consisting of the Xbox 360 controller because that Windows. Favor the Visual boy Advance, the ZSNES requires at least version 8.0 or higher of Microsoft DirectX.


Project64 is one emulator that plays video games indigenous the Nintendo 64 console. Providing support for home windows 95 operating systems and later, Project64 should work top top the bulk of personal computers. Due to the complicated control system of the Nintendo 64, you need to use a PC game controller while play Project64. Fortunately, the Xbox 360 controller for home windows works with Project64 as well.


Playing illegally downloaded games on an emulator is a crime. As soon as using one emulator, make certain you only play "Homebrew" gamings (free games produced by independent consumers for the emulator).

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