Two and also a half Men"s "Wanda" made just a single appearance on the show, yet she left fairly the impression on fans of the series! Let"s find out what actress Diora Lynn Baird aka Two and also a fifty percent Men"s "Wanda", is up to today.

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"Wanda" made only one appearance on Two and a fifty percent Men — but it was a very memorable one.

Two and also a half Men: "Wanda"

The collection debut of "Wanda" came in the season 6 episode "She"ll Still be Dead at Halftime." Though, "Wanda" had earlier been referenced as a woman that "Charlie Harper" (Charlie Sheen) had actually ventured away v to las Vegas. This was referenced by a poster the "Wanda" that "Jake" (Angus T. Jones) had on his wall.

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In her lone episode, "Wanda" reasons difficulties because that "Charlie" as soon as she reflects up in ~ his house and also tries to go after him again. "Charlie" is dating "Chelsea" at the time, for this reason he resists and also tries to acquire "Wanda," that is drunk, to leaving the house. She eventually does, pass an finish to her stint together a temptress of "Charlie."



Two and also a half Men - "Wanda" Today

Diora Baird is currently 37 year old and also she"s still acting! because 2009, the former Guess? design has continued to appear in films and TV series. Some of the better-known reflects she"s guested on include Law & Order: SVU, Bent, Shameless (in 4 episodes together "Meg"), Casual, and Telenovela

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On the big screen, you may have actually seen Baird in Hot bathtub Time Machine or Transit. Plus, in the last couple of years, she"s appeared in several life time movies including My Daughter Vanished, The Missing Sister, also as DNA Killer in 2020. 


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Diora Baird in 2020

For this roles, Baird explains herself as "That lesbian mom who plays moms ~ above TV" on she Instagram account. Baird share a kid with she ex-husband, yet she"s because confirmed the she identifies as a lesbian. 

The actress also plays "Shannon Keene" ~ above the internet series Cobra Kai, i beg your pardon was simply picked up by Netflix in June 2020.

Check in top top Diora"s Instagram for articles on her work, an individual life, her support of LGBTQ rights and causes, Black stays Matter, and more!

I simply wanted to take the time to recognize those of you that came out later on in life or have actually yet to carry out so. No everyone is able to live together they recognize freely. In fact, it deserve to be dangerous and also even life threatening. Being gay or anything external the "norm" is tho illegal in part countries. Wild right?! ns am lucky to live in a county that permits me come walk down the street v my very same sex partner without are afraid of being stoned to death, however that doesn"t mean I gain treated equally. The doesn"t average that us still don"t have actually a the majority of progress to make, us do. We as a human being race have so lot damn progression to make, but I have faith and I have hope for a better future because that our #LGBTQ+ babies. Ns didn"t come out together a gay woman till I to be 32. That"s a many years to feel prefer I was never ever right or comfortable in my very own skin. I am happy to share in much more detail what my "coming out" story was and continues to it is in with all of you, probably in an IG live? never ever do those, however I"d be ready to give it a walk if that means I can attach with also one other person who can benefit from mine story. Because that me, it help seeing others use their voice and be seen. So, if you want me come share, walk ahead and also comment "YES" listed below ⬇️ and I"ll set it up. In the meantime, because that those of friend who room still in the closet or still on your course to self discovery, I check out you, ns hear you, you space valid and I love you mine rainbow babes. Happy pride. ️‍ . . . . . #trans #lgbt #lesbian #equality #transgender #gay #lesbianlove #loveislove #prochoice #lovewins #blacklivesmatter #lgbtq #lgbtq #lgbtqcommunity #queer #gaypride #equalrights #love #nonbinary #pride

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silence is consent. Usage your voice. Speak up against injustice. Ns am in awe of ours youth that will lead the means and pave brand-new rainbow colored roads for all of us. ✊❤️ . . #blacklivesmatter #defundthepolice #silenceisconsent #getthebadcopsout #justiceforgeorgefloyd #justiceforahmaud #justiceforbreonnataylor #justicefortonymcdade #blacktranslivesmatter #fuckracism

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