Popular reality shows like American Idol and also The Voice have produced successful recording artist such together Carrie Underwood, Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina and also Cassadee Pope, simply to surname a few. However those very same programs have likewise failed to do the right call when it involved moving details hopefuls front in the process. In fact, few of today’s biggest country stars have actually actually tried your luck in the reality game only to get cut early on.

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Here space eight artists who confronted rejection when auditioning because that TV shows choose American Idol and also The Voice.

Luke Combs; photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Luke Combs

The reigning CMA masculine Vocalist the the Year, Luke Combs, when auditioned because that The Voice and surprisingly, it did not pan out.

“I was on spring break a couple of years back when ‘The Voice’ was having actually auditions in Atlanta, Georgia. In mine audition round, ns was the just guy and you get around thirty seconds to sing. Ns made it come the next round that was at a studio, and also then do it to the next cut. Castle had four audition cities and narrowed that from about 10,000 come 200 people. Climate you don’t know if girlfriend made it to the show for a couple of months,” the phibìc Carolina indigenous once recalled come Whiskey Riff. “I endured those rounds with the producers, but I got a letter saying ns wasn’t ‘interesting’ sufficient for the show’s ratings so i didn’t acquire to the show. But it provided me a the majority of confidence because I was great enough voice wise to endure all those producer auditions.”

Years later, longtime The Voice coach Blake Shelton to be asked around the situation during a radio interview and also was left virtually speechless.

“He called me that story…there’s no means around it, that embarrassing,” Shelton said. “Let’s just confront it.”

Maren Morris; photo by Andrew Wendowski

Maren Morris

Maren Morris burst ~ above the music scene v her infectious single, “My Church.” however her rise to stardom was no overnight success. In fact, she went through the grueling audition process for multiple shows, consisting of American Idol, The Voice and America’s obtained Talent, just to obtain rejected by, well, all of them.

“There were a ton that ns didn’t do it to, say thanks to God,” Morris called Andy Cohen on an episode of Watch What happens Live. “Now world cover my songs for their auditions top top those shows. For this reason it’s like, not just is it really nice to have actually my tune on a nationwide television show, I get to collect the check and also have part sweet revenge.”


Colton Swon

They speak the blend of harmonies between sibling singers is unmatched. The rings true for nation singer Colton Swon. As a solo artist, the Oklahoma aboriginal made it into the peak 48 in Season 7 the American Idol before he gained cut. Happily for him, his road to success didn’t prevent there. It reached a high suggest when that auditioned v his brother, Zach on The Voice. The talented two turned chairs through their chop harmonies during their remote audition performance of Tom Petty’s “American Girl.” The Swon Brothers make it every the way into the peak three of The Voice finale.

Mickey Guyton; picture Courtesy CMA

Mickey Guyton

At 22-years-old, Mickey Guyton auditioned because that Season 8 that American Idol. Her run on the show didn’t critical long, however. She to be axed right before the live shows. Soon enough, she signed to Capitol Nashville and also even earned a nomination for brand-new Female Vocalist the the Year at the 2016 ACM Awards. In 2020, Guyton’s career climbed to brand-new heights with the release of she critically acclaimed EP, Bridges. The talented vocalist continues to impress and also forge her very own path within the nation music genre.

Kane Brown; photograph by Andrew Wendowski

Kane Brown

Kane Brown watched as American Idol opened up doors for his childhood friend and also former classmate, Lauren Alaina, who took the runner-up spot on the show earlier in 2011. His audition didn’t create the same outcome together Alaina’s. However, the did make it onto The X Factorbut quit when producers do the efforts to to convince him to sign up with a band.

Nevertheless, he gained popularity v his very own YouTube consist of on songs prefer Lee Brice’s “I nothing Dance” and also George Strait’s “Check correctly or No.” Now, he has actually a many to it is in proud of with a grasp of No.1 singles and platinum release under his belt.

Hillary Scott; photo Courtesy CMA

Hillary Scott

She placed out 4 No. 1 studio albums, sold numerous records, and also earned seven Grammys together the 3rd member of Lady A. But long prior to Hillary Scott ended up being the co-lead singer the a trio, she took her talents come American Idol, no once, yet twice. The now mother of three never ever made it past the preliminary ring of the truth TV competition program.

“I never obtained to see . Ns literally performed for the production assistants and also the interns, and I just didn’t make it,” she recalled come Entertainment Tonight.

Years later though, Scott guest-starred together a mentor on rival show, The Voice.


Colbie Caillat

Like Scott, Colbie Caillat to be overlooked both times once she auditioned for American Idol during its operation on FOX. She actually belted the end her original song “Bubbly” during her second tryout, but producers no so bubbly over the catchy hit. Also though Caillat no wow the creators that the show, she admitted she wasn’t rather ready for stardom in ~ the time.

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“I to be shy. Ns was nervous. Ns didn’t look the greatest. I wasn’t all set for that yet,” She said throughout an interview through USA now (per Rolling Stone). “I to be glad, as soon as I auditioned, the they claimed no.”

Chris Lane; picture by Erika Goldring/Getty Images

Chris Lane

It might come together a surprise to some country music fans that chris Lane has a pair brother. The country singer auditioned v his the same twin, Cory, throughout Season 7 that American Idol. But unlike the Swon Brothers, this duo no get an extremely far in the reality display sphere. They offered their audition come showcase an initial rap song that failed to admire judges Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and also Randy Jackson. Regardless of their setback, the lane brothers go onto do music with each other in a band v Cory on the drums. Then, in 2015, kris topped the charts together a solo act v his single, “Fix.” Lane’s recent single, “Big, big Plans,” also reached the optimal of the charts.