In March 2008, after buying my first home, I chose it was time to own a lawnmower. Due to the fact that we just have actually approximately 1/4 acre of grass, it was made a decision that an easy press mower would certainly suffice. After strolling into my neighborhood Wal-Mart, I surprised to see exactly how lowly priced the "weed eater" models were compared to other more well known brands. I was at initially nervous to pay just over $100 for a lawn mower (when I was expecting to spend at least $200), yet ultimately offered it a shot.

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A year later, I could not have been more pleased through my decision. After reading the hands-on and adhering to the operating and maintenance procedures to the letter of the legislation, I have had a complete of zero troubles through my supposed "cheap" lawnmower. And guess what? It cuts my lawn every time I need it, and it has been trusted. The mower is easy to run and it usually starts within the initially two or three pulls of the begin cord. Tbelow is a lever before wbelow you have the right to change the reduced height and also tright here is a side discharge. The mower is reasonably little and quickly storable. I will say, on the negative side, that occasionally the mower is quite difficult to rotate because the wheels are basically simply rotating pieces of tough plastic (which I discovered sort of strange). Also, it vibprices at a decent clip and it does not have that much “power”The just foreseeable difficulty is the blade needing sharpened ultimately. Tbelow is basically a big single blade that rotates so make sure you remove any kind of tough objects from the lawn to prevent bfinishing the blade, which I might check out perhaps happening. All-in-all, this is a really financial mower, perfect for someone on a budget or has an extremely tiny lawn to reduced. Make sure you properly keep the equipment and also you will acquire your moneys worth from the Weed Eater brand also mower! Happy Mowing!!!!

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Jul 27, 2015 Rating
Has lasted 17 years so far! by: James C. Our 500 series Weedeater 21" press mower (basically a Poulan Pro) has lasted over 17 year for us so much. It is on it"s second blade and second carb develop, and also maybe it"s fourth or 5th ignition plug, however the remainder is all original and except for a slack bail cable which I opted to relocation, nopoint else has been replaced or added in that amount of time. The knobby tires still have actually 33-50% of their original treview and despite lots of use and innumerable 180 degree turns the whole machine rolls rather right and also true and vibration free.The levers to raise and reduced the deck elevation all still function well, though I had to tack weld among the rear notched plates a year earlier. Our yard is between a 1/4 and 1/3 acre edge lot and though we have a secondary mower for bagging and mulching, this is the one we use a lot of, and also it has been a wonderful mower for us; constantly starts on first pull or two after priming, and runs trouble complimentary at top torque.Maintenance has been incredibly easy and the B&S Quantum engine is still amazingly solid and trouble free; compression is still fine, original starter and also cable are simply fine. there"s a small oxidation on the muffler but it"s not notably loud or louder than any kind of of my neighbor"s lawnmowers. I changed the spark plug _almost_ eextremely time I readjusted the oil, so through treatment and TLC and also the use of a vwey small amount of Lucas Oil Stabilizer I can quickly get three cutting seasons per oil readjust, which is a couple hundred running hours for us.I really do not understand also the really bad reviews here; some do not seem actual to me, which is what triggered me to short article around our li"l green mower. All I have the right to say is "sorry around your luck, folks"- however then aget, world have the right to actually make their very own luck, good and also poor luck, via their habits and also options. We are a typical household of four in a typical community in Columbus, Ohio, and our endure through our Weedeater 500 mower has actually been an excellent one overall; I"d truthtotally give it a B+ and also realistically mean it to last one more four years or even more, prior to oxidation takes its toll on the steel and also steel deck, and the tires bald or wobble and/or the remainder or the plastic components weaken much.Thanks for analysis.

Aug 02, 2013 Rating
issues by: grass not reduced 1 year old constantly tightening nuts bolts ex ...shaking, constantly ,difficult to revolve, motor runs i thshould high. 1st bolts snapped to push bar manage. wbelow meets the base, resolved .then muffler have to have actually been loose, my bad swarm off but today last straw motor running choose aa champ comes undone from base by way of cracking all the method around hole bolts still tight ... ithink motor to be good, must fix flegislations fathers day now already invested two hours upcollection sorry to next-door neighbors will have a jungle till have time to yet another brand also through maint arrangement and of better quality my fault you swindled me nice to view why we never gain ahead once companies routinely take benefit for individual acquire... attempt developing product you deserve to be proud of....

Sep 10, 2012 Rating
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G by: Agnathas Crager I must say we gained our mower 4 years ago. I have actually my own little lawn treatment organization. I have actually never before had actually a problem through it until now. I have actually reput the blade one time and always usage fresh gas. Never replaced the spark plug, changed oil, or brand-new carb,.. surprisingly it still starts on the first pull. :) I provide you males 5 starts. Best regular press mower I have actually ever offered and PLAN on acquiring one more in the next week or so.

Aug 24, 2012 Rating
sorry mower by: Willam My daughter this mower brand-new tried to use it never got it started adjust spark plug still could"t obtain started offered up on it

Aug 03, 2012 Rating
I still think this is a good mower... by: Anonymous I loved this mower, but unfortunately I ultimately eliminated it. I hit a metal article, it still ran. I hit a 2nd metal write-up a couple of minutes later on, did it in. One of the finest mowers I"ve had. Survived me, living under plylumber in Ohio winters (lots of snow and also ice), never adjusted a sparkplug for 4 years (but it did need it changed), just retained an eye on the oil and also used fresh gas. I do not recognize why civilization are having actually troubles via this machine.

May 04, 2012 Rating
Works fine by: riffraff I"ve had actually this mower for two periods. It starts eexceptionally time, and also normally on the first pull. also currently. Keep the air filter clean, use fresh gas (don"t use last year"s), and store an eye on the oil level (of course, readjust the oil eincredibly year).

Apr 29, 2012 Rating
weed eater 5hp push lawnmower by: Anonymous I bought it in 2011 from walmart It functioned fine for a couple of times then it didn,t desire to begin. I got it to begin ran great for the remainder of the seakid. I had actually to clean the plug many kind of times. Fast foward to 2012 have the right to,t keep it running long sufficient to mow my yard now runs a small while then chokes down and dies most of the moment,I would not have actually anouther weed eater lawn mower if they provided it to me. I allso heard it had the wrong plug shiped through it . I noticed that the murrey 5hp has the exact same plug in it.

Mar 26, 2012 Rating
Weed Eater mower by: Sue in Des Moines My standard 500 series Weed Eater press mower that I bought at Wal-Mart 14 years ago, at least, just passed away - the rope locks up and I will not take it to the shop at this age. But, I am in mourning - particularly bereason I witnessed one on clearance for $75 last loss at WM. Now they don"t have them. Rats!

Mar 08, 2012 Rating
Weed Eater not at Wal Mart anymore by: knowitallandtellit Wal-Mart will not offer the Weed Eater 500 series anyeven more. I was told in the garden department when I was searching for a manual for my 5.5 that this nor any type of weed eater product will be offered. They are going to Poulon but what distinction that will make I do not understand given that they additionally use the Briggs and also Stratten engines.

Feb 25, 2012 Rating
No Problems with the 500 series mower in Louisiana by: Gary I bought a new mower from Wal-Mart last year. My yard is over 1 acre in dimension and likewise reduced a couple of other yards with it and never before had any sort of problem via it. I reduced no more than around 2 or 3 hours a day with it and provided it eincredibly week. Takes about 3 days to reduced my grass at that rate. Filter have to be cleaned often when its dusty. I did shear the pins which hold the blade in location but I hit a chunk of Iron so it was my fault. Thats the reason I experienced this page while in search of a replacement component and also chose to make a comment.

Oct 21, 2011 Rating
Worst mower by: Anonymous I bought from Walmart, only founding in initially time, then never before beginning, I readjusted new gas still very same, Then I sent out it to the dealer, bereason it has actually 2 years warrty. But the dealer said the engine "s warrty is 90 days. it will expense around 70$ to resolve it .This is first time I bought weed eater productionand also also is my last time.

Oct 09, 2011 Rating
shuts off once half full by: Debbie Please aid. Im trying to find out why I have to complete mower my mower to top ,so it runs great, then when it gets fifty percent full ,,it shuts off, WHY? please assist

Sep 22, 2011 Rating
Wal-Mart would not take it back by: Anonymous It started on the first pull and also I preferred it.But, the following time I visited use it, it wouldn"t start! I took it back to Wal-Mart, however she sassist that they couldn"t accept it if it had actually gasoline in it. I took it back out to my vehicle, however I made a decision to simply revolve it over and dump out the gas ideal tright here in the parking lot. A customer began yelling at me around the fire peril, however it was raining pretty difficult at the moment.I pushed it ago inside and also the customer was yelling at the optimal of his lungs that I dumped the gasoline in the parking lot. The manager came running and also said that now she had actually to speak to the EPA and also they would certainly more than likely obtain fined! She said that they were not going to accept the rerotate, so I just left with the mower.

Sep 21, 2011 Rating
What"s in a name? by: Anonymous The only difference that I deserve to tell from this machine and also others favor it, from the previous and also present is the color and also the name... Take a look around, most machines in this course all have actually the Briggs & Stratton engine on them... The ever reputable, sensible Briggs & Stratton !!!! Probably one of the best designed tiny engines in the human being. The one engine that all others are based upon, whether it be a Poulan. Remington, and so on, and so on.. Take a cshed look at your machine... know it prior to you pull that cord... Don"t fault an engine till you take a look at faulty performance being nothing more than a loosened spark plug, an air filter, factory soaked with oil that is choking the motor, a primer that was not pumped, etc. etc. inspect it out and excellent cutting.............

Sep 21, 2011 Rating
drainpipe plug by: jeff It a great mower. Can"t discover the drainpipe plug on it

Sep 09, 2011 Rating
high wheel model by: rick It is what it is, look at it...She"s a plain Jane, side discharge mower.NOT a bushhog, nor Snapper or Toro either. My provided one I bought does the project on apreserved lawn - yard. And no frillesparts to concern around breaking.

Sep 08, 2011 Rating
Best Hundred I Ever Spent by: shredder Great machine, never before provides any type of oil, cuts great eexceptionally time. Has passist for itself many kind of times over. If you TAKE CARE of your equipments they will take care of you!

Sep 05, 2011 Rating
Junk by: Omar Bought one and also supplied for possibly 1 year, does not work any type of much longer. Bought an additional and also provided it 6 months and it will certainly not job-related. Would not reccommend to anyone. Walmart requirements to not market this pieces of junk anymore. The offered warranty is such a hassle that it is not worth the price. I never before yet them bereason it is such a hassle to obtain any service from any type of of them i.e. 1. Sears-see you in numerous weeks 2. That is not spanned. Read and also see that not a lot is spanned. Now have actually two of them over a expectancy of less than 3 years and neither one works.

Sep 02, 2011 Rating
Runs good by: Ted You need to clean air filter like hand-operated claims, dusty or dry grass will certainly block air circulation quick on any type of lawn mower, additionally it will get to warm if air cooling fins are dirty and also blocked thus you acquire fuel evaporation, could reason a vapor locked engine. Dooooo precautionary MAINT.

Aug 26, 2011 Rating
Weed Eater Mower by: Mikw WeedEater 500 series mower is JUNK. At least The Weed Eater Company and also Briggs and Strat Co. are eating steak bereason of all the people who bought this piece of junk.

Aug 19, 2011 Rating

Aug 03, 2011 Rating
Never a problem by: Anonymous I bought my Weed Eater from Walmart over 2 years back and also never as soon as have had a problem through it. From it sitting outside via minimal coverage through summer and then the scurrently in winter, eexceptionally time I go to use it is has actually been all set to go. Besides filling it via gas, I"ve only had actually to fill the oil once. Couldn"t be happier via my mower.

Aug 02, 2011 Rating
This lawn mower is garbage. by: Anonymous I bought my weed eater a month back, after I put the gas and oil in it I provided it and also it began simply fine...this day I went out to use it (for the second time) and also guess what..IT WON"T START!!!! Now what?I can"t afford to pay that type of money for something that only works once. If I deserve to uncover my receipt you much better think I will certainly rerotate it. No wonder I was unconvinced in buying from Walmart. Not so sure I will buy anypoint choose this from there aobtain.

Jul 28, 2011 Rating
Weedeater push mower by: Ronnie I have actually returned 2 Weed Eater push mowers to Wal-Mart,and also am about to rerevolve the 3rd. Each mower did well the first few times I provided them, however then they refusage to start! I"ve cleaned the plug, which looked "oil fouled", the filter, and such however I shouldn"t need to do this through a brand-new mower!I was encouraged by the "Made in America" sticker on the motor, however am now wondering if that is really true. If I have the right to obtain my mony back, you"ll never before check out me purchasing another product via "Weed Eater" in its name.

Jul 26, 2011 Rating
I"m surprised by: Anonymous Several months back I left a comment around exactly how well my mower works and I"m extremely surprised to view these negative comments. I"m a 56 yr. old womale with 3 expensive dogs fertilizing a 1/2 acre yard, 1/4 acre of which I mow via this mower, big back wheels. The grass in the back (via the dogs) is periodically (often) approximately my knees or even more and it gets through every one of my "hayfield" (although I perform go slowly) with no problem at all. The only trouble I"ve had is as soon as among the dogs tore off the cable handle at the top and also I had actually to have actually it repaired. The mower starts eextremely time, It"s never been tuned up, very same spark plug, although I have added a little of oil a few times. Also, throughout the summer months, this mower stays out in the backyard with a item of plyhardwood over it for defense - I am not nice to this mower. I"m sorry for the difficulties people are having, I simply haven"t watched it with my mower (give thanks to goodness) and also have certainly gotten my money"s worth with this machine.

Jul 26, 2011 Rating
Too breakable for yard work by: pmiker I bought the high rear wheel variation in late April, 2011. By the middle of June I had mowed the yard twice. It would certainly not mow it a third time. Due to the fact that this was past the 30 day rerotate plan, it can not be went back to the save. They did relocation the plug. I cleaned the air filter per instructions. (In warm soapy water, totally drying, and also oiling.) It ran for about 10 minutes. I had actually to take it in to the repair shop wright here they replaced the plug (again). It shows up that the air filter clogs exceptionally easily. This consequently fouls the plug. The air filter openings are at the bottom of the filter which puts it close to the debris. In this period of drought, mowing is a dusty task.If you save 2 or 3 oiled filters on hand also and have actually the moment to clean them after mowing, this may work out for you. Additionally, this mower might be fine for small, neat, moist yards.If you live in a rural location, execute not buy this mower.

Jul 04, 2011 Rating
weedeater great service by: jasilco I bought this pushmower, filled it through oil, stabilized gas and acquired to work-related. I have offered it to mow my yard three times and also never looked ago. no troubles whatsoever! I have actually a riding mower, a Honda and also an Ariens with a Kholer mower and also in every way this one appears as good as the remainder, through a tiny upsave i feel it will last a very lengthy time. A great no frills mower at an excellent price.

Jun 30, 2011 Rating
weedeater lawn mower by: ralph sanders Wish there was something listed below a 0. Wife gought two of these pieces of crap in 3 years. Both have actually caughed their cookies and also puked every one of the oil out the exhaust. AH SO yankee fool buy Chinky Chinese from Walmart. Briggs and also Stratton ought to be ashamed of themselves, used to be top quality made in America product. Trying to decide if I want to just take it to the dump or carry it ago to Walmart, fire it up one last time and oil them down. OH so tempting but I guess I will simply remain out of that crap store.

Jun 29, 2011 Rating
Never before Again by: Billy Singleton This is the second time I bought among these lawnmowers. The initially one I offered it twice and also couldn"t obtain it to begin aobtain. I had actually my uncle inspect it out and also it wasn"t getting gas, idling or whatever, so he "rigged" it, and it was running, yet idled very high. It broke dvery own after the initially seakid. This time I bought the next step up, the 22, 500 motor, and also it ran perfectly the first cutting. I simply went out to crank it up and usage it the second time and also it won"t start. I prime it, pull the cord, it tries to begin up and dies. Pull, pull, pull, nopoint, prime, pull, pull, tries to begin, then dies. Never before aobtain, will I spend my money on this garbage. The just recourse I have would be to purchase a box and also packing gives, pay to ship it ago to the dealer, and pray I gain a lawnmower earlier, all before I"m fined for a yard that"s past the cities ordinance limit.

Jun 27, 2011 Rating
Not happy by: Anonymous I bought this mower at the end of last summer from WalMart. I had purchased my previous mower from tbelow. It was a cheapy also, but had actually functioned excellent, via heavy use, for over 12 years.I have actually had numerous troubles with the Weed Eater mower also though I have actually supplied it exceptionally little bit. (Since it won"t start a lot of the time.) If the leastern amount of dust is stirred up it sputters and dies. Once that happens altering the filter, cleaning whatever and also also altering the gas may or may not make it happy enough to bmuch less me via a couple of minutes of company. I have taken the carburator acomponent and also cleaned it also though it did not appear that dirty. It then functioned for one mowing before it was earlier to the exact same problem. I might not uncover a small engine shop that would job-related on it. I was told these mowers are "junk" and also it expenses even more to deal with them than they are worth.I see it sitting with a $20 tag in my next garage sale.

Jun 21, 2011 Rating
Great little bit mower for the price. by: Will G. Bought mine at Wal-Mart in 2006. I"ve just had one little difficulty via it, and that was that the ground wire in the shutoff shorted, so think it or not - the mower would certainly not shut off. I had to cup my hand over the fuel tank to suffocate it. It was an easy fix. To you human being that say this is junk, I will certainly say this: either you obtained a lemon, or you are an idiot that shouldn"t be operating a lawn mower anymeans. As for the comments on it not having actually power, once again you are an idiot. Tright here is a way to idle any type of Briggs and Stratton up for even more power. You just can"t be an idiot. Also, they offer the blades best at Wal-Mart, so I bought an added one. When I relocation the blade I simply take the various other one down to Ace hardware and they sharpen it - it"s all set for following time. As a last comment, if you"re an idiot that doesn"t understand just how to operate somepoint as easy as a lawn mower then you have no company creating a evaluation on it. Idiot.

May 28, 2011 Rating
IT"S NOT THE MOWER IT"S THE PERSON USING IT! by: Anonymous A friend of mine was throwing his ameans,shelp it was junk.I shelp I"d take it if he didn"t desire it anyeven more.It required a pull cord and new wheels.It sat in my burned for 3yrs.I resolved the cord the various other day,and put some gas in it,pumped the primer 3x and also one pull and it began best up.My friend is an engineer,I"m a truck driver.All those book smarts, yet no widespread feeling.To amount up my statement,the majority of of the time,it"s not the machine that"s faulty,it"s the world utilizing them.Weedeater push mowers are excellent mowers.

May 18, 2011 Rating
$45 special by: JT I witnessed what would certainly end up being my Weedeater 500 outside Wal-Mart"s lawn and also garden facility someday. There were around 15 of them and also a sign that shelp $45.00. I didn"t think it can be right however it was. They were refurbiburned mowers, operated on by a neighborhood small-engine place. The Wal-Mart manager I talked to said the manufacturer did somepoint wrong with the carbuerator that the repair area fixed. Me and a pair of customers and around 10 employees bought the whole bunch. Mine did fine one year, wouldn"t begin the following, and also invested two years in a shed. My other mower passed away so I gained it back out. Fresh gas seemed to carry out the trick on getting it going aacquire. I"d love to have a nice substantial Honda, however this one does fine for what I passist.

May 12, 2011 Rating
Great Mower by: Anonymous I purchased this lawm mower a little over 4 years earlier and it has been excellent. I wanted a mower that would certainly reduced what ever before I wanted reduced. I live in the country on 15 acers so there is constantly somepoint to mow. I love this mower and once it needs replacing, I won"t buy anypoint but a Weed Eater 500.

May 10, 2011 Rating
Mine is good by: Anonymous I likewise got the one with the big ago wheels, have had it for almost 3 years, and it has actually even lived external oftentimes in the time of the summer. It still starts practically automatically eexceptionally time. I sometimes have really long grass in the backyard with 3 big dogs ago tright here, and also it does better than I would certainly suppose, making it"s method through the "hayfield". I simply had actually to replace the cable due to one of the huge dogs someexactly how breaking the old cable off of the mower, yet various other than that it has actually been maintenance totally free. I"m sorry people are having actually difficulties via theirs, mine is excellent.

May 05, 2011 Rating
tough to start by: Anonymous Difficult to start and cuts off once pushed right into thicker grass, grass elevation it have to be able to handle; and then exceptionally tough to start again.

Apr 28, 2011 Rating
Lets Call and Complain by: Anonymous Please speak to wal-mart corporate office and comsimple around this product if you have actually additionally been a victim. Let"s protect various other customers and also save them money.479-273-4000tell the operator you are calling to comordinary around a product.

Apr 28, 2011 Rating
My weedeater Mower will not start either by: Jachild I acquired online in an attempt to figure out how to gain my mower to work. It keeps cutting off too. I have not had actually it incredibly long, nor have I provided it a whole lot. We purchased our home last year and also just supplied it once. I have new gas in it and also it appears to look okay; yet it does the precise exact same thing everyone else is stating. It runs for about 2 minutes and then reduced off. I have actually had actually the mower also lengthy to rerevolve it to wal-mart; but I am around to contact their corpoprice office and also complain, bereason I execute not think they understand also that this mower has actually a significant defect.

Apr 14, 2011 Rating
excellent mower by: Terry Spohn inTexas I bought the design through the significant rear wheels I have actually not had actually any type of problems via it. I bought it in Feb 07 havent readjusted the oil in till april 2011. I run high octane gas in mine. Havent adjusted plug till april 2011. I have actually reput the blade a couple of times since Ive bought it. Im going to need to rearea the air filter in april 2011.Love mine most likely will buy an additional one if I need an additional one. Got mine at walmart.

Apr 11, 2011 Rating
worst by: Anonymous worst lawnmower i have ever before owned, after mowing about twenty times it just ssuggest refoffers to run, it will start via starter spray and then die after running or around 8 secs, i have cleaned everything

Apr 08, 2011 Rating
Bought brand-new supplied Weed Eater by: Eric Pohl I simply carried house a brand-new in package 550 series push lawn mower with bag from Kmart. I lugged house in the trunk and tright here was a solid smell of gas. I believed possibly they need to start the engines before they fill them. But paint is worn off wright here the ignition cable slides on the manage. The plastic spokes in the rt. rear wheel is broke, the grass catcher bag has snags in the towel from sticks gaining recorded in it from use. I bought this point a Kmart in Albuquerque NM, what a rip off. They use and also repackage it sell it and also try to push you to buy a replacement warranty before you walk out the door.

Apr 03, 2011 Rating
GARBAGE by: Tall Tall Grass I have gained THREE of these sorry mowers. They are all still sitting under my garage and also no one wants to resolve them. Hey Weed Eater if you are so PROUD of your PRODUCTS, come and gain this mess from me and gain me something that will really occupational. Or at leastern have actually a good sufficient warranty to acquire the ones I already have solved. This is CRAZY.. I would NOT recommfinish this product to my worst of opponents. I just offer this one star bereason it is the lowest rating below. I would really favor to give this product a large old ZERO!!!

Mar 28, 2011 Rating
great mower by: Anonymous I bought this mower at a pawn shop for $75. It wouldn"t start yet i figured it had actually just been sitting so i bought it anymethod. Got it home put some gas and got it to begin yet would just run for a few secs. Turns out it was the air filter clogged up. I rinsed it in gasoline and also put it earlier in after that it ran fine. Had to adjust the blade. The old one was bent pretty negative, found one at Home Depot for around $15.

Mar 28, 2011 Rating
Great Value for the Dollars. by: Fredsassist I have operated a lot of devices from ships and offshore oil rigs to edgers and blowers.I bought among these Weed Eater 20" lawn mowers at Walmart to save at a friends residence to mow her lawn.Starts eincredibly time, basic, straightforward, no problems. It does not issue the wheels are plastic, they roll. All rotating lawn mowers have the very same basic blade type and if it is sharp it will certainly reduced with ease. Keep all lawnmowers out of the rain bereason water will certainly gain into the carburetor and cause surging, stormy running or no running at all.Unfortunately lawnmowers are not idiot proof!

Mar 23, 2011 Rating
Surging by: Anonymous Bought one at wal-mart. I put it together prefer the hand-operated shelp. It started fine yet began surging. So I took it back and also exreadjusted it. The brand-new one started fine, but very same point, surging.

Mar 20, 2011 Rating
WHAT A POS by: Meathead bought one and lugged it house. after we assembled it, it never before did start. took it earlier, upgraded to an additional, lasted around a month and also started shutting off, now it wont run, Wal mart wont make it excellent so I have actually stopped all my shopping at the retailer. Their prices have been creeping up and also their selection has been going down anyway. A straightforward fundamental lawn mower must last much longer that this. Whadda POS. Buy residence depot or anybody other that Wal Mart!!!!!!

Mar 17, 2011 Rating
Weed Eater 500 Series Push Lawnmower by: Larryw I was in the sector for a pushmower. I went to Walmart and also uncovered this thing at a very excellent price and bought it. The mower worked fine for around 3 weeks, then the engine started to idle up and down so badly, I can no longer us it. I"m just going to eat the loss and also be me a top quality pushmower. I would certainly not recommfinish the this mower to anyone!

Sep 29, 2010 Rating
Thought I Found a Baracquire...

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by: Kevin Well, it was the cheapest one at Walmart and I was strapped for cash. I have a little yard and didn"t require anypoint intricate, simply something to gain it done. First time the thing operated excellent, I was able to cut my front yard without any kind of troubles. A few days later on I did the backyard and very same thing, no difficulties.So 2 weeks later I cut the front aacquire, functioned well, and also chose to go ahead and also perform the backyard too while I was out tbelow, and it instantly passed away after taking 1 step into the ago. It wouldn"t rebegin.I waited 2 days and also tried aacquire, it began up and also I was able to mow around half the backyard prior to it passed away again. After around 10 minutes I had the ability to acquire it restarted and also finiburned the back.This continued for about a month, the front would certainly mow pretty well and also would certainly die if I tried to perform the ago on the exact same day. Then once doing the ago it would certainly die prior to I finish just to be rebegan later on and also completed.Now it"s been around 4 months given that purchase and also it will start and also run for around 1 minute and also then die and refusage to restart. Basically I have to hurry and also mow around 2 rows of grass before it dies and then try aobtain the next day. The oil is fine, and also it"s complete of gas. Next off year I"m buying a Craftsman.

Sep 27, 2010 Rating
Reliable and excellent worth for the price by: Adam Bought this mower 2yrs ago and also I have to say it has actually exdelivered my expectations massive time.I was expecting a crappy brief term mower from this cheapie however it has performed great on my yard.Would absolutely buy one more one over the expensive brands anyday.

Aug 22, 2010 Rating
conserve your money buy a various mower by: Anonymous bought the mower
walmart 4 months ago. when out to mow the grass and pushed the primer, began up then passed away. tried it aget, exact same thing. a third time, same point. took apart the carburator to clean it out. reinstalled it, same problem. And of course i misinserted my manual.I guess you gain what you pay for via this mower.

Aug 17, 2010 Rating
cost-free and also wont die by: Anonymous i have reput blade 3 time over 2year i was offered the mower for complimentary over a 1/4 acre have actually been land also scraping starts best up.dogged on it hard.i would certainly buy a new one however it wont die$cant comordinary

Aug 15, 2010 Rating
weed eater lawn mower is junk!!!! by: Anonymous We visited walmart to buy this lawn mower, took it house reduced the grass everything was fine. Took the lawn mower out 1 wk later on and also nothing. Piece of junk would certainly not begin. Not sure probably we had poor gas we drained it took it back and exadjusted it. Had to go thru all the hassle and the second one did the very same specific thing!!! Really dissapointed in Walmart for marketing such junk. Long story brief we went to sears and also acquired a Craftsguy for $15 more and also it mulches and also is a better top quality. Not to cite customer service was better at Sears. What ever before you carry out stay away from this brand mower! You will conserve yourself time and trouble.

Jul 24, 2010 Rating
Never adjusted the oil by: Anonymous Had this mower for 5 years, never before even adjusted the oil and it ran good until now (it bogs dvery own a lot). It offered its purpose and also for less than $1 per use. Headed to Wal*Mart to buy an additional one!

Jun 29, 2010 Rating
my veiws on crap mowers by: Anonymous personlly being osmeone who restores old mowers , i think that those cheap mowers are not that exceptional and likewise if u look aroun a lot of modern mowers will certainly have actually plastic wheels which is the factor why i usage old lawnmowers which are a lot even more dependable than the modern-day ones.

Jun 05, 2010 Rating
Weed Eater great mowers by: Anonymous We purchased a Weed Eater brand also mower around 16 years ago and also have it to this day. It runs favor brand-new. Hubby keeps it cleaned off and also changed the spark plug eincredibly few years and sharpens the blade yet that is around it. It even sat idle 3 years in storage while we lived abroad. Will probably never need to purchase an additional and also if we do, we will go via a Weed Eater again.

Apr 08, 2010 Rating
Thanks for nothing Walmart by: Mick With a name choose Weedeater, 22 inch cut and a 158cc Briggs & Stratton Engine the $158.00 I phelp at WalMart 2 years ago was a complete waste. It bogs down in the slightest high grass and idles method to fast and has actually recognize method to sluggish the idle down. It ran so warm it melted the spark plug wire. Frankly I am amased Briggs & Stratton would associate their name via this so called lawn mower. Never before aobtain will I buy a piece of equipment from WalMart.

Nov 11, 2009 Rating
Just a "wimpie" mower by: Anonymous Don"t be impressed by the 22 inch deck or the 500 series engine or also the 2 in 1 side discharge. This mower demands to be tossed off eextremely shelf . I have had actually this lawn mower a tiny less than 4 months and I have had a number of difficulties through it. Some of it may be attributed to "tough use" yet I think it is simply a wimpie mower. The second time I provided it the pull cord damaged. The third time I pull it, the thing breaks! Unbelievable! That have to have been my first clue. A couple weeks later on I pull it out and fill it via gas and pull the cord (exceptionally gently and easily as to not break it again) to begin it ... nopoint, the thing won"t begin. I tried numerous times and also the thing wouldn"t start. I let it sit a while, not wanting to flood the engine, and it still wouldn"t start. Spark Plug. Although these points aren"t expensive, I"ve had actually to relocation the spark plug 8 TIMES! I"d say that is a tiny excessive, wouldn"t you? This mower is a piece of doodie and I don"t recommend anyone to buy it. I don"t also think that it should still be on the market! I called the company and also they sassist that the damages did not loss under the 30 day warranty. I"d favor to know why not. If anyone is looking to buy this mower, DON"T! Its a horrible waste of time, money, and also stress and anxiety. I have currently bought a brand-new lawn mower and also it functions much better! Please perform not buy this Push lawn mower. Its horrible!

Oct 22, 2009 Rating
you obtain what you pay for... by: kenny p My wife bought this mower about 2 months earlier after the one we had actually for about 10 years made a decision it had actually enough and wanted to retire. It began excellent the first time. After that it has actually been nopoint but troubles. Had the problem via the side mulching as mentioned in another revue. It has not wanted to begin, as soon as it does begin it desires to die out as if out of gas. We took back to walmart wbelow she bought they were no help, took it to have it repaired and also it"ll price virtually as a lot as it did to buy it. hmmmmmmmmmmm.....To optimal it all off we have actually just been able to use it 4 times. I have actually had to use my next-door neighbors.

May 08, 2009 Rating
Sometimes gets bogged dvery own on taller grass by: Leah Bush My husband and also I bought the Weed Eater 500 series Push Mower around a month earlier and have provided it more than likely 4 times. This mower has actually a 158cc Briggs & Stratton motor, which impressed my husband also for the price. They likewise make the model via larger rear wheels yet we didn’t have actually a require for those. The lawn mower comes preassembled in the box which allows you to start utilizing is immediately (which we did). The just thing you need to do first is pour in some oil, which they administer, add some gas and your all set to mow. It is incredibly basic to usage and also cuts our grass incredibly well. The mulcher appears to job-related really well however we did have actually a problem through the mulching cover on the side of the lawn mower the initially time we provided it yet we have actually considering that figured that out. The blade seems to be holding up really well to our grass and considering the last homeowners never mowed I am exceptionally impressed via that. I haven’t priced a blade for this mower yet however I hope that we won’t require one for a while. The cutting area on this lawn mower is reasonably big which allows you to make fewer rounds if your grass has already been kept. My just complaint is that sometimes it seems to obtain bogged dvery own on taller grass so you need to make even more rounds via it. But I think that will certainly take place via any push mower if your grass is thick.

May 08, 2009 Rating
Great easy lawn mower at a great value price by: Ashley My husband also and also I just in the last 6 months purchased a house. Of course once you buy a residence you have a nice lawn that demands to stay up to HOA constraints. We purchased the weed eater 500 series. We have actually no complains at all about it. It works excellent, fill up the tank and it deserve to last to mow our lawn at leastern 3 times, and we have a great size long. The lawn mower is easy to push. The lawn mower is additionally incredibly light weight, I deserve to slightly lift it to rotate to go earlier in the direction that I was simply coming from. Simple. I love the massive wheels that it has actually in the ago. It simply a great lawn mower for us being first time home owners.Another thing that we really chosen about the lawn mover is that it has actually 5 positions that we can better or lower it to. And its nice before i"m the kinda perkid that favor points to enhance and also it has various other appliance for exterior that you deserve to buy that enhance, as in the weed eater etc.The lawn mower surely is an excellent easy lawn mower at a really great value price. I say that if you are a very first time home owner and also through the cost of simply buying a home and also you are sudepend in the need of a lawn mower this is the one to go for for the price and simple to usage of the lawn mower.

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