In march 2008, ~ buying my very first home, I made decision it to be time to own a lawnmower. Since we only have approximately 1/4 acre the grass, it was made decision that a an easy push mower would certainly suffice. After ~ strolling right into my local Wal-Mart, ns surprised to see exactly how lowly priced the "weed eater" models were compared to other more well recognized brands. Ns was at first nervous to pay just over $100 for a lawn mower (when ns was expecting to spend at least $200), however finally offered it a shot.

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A year later, I can not have been an ext pleased with my decision. After reading the manual and following the operating and also maintenance measures to the letter the the law, i have had actually a complete of zero difficulties with my an alleged "cheap" lawnmower. And guess what? It cuts my lawn every time I require it, and it has actually been reliable. The mower is easy to operate and it commonly starts in ~ the first two or three pulls that the start cord. There is a bar where you can adjust the cut height and there is a next discharge. The mower is fairly small and easily storable. I will say, on the an unfavorable side, that periodically the mower is rather complicated to turn since the wheels are basically just rotating piece of difficult plastic (which I found sort that strange). Also, that vibrates at a decent clip and also it does not have that much “power”The just foreseeable trouble is the blade needing sharpened eventually. Over there is basically a large single blade that rotates for this reason make certain you remove any kind of hard objects indigenous the lawn to protect against bending the blade, i m sorry I could see possibly happening. All-in-all, this is a an extremely economic mower, perfect for someone on a spending plan or has actually a very little lawn come cut. Make sure you properly preserve the equipment and also you will acquire your moneys precious from the Weed Eater brand mower! Happy Mowing!!!!

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Jul 27, 2015 Rating
Has it is long 17 year so far! by: James C. our 500 collection Weedeater 21" press mower (essentially a Poulan Pro) has actually lasted end 17 year for united state so far. The is top top it"s second blade and 2nd carb build, and maybe it"s 4th or 5th ignition plug, however the rest is every original and also except because that a slack bail cable which i opted to replace, nothing else has actually been replaced or added in the amount the time. The knobby tires still have 33-50% of their initial tread and also despite lots of use and innumerable 180 degree turns the whole maker rolls fairly straight and true and vibration free.The levers to raise and also lower the deck height all still function well, despite I had actually to tack weld among the rear notched plates a year ago. Our garden is between a 1/4 and also 1/3 acre edge lot and though we have a second mower because that bagging and mulching, this is the one we usage most, and it has been a great mower because that us; constantly starts on an initial pull or 2 after priming, and runs trouble complimentary at top torque.Maintenance has actually been very easy and also the B&S Quantum engine is tho amazingly solid and trouble free; compression is quiet fine, original starter and cable are just fine. There"s a little oxidation top top the muffler but it"s not especially loud or larger than any kind of of my neighbor"s lawnmowers. I adjusted the spark plug _almost_ every time I readjusted the oil, so v care and also TLC and the use of a vwey tiny amount of Lucas Oil Stabilizer ns can quickly get three cutting seasons per oil change, i beg your pardon is a pair hundred running hours for us.I really don"t know the really bad reviews here; part don"t seem real to me, i m sorry is what motivated me come post about our li"l environment-friendly mower. All I can say is "sorry around your luck, folks"- however then again, human being can actually make their own luck, great and negative luck, through their habits and also choices. We are a common family of 4 in a common neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio, and also our experience with ours Weedeater 500 mower has actually been a great one overall; I"d truthfully provide it a B+ and realistically suppose it come last an additional four year or more, prior to oxidation takes its toy fee on the metal and also steel deck, and the tires outright or wobble and/or the remainder or the plastic components weaken much.Thanks because that reading.

Aug 02, 2013 Rating
issues by: grass not reduced 1 year old always tightening nuts bolts ex ...shaking, constantly ,hard come turn, motor runs i believed to high. 1st bolts snapped to push bar handle. Wherein meets the base, solved .then muffler must have actually been loose, my poor shot off yet today critical straw engine running favor aa champ come undone from basic by means of cracking every the method around hole bolts still tight ... Ithink motor to it is in good, must fix flaws fathers day today already spent two hrs upset i m really sorry to next-door neighbors will have a jungle till have actually time come but another brand with maint plan and of much better quality my fault you swindled me quite to see why we never obtain ahead as soon as companies consistently take benefit for an individual gain... Try producing product you can be proud of....

Sep 10, 2012 Rating
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G by: Agnathas Crager I should say we obtained our mower 4 year ago. I have my own small lawn treatment business. I have actually never had a trouble with it till today. I have actually replaced the blade one time and constantly use fresh gas. Never replaced the spark plug, changed oil, or brand-new carb,.. How amazing it still starts on the very first pull. :) I provide you males 5 starts. Finest regular press mower i have ever before used and also PLAN top top getting another in the next week or so.

Aug 24, 2012 Rating
sorry mower by: Willam my daughter this mower new tried to use it never acquired it started adjust spark plug tho could"t get started provided up on it

Aug 03, 2012 Rating
I quiet think this is a great mower... by: cotton i loved this mower, but unfortunately I finally killed it. Ns hit a metal post, it still ran. I hit a second metal article a couple of minutes later, did the in. One of the ideal mowers I"ve had. Survived me, life under plywood in Ohio winters (lots the snow and also ice), never adjusted a sparkplug for 4 years (but that did require it changed), simply kept one eye top top the oil and also used fresh gas. I don"t recognize why civilization are having problems with this machine.

might 04, 2012 Rating
Works fine by: riffraff I"ve had actually this mower for 2 seasons. That starts every time, and normally ~ above the an initial pull. Even now. Save the wait filter clean, use fresh gas (don"t use last year"s), and also keep an eye top top the oil level (of course, change the oil every year).

Apr 29, 2012 Rating
weed eater 5hp press lawnmower by: anonymous ns bought it in 2011 native walmart It functioned fine for a pair of times then it didn,t desire to start. I obtained it to begin ran good for the remainder of the season. I had actually to clean the plug many times. Rapid foward come 2012 can,t keep it to run long enough to mow mine yard currently runs a tiny while then chokes down and also dies many of the time,I would certainly not have actually anouther weed eater lawn mower if they gave it come me. Ns allso heard it had actually the not correct plug shiped through it . Ns noticed the the murrey 5hp has the very same plug in it.

Mar 26, 2012 Rating
Weed Eater mower by: Sue in Des Moines My basic 500 series Weed Eater press mower that ns bought at Wal-Mart 14 year ago, at least, just passed away - the rope locks up and I won"t take it come the shop in ~ this age. But, i am in mourning - especially since I observed one ~ above clearance because that $75 last loss at WM. Now they don"t have them. Rats!

Mar 08, 2012 Rating
Weed Eater not at Wal Mart anymore by: knowitallandtellit Wal-Mart will certainly not market the Weed Eater 500 collection anymore. I was said in the garden department once I was in search of a hand-operated for my 5.5 the this nor any weed eater product will certainly be sold. They are going come Poulon but what difference that will certainly make i don"t know because they likewise use the Briggs and also Stratten engines.

Feb 25, 2012 Rating
No difficulties with the 500 series mower in Louisiana by: Gary i bought a brand-new mower from Wal-Mart last year. My yard is over 1 acre in size and likewise cut a couple of other yards through it and never had any kind of trouble with it. I cut no more than about 2 or 3 hrs a day with it and used it every week. Takes about 3 job to cut my grass at that rate. Filter should be cleaned frequently when the dusty. Ns did shear the pins which hold the blade in place but I fight a chunk the Iron therefore it was my fault. Thats the factor I experienced this page while searching for a replacement part and decided to make a comment.

Oct 21, 2011 Rating
Worst mower by: cotton ns bought indigenous Walmart, only beginning in an initial time, then never ever starting, ns changed new gas tho same, then I sent out it to the dealer, because it has 2 years warrty. Yet the dealer claimed the engine "s warrty is 90 days. It will cost around 70$ to resolve it .This is very first time i bought weed eater productionand also is my last time.

Oct 09, 2011 Rating
shuts off when half full by: Debbie please help. Ns trying to discover out why I have actually to full mower my mower to optimal ,so it operation good, then once it gets half full ,,it turn off off, WHY? please aid

Sep 22, 2011 Rating
Wal-Mart would not take it it back by: cotton It started on the first pull and also I chosen it.But, the following time ns went to use it, it wouldn"t start! i took it ago to Wal-Mart, however she stated that lock couldn"t expropriate it if it had actually gasoline in it. Ns took it earlier out to my car, however I chose to simply turn that over and also dump the end the gas right there in the parking lot. A customer began yelling at me about the fire hazard, but it to be raining pretty difficult at the time.I propelled it ago inside and the customer to be yelling at the height of his lung that ns dumped the petrol in the parking lot. The manager came running and said that now she had actually to call the EPA and also they would certainly probably obtain fined! She said that castle were not going to accept the return, so I simply left with the mower.

Sep 21, 2011 Rating
What"s in a name? by: cotton The only distinction that I deserve to tell indigenous this maker and others like it, indigenous the past and also present is the color and the name... Take a watch around, most devices in this class all have the Briggs & Stratton engine ~ above them... The ever reliable, sensible Briggs & Stratton !!!! most likely one that the ideal designed tiny engines in the world. The one engine that all others space based on, whether it be a Poulan. Remington, etc., etc... Take it a close watch at your machine... Recognize it prior to you pull that cord... Don"t fault an engine until you take it a look at faulty power being nothing an ext than a loose spark plug, an air filter, manufacturing facility soaked v oil that is choke the motor, a primer the was not pumped, etc. Etc. Examine it out and great cutting.............

Sep 21, 2011 Rating
drain plug by: jeff it a an excellent mower. Can"t uncover the drainpipe plug on that

Sep 09, 2011 Rating
high wheel model by: stack it is what the is, look in ~ it...She"s a level Jane, side discharge mower.NOT a bushhog, nor Snapper or Toro either. My provided one ns bought walk the project on amaintained lawn - yard. And no frillesparts come worry about breaking.

Sep 08, 2011 Rating
Best hundreds I ever Spent by: shredder great machine, never ever uses any kind of oil, cuts good every time. Has paid for itself numerous times over. If friend TAKE treatment of your devices they will certainly take treatment of you!

Sep 05, 2011 Rating
Junk by: Omar to buy one and also used for probably 1 year, does no work any longer. To buy another and used that 6 months and also it will not work. Would certainly not reccommend to anyone. Walmart needs to not market this piece of junk anymore. The offered warranty is such a hassle that it is not worth the price. I never however them since it is together a hassle to get any service from any of them i.e. 1. Sears-see friend in number of weeks 2. The is no covered. Read and see the not lot is covered. Now have actually two the them over a expectancy of less than 3 years and neither one works.

Sep 02, 2011 Rating
Runs good by: Ted You need to clean wait filter like manual says, dusty or dried grass will block wait flow fast on any kind of lawn mower, additionally it will gain to hot if waiting cooling fins space dirty and blocked for this reason you obtain fuel evaporation, could cause a vapor locked engine. Dooooo preventive MAINT.

Aug 26, 2011 Rating
Weed Eater Mower by: Mikw WeedEater 500 collection mower is JUNK. At least The Weed Eater firm and Briggs and also Strat Co. Room eating steak due to the fact that of every the people who to buy this item of junk.

Aug 19, 2011 Rating
BUY SPARK PLUGS by: cotton YOU have to REPLACE THE SPARK PLUG because that MINE EVERYTIME IT rains HARD. Ns CAN"T afford A brand-new LAWNMOWER but A 3.00 dissension SPARK PLUG functions FOR ME

Aug 03, 2011 Rating
Never a problem by: cotton ns bought my Weed Eater native Walmart over 2 years back and never ever once have had actually a problem with it. From the sitting external with minimal coverage with summer and also then the snow in winter, every time i go to usage it is has actually been prepared to go. Besides filling it v gas, I"ve only had actually to to fill the oil once. Couldn"t be happier through my mower.

Aug 02, 2011 Rating
This lawn mower is garbage. by: cotton i bought mine weed eater a month ago, ~ I placed the gas and oil in the I offered it and it started simply ns went the end to use it (for the 2nd time) and also guess what..IT WON"T START!!!! currently what?I can"t purchased to pay that sort of money because that something that just works once. If ns can find my receipt you much better believe I will certainly return it. No wonder ns was hesitant in buying from Walmart. Not so sure I will buy anything choose this from over there again.

Jul 28, 2011 Rating
Weedeater press mower by: Ronnie I have returned 2 Weed Eater press mowers come Wal-Mart,and am about to return the 3rd. Every mower did well the first few times I provided them, but then castle refuse to start! I"ve cleaned the plug, i beg your pardon looked "oil fouled", the filter, and such however I shouldn"t have to do this v a brand-new mower!I was motivated by the "Made in America" sticker top top the motor, but am currently wondering if the is really true. If ns can acquire my mony back, you"ll never see me purchasing another product with "Weed Eater" in that is name.

Jul 26, 2011 Rating
I"m surprised by: cotton number of months earlier I left a comment about how fine my mower works and also I"m really surprised to view these an unfavorable comments. I"m a 56 yr. Old woman v 3 huge dogs fertilizing a 1/2 acre yard, 1/4 acre that which ns mow through this mower, large back wheels. The grass in the ago (with the dogs) is sometimes (often) up to my knee or more and it it s okay through every one of my "hayfield" (although I carry out go slowly) with no difficulty at all. The only problem I"ve had actually is as soon as one of the dogs tore off the cable manage at the top and also I had to have it repaired. The mower starts every time, It"s never been tuned up, same spark plug, although ns have added a little of oil a couple of times. Also, during the summer months, this mower continues to be out in the backyard through a piece of plywood over it for security - ns am no nice come this mower. I"m sorry for the problems people are having, I simply haven"t watched it with my mower (thank goodness) and have absolutely gotten my money"s worth through this machine.

Jul 26, 2011 Rating
Too fragile for yard work by: pmiker i bought the high behind wheel variation in late April, 2011. By the middle of June I had mowed the garden twice. It would not mow the a third time. Since this was past the 30 work return policy, it might not be returned to the store. Lock did change the plug. Ns cleaned the air filter per instructions. (In hot soapy water, totally drying, and oiling.) the ran for about 10 minutes. I had to take it in to the fix shop where they changed the plug (again). It appears that the wait filter clogs an extremely easily. This in turn fouls the plug. The air filter openings space at the bottom that the filter i beg your pardon puts the close come the debris. In this duration of drought, mowing is a dusty job.If you store 2 or 3 oiled filters top top hand and also have the time to clean them after mowing, this may work the end for you. Alternatively, this mower can be fine for small, neat, moist yards.If girlfriend live in a countryside area, perform not purchase this mower.

Jul 04, 2011 Rating
weedeater an excellent service by: jasilco ns bought this pushmower, to fill it with oil, stabilized gas and got to work. I have actually used it come mow mine yard three times and never looked back. No problems whatsoever! I have a riding mower, a Honda and also an Ariens through a Kholer mower and in every way this one appears as an excellent as the rest, v a little upkeep ns feel it will certainly last a an extremely long time. A an excellent no frills mower in ~ a good price.

Jun 30, 2011 Rating
weedeater lawn mower by: ralph sanders great there to be something listed below a 0. Wife gought two of these pieces of crap in three years. Both have caughed your cookies and also puked every one of the oil out the exhaust. AH therefore yankee stupid buy Chinky Chinese from Walmart. Briggs and Stratton must be ashamed of themselves, provided to be top quality made in America product. Do the efforts to decide if I desire to just take it come the recording or lug it ago to Walmart, fire it up one last time and also oil lock down. Five so tempting yet I guess ns will simply stay the end of that crap store.

Jun 29, 2011 Rating
Never Again by: Billy Singleton This is the second time ns bought among these lawnmowers. The an initial one I provided it twice and couldn"t obtain it to begin again. I had my uncle inspect it out and it wasn"t acquiring gas, idling or whatever, so he "rigged" it, and it was running, but idled extremely high. It broke down after ~ the an initial season. This time ns bought the next step up, the 22, 500 motor, and also it ran perfectly the an initial cutting. I simply went out to crank that up and also use it the second time and also it won"t start. Ns prime it, pull the cord, the tries to start up and also dies. Pull, pull, pull, nothing, prime, pull, pull, tries to start, then dies. Never again, will I invest my money top top this garbage. The just recourse I have would it is in to acquisition a box and also packing supplies, pay to ship it earlier to the dealer, and pray I gain a lawnmower back, all before I"m fined for a yard that"s past the urban ordinance limit.

Jun 27, 2011 Rating
Not happy by: cotton ns bought this mower in ~ the end of critical summer indigenous WalMart. I had actually purchased mine previous mower indigenous there. It to be a cheapy too, however had operated great, with hefty use, for over 12 years.I have actually had numerous problems with the Weed Eater mower also though I have actually used it an extremely little. (Because the won"t start lot of the time.) If the the very least amount of dust is stirred up it sputters and dies. When that happens changing the filter, cleaning everything and also even an altering the gas might or may not do it happy sufficient to bless me with a couple of minutes of service. I have taken the carburator apart and cleaned it even though the did not show up that dirty. That then worked for one mowing before it was earlier to the very same problem. I could not find a little engine shop that would job-related on it. Ns was told this mowers room "junk" and it costs an ext to deal with them 보다 they room worth.I view it sitting with a $20 tags in my next garage sale.

Jun 21, 2011 Rating
Great tiny mower because that the price. by: will G. bought mine in ~ Wal-Mart in 2006. I"ve only had actually one small problem v it, and that was that the ground cable in the shutoff shorted, so believe it or not - the mower would not closeup of the door off. I had to cup my hand over the fuel tank come suffocate it. The was straightforward fix. Come you people that speak this is junk, I will certainly say this: either you got a lemon, or you space an idiot the shouldn"t be operating a lawn mower anyway. As for the comment on the not having power, as soon as again you are an idiot. Over there is a method to idle any type of Briggs and Stratton up for much more power. You simply can"t be an idiot. Also, they market the blades right at Wal-Mart, so ns bought an extra one. When I change the tongue I simply take the various other one under to Ace hardware and they sharpen it - it"s all set for next time. As a last comment, if you"re an idiot that doesn"t know how to run something as basic as a lawn mower climate you have no organization writing a testimonial on it. Idiot.

may 28, 2011 Rating
IT"S no THE MOWER IT"S THE human USING IT! by: cotton A friend of mine to be throwing his away,said it to be junk.I said I"d take it if the didn"t desire it anymore.It necessary a pull cord and brand-new wheels.It sat in my burned for 3yrs.I addressed the cord the various other day,and placed some gas in it,pumped the inside wall 3x and one pull and it started appropriate up.My girlfriend is one engineer,I"m a truck driver.All those publication smarts, however no usual sense.To sum up mine statement,most the the time,it"s no the maker that"s faulty,it"s the world using them.Weedeater push mowers are good mowers.

might 18, 2011 Rating
$45 special by: JT I observed what would come to be my Weedeater 500 outside Wal-Mart"s lawn and also garden facility one day. Over there were about 15 the them and also a authorize that stated $45.00. I didn"t think it could be right but it was. They were refurbished mowers, worked on through a neighborhood small-engine place. The Wal-Mart manager ns talked to said the manufacturer did something wrong through the carbuerator that the repair ar fixed. Me and also a couple of client and about 10 employee bought the totality bunch. Mine walk fine one year, wouldn"t begin the next, and spent 2 years in a shed. My various other mower passed away so I acquired it ago out. New gas appeared to execute the trick on acquiring it walk again. I"d love to have actually a nice huge Honda, yet this one go fine for what i paid.

may 12, 2011 Rating
Great Mower by: anonymous i purchased this lawm mower a tiny over 4 years back and it has actually been great. I wanted a mower that would cut what ever I want cut. Ns live in the nation on 15 acers so there is constantly something come mow. Ns love this mower and when it needs replacing, i won"t buy anything however a Weed Eater 500.

might 10, 2011 Rating
Mine is good by: cotton I also got the one v the huge back wheels, have had actually it for practically 3 years, and it has even lived outside oftentimes throughout the summer. That still starts almost immediately every time. Ns sometimes have really long grass in the backyard through 3 huge dogs back there, and also it does better than I would expect, making it"s means through the "hayfield". I just had to replace the cable because of one of the big dogs in which method breaking the old cable turn off of the mower, yet other than that it has been maintenance free. I"m sorry human being are having troubles with theirs, mine is good.

might 05, 2011 Rating
hard come start by: anonymous complicated to start and cuts off once pushed right into thicker grass, grass elevation it should be able to handle; and then extremely daunting to start again.

Apr 28, 2011 Rating
Lets Call and also Complain by: anonymous Please contact wal-mart corporate office and also complain about this product if friend have also been a victim. Let"s safeguard other customers and save lock money.479-273-4000tell the operator you space calling come complain about a product.

Apr 28, 2011 Rating
My weedeater Mower will not start either by: Jason I gained online in an attempt to number out just how to acquire my mower come work. It keeps cutting off as well. I have actually not had actually it an extremely long, nor have I offered it a whole lot. Us purchased our home last year and also only provided it once. Ns have new gas in it and it shows up to look at okay; yet it does the precise same point everyone else is stating. It runs for about 2 minutes and then cut off. Ns have had actually the mower too lengthy to return it come wal-mart; but I am around to call their that company office and complain, because I do not think they recognize that this mower has a major defect.

Apr 14, 2011 Rating
great mower by: terrycloth Spohn inTexas i bought the design with the huge rear wheel I have actually not had any type of problems v it. I bought that in Feb 07 havent adjusted the oil in it rotates april 2011. I operation high octane gas in mine. Havent changed plug it rotates april 2011. I have actually replaced the blade a pair of times because Ive purchase it. Ns going to need to replace the wait filter in april 2011.Love mine more than likely will buy an additional one if i need one more one. Got mine in ~ walmart.

Apr 11, 2011 Rating
worst by: cotton worst lawnmower ns have ever before owned, after ~ mowing about twenty time it just simply refuses come run, it will begin with starter spray and also then dice after running or around 8 seconds, i have cleaned every little thing

Apr 08, 2011 Rating
Bought new used Weed Eater by: Eric Pohl i just lugged home a new in the box 550 collection push lawn mower v bag indigenous Kmart. I brought home in the trunk and also there to be a strong smell that gas. I thought perhaps they need to start the engines before they load them. But paint is worn off whereby the ignition cable slides on the handle. The plastic spokes in the rt. Rear wheel is broke, the grass catcher bag has actually snags in the towel from sticks getting captured in it from use. Ns bought this point a Kmart in Albuquerque NM, what a rip off. They use and also repackage it market it and shot to push you to buy a instead of warranty prior to you walk the end the door.

Apr 03, 2011 Rating
GARBAGE by: high Tall Grass i have obtained THREE of these sorry mowers. They room all still sit under my garage and also no one wants to fix them. Hey Weed Eater if you room so PROUD of your PRODUCTS, come and get this chaos from me and get me miscellaneous that will certainly really work. Or in ~ least have actually a good enough warranty to obtain the ones I currently have fixed. This is CRAZY.. I would NOT recommend this product to mine worst of enemies. I only provide this one star since it is the shortest rating here. I would really like to give this product a huge old ZERO!!!

Mar 28, 2011 Rating
great mower by: anonymous ns bought this mower at a pawn shop because that $75. The wouldn"t start but i figured it had just to be sitting so ns bought the anyway. Acquired it home put some gas and also got it come start yet would just run because that a couple of seconds. Turns out it was the waiting filter clogged up. Ns rinsed the in gasoline and put it earlier in after that it ran fine. Had actually to change the blade. The old one was bent quite bad, uncovered one at home Depot for around $15.

Mar 28, 2011 Rating
Great value for the Dollars. by: Fredsaid I have actually operated a lot of of equipment from ships and offshore oil rigs to edgers and also blowers.I bought one of these Weed Eater 20" lawn mowers at Walmart to save at a friends residence to mow her lawn.Starts every time, simple, easy, no problems. The does not matter the wheels are plastic, they roll. All rotary lawn mowers have actually the same simple blade form and if that is sharp it will cut with ease. Save all lawnmowers the end of the rain because water will get into the carburetor and cause surging, stormy running or no running at all.Unfortunately lawnmowers room not idiot proof!

Mar 23, 2011 Rating
Surging by: anonymous to buy one in ~ wal-mart. I placed it together like the hand-operated said. It started fine but started surging. So i took it ago and exchanged it. The brand-new one began fine, however same thing, surging.

Mar 20, 2011 Rating
WHAT A POS by: Meathead purchase one and brought that home. After us assembled it, it never did start. Took it back, upgraded come another, lasted around a month and started shutting off, now it no run, Wal mart wont make it good so I have actually stopped all my shopping in ~ the retailer. Your prices have actually been climb up and also their an option has to be going down anyway. A an easy basic lawn mower must last longer that this. Whadda POS. Buy home depot or anybody other that Wal Mart!!!!!!

Mar 17, 2011 Rating
Weed Eater 500 series Push Lawnmower by: Larryw I remained in the industry for a pushmower. I saw Walmart and found this point at a very an excellent price and bought it. The mower operated fine for around 3 weeks, then the engine started to idle up and also down therefore badly, I could no longer us it. I"m simply going come eat the loss and be me a top quality pushmower. I would not introduce the this mower come anyone!

Sep 29, 2010 Rating
Thought I uncovered a Bargain...

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by: Kevin Well, it was the cheapest one in ~ Walmart and also I was strapped because that cash. I have actually a small yard and didn"t require anything fancy, simply something to gain it done. An initial time the thing worked great, ns was may be to reduced my front yard without any type of problems. A couple of days later I did the backyard and same thing, no problems.So 2 weeks later on I cut the former again, functioned well, and also decided to walk ahead and also do the backyard too while ns was out there, and it immediately died after acquisition 1 step into the back. That wouldn"t restart.I waited 2 days and also tried again, it began up and I was able to mow about fifty percent the backyard prior to it passed away again. After about 10 minutes ns was may be to acquire it restarted and finished the back.This ongoing for around a month, the front would mow nice well and also would dice if i tried to carry out the earlier on the same day. Then when doing the earlier it would die before I finish only to it is in restarted later and also completed.Now it"s been about 4 months due to the fact that purchase and it will start and also run for around 1 minute and also then die and also refuse come restart. Usually I need to hurry and also mow about 2 rows that grass prior to it dies and then try again the following day. The oil is fine, and it"s full of gas. Following year I"m to buy a Craftsman.

Sep 27, 2010 Rating
Reliable and good value for the price by: Adam purchase this mower 2yrs earlier and I need to say it has actually exceded my expectations large time.I to be expecting a crappy short term mower from this cheapie yet it has actually performed good on mine yard.Would certainly buy one more one over the expensive brands anyday.

Aug 22, 2010 Rating
save her money purchase a different mower by: cotton purchase the mower
walmart 4 month ago. When out to mow the grass and also pushed the primer, started up climate died. Tried it again, same thing. A third time, same thing. Take it apart the carburator come clean that out. Reinstalled it, very same problem. And also of course i misplaced mine manual.I guess: v you obtain what you pay for through this mower.

Aug 17, 2010 Rating
free and wont die by: cotton i have replaced tongue 3 time end 2year i was provided the mower for totally free over a 1/4 acre have actually been land scraping starts right up.dogged on the hard.i would buy a new one yet it no die$cant complain

Aug 15, 2010 Rating
weed eater lawn mower is junk!!!! by: cotton We saw walmart come buy this lawn mower, took it home cut the grass every little thing was fine. Take it the lawn mower out 1 wk later and nothing. Item of junk would not start. Not sure probably we had bad gas us drained it took it ago and exchanged it. Had actually to walk thru every the hassle and also the 2nd one walk the same precise thing!!! really dissapointed in Walmart for marketing such junk. Long story short we saw sears and also got a Craftsman because that $15 more and it mulches and is a much better quality. No to point out customer business was far better at Sears. What ever before you perform stay away from this brand mower! friend will conserve yourself time and also trouble.

Jul 24, 2010 Rating
Never readjusted the oil by: anonymous had this mower for 5 years, never even readjusted the oil and it ran good until now (it bogs under a lot). It offered its purpose and also for less than $1 per use. Headed to Wal*Mart to buy another one!

Jun 29, 2010 Rating
my veiws on crap mowers by: anonymous personlly gift osmeone that restores old mowers , i think that those cheap mowers room not that outstanding and additionally if u look at aroun most modern mowers will have actually plastic wheel which is the reason why i use old lawnmowers which room much an ext reliable 보다 the contemporary ones.

Jun 05, 2010 Rating
Weed Eater an excellent mowers by: cotton us purchased a Weed Eater brand mower about 16 years back and have actually it to this day. The runs favor new. Hubby keeps it cleaned turn off and adjusted the spark plug every few years and also sharpens the blade however that is about it. It also sat idle 3 year in storage while we live overseas. Will more than likely never need to purchase another and also if we do, we will go v a Weed Eater again.

Apr 08, 2010 Rating
Thanks because that nothing Walmart by: Mick with a name choose Weedeater, 22 inch cut and a 158cc Briggs & Stratton Engine the $158.00 ns paid in ~ WalMart 2 years earlier was a complete waste. That bogs down in the little high grass and also idles means to fast and has know way to slow-moving the idle down. It ran so hot it melted the spark plug wire. Frankly i am amased Briggs & Stratton would certainly associate their name with this so referred to as lawn mower. Never ever again will certainly I to buy a piece of tools from WalMart.

Nov 11, 2009 Rating
Just a "wimpie" mower by: anonymous Don"t be impressed by the 22 customs deck or the 500 series engine or even the 2 in 1 side discharge. This mower demands to it is in tossed off every shelf . Ns have had actually this lawn mower a tiny less 보다 4 months and I have had several problems with it. Few of it might be attributed to "hard use" yet I think it is simply a wimpie mower. The 2nd time I supplied it the pull cord broke. The third time i pull it, the point breaks! Unbelievable! the should have actually been my an initial clue. A pair weeks later I traction it out and fill it with gas and also pull the cord (very gently and also easily as to not rest it again) to start it ... Nothing, the thing won"t start. I tried number of times and also the thing wouldn"t start. I let the sit a while, no wanting to flood the engine, and also it tho wouldn"t start. Spark Plug. Although these things aren"t expensive, I"ve had actually to change the spark plug 8 TIMES! I"d say the is a small excessive, wouldn"t you? This mower is a piece of doodie and also I don"t introduce anyone to buy it. Ns don"t also think the it have to still it is in on the market! I called the company and they claimed that the damages did not fall under the 30 day warranty. I"d prefer to recognize why not. If anyone is looking come buy this mower, DON"T! the a terrible waste the time, money, and stress. Ns have already bought a new lawn mower and it works much better! Please execute not purchase this press lawn mower. Its horrible!

Oct 22, 2009 Rating
you obtain what you salary for... by: kenny p My wife bought this mower around 2 months earlier after the one we had actually for about 10 years determined it had enough and also wanted to retire. The started great the very first time. After that it has been nothing yet problems. Had the worry with the side mulching as pointed out in one more revue. It has not want to start, when it does begin it desires to die out together if the end of gas. Us took back to walmart where she bought they to be no help, take it it to have actually it repaired and also it"ll cost virtually as lot as that did come buy it. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.....To peak it all off we have only been able to use it 4 times. I have had actually to use my neighbors.

may 08, 2009 Rating
Sometimes gets bogged down on taller grass by: Leah shrub my husband and also I to buy the Weed Eater 500 series Push Mower around a month earlier and have actually used it more than likely 4 times. This mower has actually a 158cc Briggs & Stratton motor, which impression my husband because that the price. They likewise make the design with larger rear wheels yet we didn’t have actually a require for those. The lawn mower come preassembled in the box which enables you to begin using is automatically (which us did). The just thing you have to do first is to water in some oil, which lock provide, add some gas and also your all set to mow. That is really easy come use and cuts our grass really well. The mulcher appears to work really well but we did have actually a difficulty with the mulching covering on the side of the lawn mower the first time we supplied it yet we have due to the fact that figured the out. The blade seems to be holding up yes, really well to our grass and considering the critical homeowners never ever mowed i am very impressed through that. I haven’t priced a blade for this mower yet however I expect that we won’t require one because that a while. The cut area top top this lawn mower is fairly big which permits you to do fewer rounds if your grass has already been maintained. My only complaint is that periodically it seems to gain bogged under on higher grass for this reason you have to make more rounds with it. But I think the will happen with any kind of push mower if her grass is thick.

may 08, 2009 Rating
Great an easy lawn mower in ~ a good value price by: Ashley my husband and I simply in the critical 6 month purchased a home. Of course as soon as you purchase a home you have actually a nice lawn that needs to continue to be up to HOA restrictions. Us purchased the weed eater 500 series. We have no complains in ~ all around it. It works great, fill up the tank and it can last come mow our lawn at least 3 times, and we have a good size long. The lawn mower is straightforward to push. The lawn mower is also really light weight, I have the right to slightly lift the to turn to go back in the direction that i was simply coming from. Simple. Ns love the huge wheels that it has in the back. It just a an excellent lawn mower for united state being an initial time residence owners.Another point that us really liked about the lawn mover is the it has actually 5 location that we can higher or reduced it to. And its nice prior to i"m the kinda human being that prefer things to match and also it has actually other appliance for external that you have the right to buy that match, as in the weed eater etc.The lawn mower surely is a good simple lawn mower in ~ a really an excellent value price. I say that if you room a first time residence owner and with the expense of just buying a home and also you space surely in the need of a lawn mower this is the one to walk for because that the price and also easy to use of the lawn mower.

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