My Weedeater 20″ gas lawnmower v a Briggs & Stratton engine was purchased indigenous a local large box store. That is a 300 series, and I have had it about 6 years. The low price was a big reason I made decision this model. I needed a straightforward push mower, and this one fit right into my budget far better than various other brands. If you setup to go to a large box save for a mower, execute not i think that any type of sales associate will have the ability to answer plenty of questions around which model would occupational the best. You’ll frequently get someone who simply reads to her from package on the shelf, in my experience.

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I had actually to put the mower together once I got home. The only problem I had actually with putting it together was not having the correct tools. As soon as I got those, placing it together was easy, even for a mrs who has rarely placed anything together. I just followed the direction closely and was happy surprised once it started best away.

This has actually been a really an excellent mower for me. The blades are sharpened every spring and also the oil is changed. That is a little daunting to change the oil, however once I got used come what I needed to do, it ended up being easier every year. The blade comes off easy, yet I have a difficult time remembering how to put them earlier on. I finally sprayed painted an X on the top of the blade so I would certainly remember exactly how they come off. This is every the maintenance I have done to the mower.

The mower cut evenly and also can be propelled close come objects come make making use of a weed eater unnecessary in numerous places. Little areas execute still require the weed eater used near them, however I have controlled to border that. It operation for rather a when on a tank of gas, i beg your pardon is really essential when gas is therefore expensive.

One concern I have actually with the mower is how it starts. It has a choke switch that needs pushed 3 times prior to you shot to begin it. There are times once it needs pushed an ext than three times prior to it will certainly start. I have had to push it up to six times, but then operation the danger of flooding the engine and having to wait because that a while before I try again.

I additionally wish i had thought about buying a push mower through an electrical start. Pulling the rope to start every time ns shut it turn off gets old very quickly. But, this is a personal issue and also not one around the mower itself.

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Another trouble I have actually with the mower is that it can be tough to push. I am a solid woman, but with some types of grasses, the mower is exceptionally hard come push. Ns wish i had taken into consideration a self-propelled mower once I was trying to find a brand-new mower. Again, this is a an individual wish and nothing that is wrong v the mower.

I will certainly consider another Briggs and Stratton it is provided mower if I ever need to change this one. The does whatever I need it come do and is an easy to use. Because that the price i paid that was well listed below $200, it to be a an excellent choice for me!

Do you own this model lawnmower? If so, leave a comment through your opinion about it to assist others spring for assist with their next mower purchase. Tell united state where friend bought it and how lot you paid, if you remember!

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Rachel Story says

June 23, 2019 in ~ 2:02 pm

If there is no bag that catches the grass, what do you carry out with the cut grass? do you need to rake that up?