This blade is sourced directly from the manufacturer for use in Craftsman and Husqvarna lawn mowers. The blade is the component of the mower that is responsible because that cutting and also mulching the grass. It is 22" long, do of black metal, is not part of a kit or assembly, and is sold individually. If girlfriend hit a tough object, you may bend the blade, bring about a vibration. Girlfriend may likewise have problems with the grass being reduced as the blade dulls over time. If the tongue is bent, damaged, or worn, it requirements to it is in replaced. Friend will need a socket set to finish this repair.Customers price this repair together Easy.
Installation InstructionsJohnny from BILOXI, ms says,Purchased provided mower. Both blade and also discharge to be in need of replacement.

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Discharge-catefully removed solitary 4" bolt the threads through the peak of discharge and also spring. Placed the spring into slot on brand-new discharge attached and replaced bolt right into slot. No tools more




This manage Bolt is sourced straight from the original equipment manufacturer for use in assorted lawn and also garden equipment. That is supplied to for sure the upper and also lower handle together and is tightened through a knob ~ above the various other end. It is make of metal, is black, and is offered individually, no as part of a kit or assembly. This part will should be replaced once it is worn or damaged and also can no much longer secure the arms together. No tools are essential to finish this repair. Customers rated this repair as Easy.
This OEM washer, likewise known together a level washer, has dimensions that 25/32 x 1-1/4. Silver- in color and metal, the washer is sold individually. Back this part can have a variety of applications depending upon the equipment, its general function is to spread out the load under a bolt. Ensure friend consult her owners hand-operated or check your version number to confirm this is the washer you require for your equipment. This component will need to be replaced once your currently one is worn or damaged. The is an easy repair follow to our customers, and also does no require any kind of special tools.
Installation Instructions
Frederick native BINGHAMTON, NY says,Front wheels, too much finish playShimmed the wheels out on axle.. No much more more

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