“Weezy F baby & the ‘F’ is for uncover out.”

Over the food of Lil Wayne’s job – he has consistently told us what the “F” in Weezy F baby stands for. For this reason I determined to malfunction the many things the “F” stands for.

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Things that Don’t start with F

Jokes on you – sometimes the “F” doesn’t stand for a word that starts v an F. He infamously describes himself as “Weezy F Baby and also the F is for Phenomenal” in Yes v Pharrell. The other two start with the indict “don’t forget” in Turnin’ Me On with Keri Hilson and Whip It. 

The F represents a the majority of Things

In this case, Lil Wayne is allowing you to paint a picture. That is speak “Here, too ~ listener. Okay tell friend this much, my middle name begins with an F, the remainder is up to you.” You can fill in the blank, find out or pick in between faithful, funky, freshly, flavor, flawless, fleek, finesse, or finagle – choose he instructs on key Thing ~ above the Dedication 6. 

The F is find Out Fill in the BlankFor a Bunch of Shit

What the F isn’t for

At times, Weezy F. Baby needs to remind united state what the “F” no for. This is a good lense right into the artist’s mental – these are the things that Dwayne Michael Carter genuinely dislikes and also would choose us to store away native his name. 


Things Lil Wayne Would like you come do

Tunechi would prefer for you come – “fornicate” in both invoice Gates and also New olions Maniac. then in the Bow Wow song Sweat – he’d choose you to “follow me directly to my condo.”

Forget It

How the Feels

Sometimes the “F” is just below to let friend know how he feels. In miss Me alongside Drake it meant “ferocious,” then in Whip It he’s “the ample fury.” 


Variations of Fuck

“Fuck” is a word of 16th century german origin. Weezy provides this term to evoke deep emotions from the listener. The “F” is to fuck yourself on Nightmares that the Bottom, but could additionally mean fucking an excellent on DontGetIt off Tha Carter III.

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fuck what your’re walk throughfuck lock hoesfuck youfucking fantasticfuck yourselfFuck, what girlfriend gonna do?

Obsession through Finish and Forensics

In nearly Shakespearean state Weezy is frequently referring come the finishing of things and to blood flow. In 6 foot 7 foot the stands for Finisher – then Forensics in Wasted off No Ceilings.



These room the last ungroupable four, part artists are merely too summary to understand. One can assume FEMA concerned mention ~ the horrendous task they did in brand-new Orleans post-Hurricane Katrina. I presume that he used “front door” in miss out on Me together a metaphor for the possibilities the come together with every moment you walk right into a brand-new door. With every word that comes out of Weezy F Baby’s mouth that is reminding united state of the feasible joys in the world, as well as the inevitable demise that lies in ours future. The last “F” the I’ll list is “forever boy” turn off of the 2009 hit i Told Y’all – since Weezy was right, he is “Weezy F Baby and the F is because that Forever, Boy.”