The first thing is Unit load is as same as specific Weight. And the particular weight of a product is in reality the product the its density and the standard gravity.

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The densityof the material is the every unit volume, calculate in the unit the kg/m3or lb/ft3(pcf). The traditional gravity is usually provided in m/s2of ft/s2, and on planet usually taken as 9.81 m/s2.

In this article, details about unit weight of sand, exactly how to determine it, and typical unit weight worths of different sand species will be presented.

Specific weight or Unit weight of Sand

Unit weight or specific Weight of sand is calculation by the product that thedensity the sand and the typical gravity of sand.

According to the us customary measurement system,dry weighs 1.631 gram every cubic centimeter, thisdensityis same to 101.8 pounds every cubic foot .

sand image

Different Sand kind Density

The following table represents the common dry thickness values for different types of sand.

Sand Type

Dry density (g/cm3)



Sandy Loam


Silt Loam


Clay Loam








In an additional word, the Unit load of sand is the proportion of the complete weight that sand come the complete volume that sand.

Unit Weight, is usually identified in the activities by measure the weight and volume of a fairly undisturbed floor sample derived from a brass ring. Measure up the unit load of soil in the ar may covers a sand cone test, rubber balloon, or nucleardensometer.

How to calculate the Unit load of Sand

To calculation the unit load of sand, we need to know some information, the volume the one unit that sand, the ingredient of the sand, and also the mass densities of each component. Sand weight calculator likewise has to it is in taken.

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Second: We have to know the volumetric portion of every constituent product in one unit that the substance. Third: We have to know the fixed densities (or certain gravity) that the constituent materials. Fourth: indigenous the volume and also the massive densities, now we can determine the mass of each material. Now by adding the masses to gain the full mass of the substance, i beg your pardon is proportional come the complete weight.

Unit load of Different varieties of Sand

The followings room the usual value that different varieties of sand.