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Hello,I submitted the calculation because that the stud wall with brick veneer attached. The city of Palos Verdes engineer asked for to consider and specify the load of brick veneer. Is over there anyone discovering the weight of brick veneer?
JAE"s weight functions out to around 20kPa therefore go with his, ns think stone veneer is in reality a little bit lighter which is what ns based mine ~ above (~16kPa)
I frequently use 50 psf to allow for some variation in products and placement.I don"t like having to do things twice.And you may ask...Why is he in this business?I would certainly answer "I don"t know."

Mike McCannMcCann Engineering

I"m v msquared48.. Plus it is such basic number to occupational with if you have actually 10 ft high wall lol .

Never, yet never inquiry engineer"s judgement

ASCE 7-05 Table C3-1 list 4" clay brick wythes in ~ 39 psf as a minimum design dead load, and "exterior stud walls through brick veneer" in ~ 48 psf.I normally use 40 for the brick and add up the contents of the stud wall system (using 48 as a minimum regardless).If there is a certain brick manufacturer the you room using, castle should have the ability to tell you the unit load of their product.
I am a structural engineer and also worked together a technological manager for a clay stonework manf. For 7-1/2 years. 40psf is usual (actually a bit on the conservative side) because that "modular" size brick (3-1/2" complete brick width). There are some brick sizes that come in 3" widths that would be alleviate the psf by about 3 lbs. If you really desire to know the precise weights, email Interstate Brick in Utah ( and they can provide you the info, in enhancement to structural clay masonry weights. Or if you want to call...801-280-5200.
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