A cluey my Chemical romance fan appears to have discovered what motivated the iconic "Welcome come The black Parade" piano intro.


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A cluey mine Chemical romance fan appears to have uncovered what inspired the top ‘Welcome come The black Parade’ intro. 

Taking to TikTok, user
captureash revealed the suddenly realisation they had while city hall the 1977 Japanese horror movie House.

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As it turns out, the memorable G-note native the MCR standard heavily each other one additionally used in a piano scene from the film.

captureash behavior to develop a tik that dram both songs next by side, and the similarity is definitely uncanny.

“As an early 2000s emo ..this shook me to mine core,”
captureash composed in the video’s caption.

It appears Ash wasn’t the just one left floored by the resemblance, considering over 200k users have currently liked the video.

While it’s no clear even if it is the intro the ‘Welcome come The black color Parade’ is a intended homage or just a coincidence, MCR frontman Gerard way has previously spoken about taking incentive from horror movies.

In a 2015 tweet, way revealed the “German expressionist films, sci-fi and also horror” all influenced songs ~ above The black Parade album.

In connected news, legendary composer Andrew Lloyd Webber recently common his appreciation because that ‘Welcome come the black Parade’ and its well known G-note.

Last month, Webber posted a TikTok video clip that served as a an answer to a 2017 tweet that read, “Still fuming that The black Parade hasn’t to be made right into some significant goth musical.”

The TikTok saw Webber asking “musical theatre fans” what they assumed of when they heard the intro come ‘The Phantom the the Opera.’

Webber ongoing on by play the single G-note native ‘Welcome to the black color Parade’, and also asking what “everybody else of” when they listen it.

Alongside the TikTok, Webber wrote, “it’s one thing to develop an iconic set of chords, it’s an additional to do one note iconic?”

Look, if Andrew Lloyd Webber is hinting the he desires to create a brand-new musical through the aid of MCR, climate we’re certainly not complaining.

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Check out
captureash’s TikTok about the ‘Welcome come The black Parade’ intro:

captureashAs an early 2000s emo ..this shook me come my core (highly introduce the 1977 ##film house btw) ##foryoupage ##fyp ##foryou ##mychemicalromance ##2000s ##emo

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