Temperature differences in the mantle. Explanation: Convection is a form of heat transfer in fluids resulting from the movement of the molecules of the medium. Differences in temperature affects the density and makes hotter fluids to flow readily.

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What starts a convection current in the Earth’s mantle?

Convection Currents in the Mantle Heat in the mantle comes from the Earth’s molten outer core, decay of radioactive elements and, in the upper mantle, friction from descending tectonic plates. Relatively cooler rock from higher in the mantle slowly sinks toward the mantle.

What are the main causes of convection currents in the asthenosphere?

The main cause of the convection currents in the asthenosphere is density and temperature. Further Explanation: The convection current in any medium is the shifting of the less denselayer upward and bringing the denser layers of the medium downward.

Which causes a convection current to flow the rising of hot material or the sinking of cold material?

Convection currents are the result of differential heating. Lighter (less dense), warm material rises while heavier (more dense) cool material sinks. It is this movement that creates circulation patterns known as convection currents in the atmosphere, in water, and in the mantle of Earth.

What would happen if there was no convection in Earth’s mantle?

If Earth had no convective currents, that would mean the inner Earth has solidified, therefore, we would not have plate tectonics. Our Earth’s crust is made up of plates of varying sizes that move very slowly around the planet over time, this theory is called Plate Tectonics.

What layer of earth do we live on?


What are the 6 layers of the earth?

Crust, mantle, core, lithosphere, asthenosphere, mesosphere, outer core, inner core.

Do we live in the crust?

Earth’s interior is made of several layers. The surface of the planet, where we live, is called the crust—it’s actually a very thin layer, just 70 kilometres deep at its thickest point. Carrying Earth’s internal heat to the surface, the convecting mantle creeps like tar on a hot day.

Why is Earth the only planet which supports life?

What makes the Earth habitable? It is the right distance from the Sun, it is protected from harmful solar radiation by its magnetic field, it is kept warm by an insulating atmosphere, and it has the right chemical ingredients for life, including water and carbon.

Who first discovered the solar system?

Galileo Galilei’s

How many planets are mentioned in the Bible?

Planets. Except for Earth, Venus and Saturn are the only planets expressly mentioned in the Old Testament. Isaiah 14:12 is about one Helel ben Shahar, called the King of Babylon in the text. Helel (“morning star, son of the dawn”) is translated as Lucifer in the Vulgate Bible but its meaning is uncertain.

Who are the morning stars in the Bible?

Interpretations of a similar term in the Hebrew Bible, translated in the King James Version as the proper name “Lucifer”, led to a Christian tradition of applying the name Lucifer, and its associated stories of a fall from heaven, to Satan, but modern scholarship generally translates the term in the relevant Bible …

What does Saturn mean in Hebrew?

It seems that at some point during the Talmud period the Jews adopted the planetary week, where Saturn rules saturday, and thus the Hebrew name actually means ‘saturday’s planet’ There is one appearance in the Bible of another name, with unclear vocalization: ~ which may read ‘kayun’, or ‘kiwan’ (Schiaparelli 1905).

What does a star represent in Christianity?

A Five Pointed Star Five Pointed Star Five Pointed Star represents the five wounds of Jesus on the Cross. The Heart is a symbol of love and reminds Christians that God is Love. The Cross symbolizes that Christians believe that Jesus Christ died on the Cross so that everyone’s sins would be forgiven.

What is a 5 point star symbol of?

Many people who practice Modern Paganism and Pagan faiths wear jewelry incorporating the symbol. Christians once commonly used the pentagram to represent the five wounds of Jesus….Pentagram.

Regular pentagram
TypeRegular star polygon
Edges and vertices5
Schläfli symbol{5/2}
Coxeter diagram

What is the meaning of the Star of David?

The star was almost universally adopted by Jews in the 19th-century as a striking and simple emblem of Judaism in imitation of the cross of Christianity. The yellow badge that Jews were forced to wear in Nazi-occupied Europe invested the Star of David with a symbolism indicating martyrdom and heroism. Star of David.

What does a star mean in religion?

Crescent and Star: The faith of Islam is symbolized by the Crescent and Star. The Crescent is the early phase of the moon and represents progress. The star signifies illumination with the light of knowledge.

What did Jesus say about the Ten Commandments?

He saith unto him, Which? Jesus said, Thou shalt do no murder, Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness, Honour thy father and thy mother: and, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

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Where did Moses receive the Ten Commandments?

Mount Sinai

Are the 10 Commandments part of the 613 laws?

The most well-known of these laws are the Ten Commandments , but the Torah contains a total of 613 commandments or mitzvah covering many aspects of daily life, including family, personal hygiene and diet.