This Riddle is a bit misleading, and Riddle Robot Eyezak knows that. That employs a an extremely common riddle tactic dubbed misdirection, however it does so in a nice sneaky way. When you realize the it tries to misdirect you, you can start thinking much more broadly, and arrive in ~ the answer fairly easily.

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The misdirect is a tiny hidden here. With the words that are used in the question, “what belongs come you,” most human being start thinking around material items. Maybe these are things you have purchased. Maybe they were your last Christmas or date of birth gift. The difficulty is, that the thing the riddle is actually talking about, is something that is no physical.

So, to brush aside the idea the the answer can be something physical you very own (and more realistically, that is probably not something physics at all, discovering there is a misdirect. Riddles try to it is in tricky the way), you deserve to start thinking around the non-physical things that belong to you in some since. Let us list off some instances of this below:

your thoughtsyour feelingsyour dreamsyour friendshipsyour nameyour insta accountyour email accountreally any type of digital identity

Okay so now we are on come something. Her list may be longer than mine, yet you can see as soon as you protect against thinking around the physical things, you deserve to see there is fairly a lengthy list of non-physical things that belong to you. To assist us slim under the list of feasible answers, let us take this short list and break it into two much shorter lists: things other people use, and also things they do not use.

Things they do NOT use:your think – these are in your headyour desires – most civilization keep this to themselvesyour insta account – they deserve to use this, however most world would not share access to this, because it is her reputationyour email account – same as your insta accountany digital identification – very same as her insta accountThings they use:your feel (they have the right to use them against you)your friendships (they have the right to use this together leverage)your name (they contact you this)

After us break our long list right into two smaller sized lists prefer this, hopefully you will have a much much shorter list of non-physical things that belong come you which other world might use. With this lot smaller list, we can probably take a ‘brute force’ method from here. My list is just 3 items long, so answering this riddle now should be quite easy.

Your Feelings:

Yes world can manipulate you with this semi-public information. They might even do so often. But, guess: v what, so perform you. Friend most certainly use your own feelings much more than other people do. Feelings space the main point of many humans, and they guide and also mark every activity and decision us make. Every minute of every day, quite literally, each of us use ours emotions. Since of this, that is more than likely not the answer come this riddle.

Your Friendships:

People can also use your friends. They might need their alternator changed, and also you have a mechanic friend. Or they might need advice around their relationship and also you could have a friend that is a marital relationship counselor. Friend may have a friend that is one employer and also someone may ask you come ask your friend because that a job. But, again, you usage your friends an ext often by far. You cave out v your friends. Girlfriend ask your friends because that advice. You offer your friend advice. Friend relate come them ~ above a continuous basis. This is probably not the answer come the riddle either.

Your Name:

People use your name many of the moment that they speak to you or around you. Her name is just how other people identify girlfriend in their communications. Humans have actually a nasty habit the needing to recognize what to call something in stimulate to successfully communicate around it, and your surname is what was assigned come you for that purpose.

On the upper and lower reversal side, you rarely use your name. You used it to authorize papers, or apply for accounts, or brand your work. Yet those instances are rare in comparison to daily conversations performed by other people around you. Due to the fact that other world use it more than you, this is the most most likely answer, from my list, that would certainly be the answer come the riddle.


So currently we have actually the answer come our Riddle. Every we had actually to do was the end smart the Riddle Robot Eyezak by thinking laterally around the feasible answers. Hopefully it is clear just how we arrived on this answer, both in the factor that the price is true, but likewise in the methodology we supplied to come at the answer. It is ours hope that we deserve to not only offer you the answers to this riddles, but likewise teach girlfriend the devices that you have the right to use to solve various other riddles.



Even despite the Riddle Robot Eyezak does not really care about the elevator of the answers of his riddles, together humans, that is still fun and also educational to understand a little more about it. As such, allows talk around names: where they come from and their purpose.

Names are provided to determine things. This can be a classification for a group of things or an individual thing. The point that is being called is dubbed the referent (another name, LOL). Names space not exclusive to world though. They are offered to every person, ar or thing that humans know about. This have the right to be the surname a parent offers a child, or one owner offers to a building, or even a philosopher gives to a assumed process.

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This Riddle the Riddle Robot Eyezak poses is specifically about your personal name though. Frequently this is offered to friend by her parents or the guardian responsible for you together a child, though not always. Personal names are offered to shot and uniquely recognize you and distinguish girlfriend from various other humans; however, due to the fact that there room so many of us, once it pertains to uniquely identifying someone based on name alone, answers of uniqueness are rarely accomplished in this manner.

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