Wolves? What wolves? I have actually only spotted ONE wolf in play minecraft for the past two weeks!

Can anyone call me wherein I can uncover one? Is over there some kind of biome they prefer? are the spawning rules because that wolves any different from regular critters?



Wolves generate in taiga and forest biomes only. (However, according to the Minecraft Wiki, a glitch enables wolves come spawn hardly ever in all biomes.) They monitor the exact same spawning rule as various other passive mobs; they spawn on grass v light level 7 or higher.

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My best advice is to uncover a taiga or forest and also run about looking for them.


According come the minecraft wiki,

Wolves spawn in light level 7 or greater (like all passive mobs), on Grass (again, prefer all passive mobs), typically in Taiga and also Forest biomes, and more commonly during dawn and dusk durations of the day.

They can spawn in teams of 1-8.

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You can discover wolves in areas with snow and also lots of trees. Once you discover a wolf, you deserve to tame them v bones. Tamed wolves will assault whatever you attack, therefore be cautious not to accidently beat your other pets. You have the right to make trained wolves sit or stand. ( Warning: If a wolf is sitting down for too long, the wolf will certainly never have the ability to stand increase forever.


Here is exactly how I did the : it is a (little) cheat. It will certainly not spawn dogs where there is not, it will situate existing wolves using level datas:

Unfold saves, then the folder equivalent to her mod. Select an ar and fight Ctrl + F.Check the switch Value and also then put id in name and Wolf in Value. Click Find then wait.When it has actually finished searching, NBTExplorer selected the id: wolf leaf. Simply scrolldown: ~ the sheet Owner:, and some various other branches, over there is one dubbed Pos. Expand it, and then you have actually the dog"s pos!
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