If you take a close, you may notice a thin membrane in between each of your dog’s toes. While it may look odd in ~ first, it’s in reality pretty common. Plenty of dogs have actually this kind of webbing between their toes.

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Some each other of dogs have a much more prominent webbing 보다 others, and also it’s in reality for a useful reason. It makes them amazing swimmers. By performing one at-home dog DNA check you make have the ability to find insight regarding where the webbing come from. Plenty of dogs were bred for specific reasons and this webbing helps them perform what they to be born come do. If you’re trying to find a an excellent swimmer, you’ll uncover the finest dog breed for your family here in this article.

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Webbed versus Non-Webbed Dog FeetWhat each other of Dogs have Feet that room Webbed?FAQs

Webbed versus Non-Webbed Dog Feet

There are actually three varieties of dog paws including:

Cat’s Feet


Incredibly diverse, this dog breed is a water dog as well as a pointer and also a retriever because that waterfowl and bird hunters. Through its webbed feet, the drag is diminished that the dog will feel once he is in the water. In addition to the webbed feet, this breed also has a waterproof coat.

The webbed feet ~ above a Shorthaired German tip are linked to its powerful legs the won’t tire an extremely easily as soon as they room in the water. This webbing also will assist the Shorthaired German guideline with its capacity to easily fly across ground that is muddy to with the quarry. Without its webbed feet, this each other wouldn’t have the ability to get v the mud and could probably break a leg.


Affectionally described as Weiner dog, a Dachshund is another breed through webbed feet. Most civilization consider this dogs family members pets, but these small dogs have always loved to swim. Through their webbed feet, the Dachshund deserve to do an ext than swim, they to be once provided as a hunting dog and were bred to monitor down and also kill a badger before retrieving it out of that is hole. To execute this, a Dachshund required to be able to dig under to the den the a badger quicker than the badger could burrow away. 


Often called a grey ghost, the Weimaraner has actually been provided for countless different searching purposes all over the world. Many recently they have actually been supplied as bird and also waterfowl dogs, however historically they pursued bears and mountain lions.

With your athletic and also sleek bodies, Weimaraner used their strong webbed feet to just glide through the water. Their webbed feet are useful in the thick brush and also marshy terrain to fetch birds and are typically paired v a rap as searching dogs.

Originating in the Chesapeake Bay, this retriever was arisen in Maryland and also Virginia whereby the just is an extremely shallow and also has a pretty low water temperature, an especially in the winter. To produce this breed, hunters cross various hounds through Newfoundlands causing a breed that will bring the characteristics of webbed feet.

During the winter, the Chesapeake just is often listed below freezing making lock a an extremely sought-after breed by wealthy duck hunters in the 1800s because that the breed’s capacity to stand up to frigid waters. This only is likewise right in the path of a huge migratory path of geese and ducks. Comfortable in water type, this breed has come to be a fixture that the Chesapeake just area many thanks to its webbed feet.

Portuguese Water Dog

Hailing native Portugal, the Portuguese Water Dog to be traditionally offered by fishermen who required a dog that might tread cold water, operated hard, and had a muscular and athletic build. This breed functions big, webbed feet and also a waterproof coat that enables them come swim in harsh conditions.

Used for countless tasks, seafaring fisherman required the Portuguese Water Dog to retrieve tackle, herd fish, and take messages back and soon from the coast to the ships. Thanks to their solid muscles, thisworking dogis a very seaworthy and hardworking breed. These tasks have due to the fact that become obsolete, however this breed is still needed for rescues in the cold seawater.

Redbone Coon Hound

Originally native England, the Redbone Coon hound’s line was further occurred in the Southern claims of the US. This breed permits hunters to death or tree raccoons to market their highly sought-after hides. Qualified of navigating the swampy locations of Georgia and Florida, the Coon Hound could also easily traverse the river bottoms the Mississippi and Alabama.

The properties of this breed have actually been passed on end the years enabling these dog to track smart and also fast raccoons in ~ night through the flow bottoms. A raccoon will certainly take a coon hound v muddy terrain before jumping in the river in an attempt to getaway. The webbing on the Coon Hounds feet helps this versatile breed to stick v raccoon until it is treed.

As the Coon Hound operation after a raccoon, the can’t hazard sinking into the mud or slipping on the shores while they room running. Plus, these dogs should be very powerful swimmers in the occasion that the present of the river is supervisor fast.


What each other of dogs have webbed feet?

Dogs that invest a the majority of time in the water have tendency to have actually webbed feet. Specific breeds that were developed for hunting and also swimming have a an ext pronounced webbing. Breeds prefer Dachshunds, Labradors, Retrievers, Greyhounds, and also Weimerans every were considered classic working and also hunting dogs that retrieved food from watery terrain.

What walk it typical when a dog has webbed feet?

It way that this details breed was more than likely used because that hunting and retrieving games and also the webbing between their toys permitted them come navigate the water and diverse terrain better. The webbing will certainly also help dogs come swim much more efficiently once in different types of water.

Similar to when a human wears flippers while swimming, a dog’s webbed feet will help the dog glide v the water to retrieve the game. Webbed feet top top a dog likewise helps them operation on a muddy area, paddle aside from that distances, and not slip on slick areas. It also gives them better footing and less of a possibility of acquiring stuck in a boggy area.

How can you phone call if her dog has actually webbed paws?

When us think the webbing, we instantly think the a duck’s feet. In comparison, a dog’s webbed feet is only referring come extra skin the is discovered in between a dog’s toes.

To identify if your dog has webbed feet, pick up your dog’s paw and also spread the end his toes. If the has too much skin between his toes, similar to a duck’s foot, then he has actually a webbed paw. But, uneven duck’s feet, a dog paw will certainly only have partial webbing with the extra skin connecting the toes together.

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Do pit bulls have webbed paws?

The bulk of pit bulls carry out not have actually webbed feet. However, there is the occasional pit bull that will have webbed feet, yet the possibilities are nice low. Their capability to have actually webbed feet is as result of the reality that pit bulls do have the webbed paw gene.