What causes friction between two seemingly smooth surface is the surfaces that are too smooth have tendency to rod together.

Friction is resistance to movement or flow.

When 2 surfaces space smooth, your atoms and also molecules come into contact. This allows for the interaction in between the surface of the two materials. Chemistry interactions leader to substances adhering together using cohesive forces. This consequently restricts motion.

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Air is composed of numerous gases, when water is composed of a pure substance. Which finest compares air and water?
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C wait is a link of 2 or an ext components that save their very own identifying properties, if water is created of mixtures that integrate to type a compound.

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What would certainly be the final velocity for an aircraft that starts in ~ the beginning of a 4km runway v an early velocity the 60 km/
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Acceleration is defined as the readjust in velocity that a body through respect to time.

Using among the equations the motion:

S = ut + 1/2at²

Where S is the street traveled through the airplane

u is the initial velocity

a is that acceleration

t is the time of travel

Given a = 1.2×104 km/h²

u = 60km/hr

t= ?

S = 4km

Substituting the values offered into the formula to gain "t"

4 = 60t+1/2(1.2×10⁴)t²

4 = 60t+0.6×10⁴t²

0.6×10⁴t²+60t-4= 0

Factorizing the quadratic equation

t = -b±√b²-4ac/2a

Where a= 6000 b = 60 c = -4

t = -60±√60²-4(6000)(-4)/2(6000)

t = -60±√3600+96000/12000

t = -60±√99600/12000

t = -60±315.6/12000

t = -60+315.6/12000

t= 255.6/12000

t = 0.0212hour

t = 2.12×10^-2hour

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If things has 100 J that PE, exactly how much work deserve to it perform (with the PE)?
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W = 100 J


The potential energy of an object is provided by :


It is claimed to possessed by an object due to its position under the activity of gravity.

The occupational done by an item is provided by :

W = F×d , F is force and d is displacement

We recognize that, F = mg

So, if an item has 100 J that PE, it way that it can do the work-related of 100 J.

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A child does 350 J of work-related while pulling a crate from the ground as much as his tree house at a steady speed with a light rope. The tre
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The work-related done to ar the crate at tree house=350 J.

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The distance from ground come tree house =4.0 m and



Hence the massive of the box is 8.929kg

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Two plastic balls rely by strings are put close to every other. If they have the very same charge, how will they communicate with
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Two plastic balls rely by strings are inserted close to every other. If they have actually the exact same charge climate they will repel each other.
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