As through the chicken each other themselves, chickens’ egg come in various colors and sizes. You obtain the tiny Bantam size ones to the Jumbo-sized or Extra-large size eggs.Top 10 Jumbo and Extra large Egg Laying Chicken breeds

As us all want some nice big eggs to make omelettes with we have actually put with each other a perform of our top ten chicken breeds that lay Jumbo and or Extra-Large sized eggs.

The various Egg sizes

When you walk to the shop and also compare the X-Large eggs to those of the large eggs you occasionally cannot tell the difference as they are nearly the exact same size.

The difference, however, is not so much in the dimension as it is in the weight of the egg.

Extra tiny (known as PeeWee) – 1.25 ozSmall– 1.50 ozMedium – 1.75 ozLarge– 2.00 ozExtra Large – 2.25 ozJumbo – 2.50 oz

Our top 10 umbo and Extra huge Egg layers


The beautiful Barnevelder chicken breed lays in between 150 to 200 dark brown huge to Jumbo sized eggs a year.They are calm friendly bird that would compliment any kind of flock. Castle are, however, quite an active breed so do need a little an ext room to roam about.Read More


The Chanteceler usually has pure white feathers and also will lay approximately 200 large to Extra-large brown eggs a year. Lock are really beautiful and also will grace any kind of coop, yet they are quite flighty and skittish chickens. Read More


This each other is quite rare these days but makes a exorbitant pet with its calm friendly curious nature. They also lay in between 200 to 280 huge to Extra large brown eggs a year. There are still a couple of hatcheries or breeders that sell Delaware because that sale. Delaware is wonderful breed for your flock. Check out More

Golden Comet

The golden Comet is a hybrid breed that provides for an excellent backyard chicken and also is also fantastic layer of between 250 come 300 Dark Brown big to Extra-Large eggs every year. If you space looking to have actually fresh egg on your table virtually every job the golden Comet is the chicken!


The Leghorn is a really popular breed for its egg-laying abilities. It does not have actually a really nice nature and also can be fairly standoffish. But if you are looking for Extra-Large come Jumbo size white eggs. The Leghorn hen lays in between 250 come 280 per year. Check out More


The Minorca is the best of the Mediterranean breeds of chicken. It has beautiful glossy black color plumes and also a affluent red challenge with white earlobes. That is also the friendliest and also easiest to handle of the Mediterranean breeds. The hens generally lay 200 or more Extra-Large white eggs per year.Read More

Plymouth rock

The Plymouth Rock has actually been roughly for generations together a backyard chicken. They will certainly lay 280 or more large to Extra-Large Brown eggs per year. This breed would certainly benefit any kind of backyard chicken flock and has a exorbitant nature come go with its prolific egg laying abilities.Read More

Red Star Sexlink Hybrid

This hybrid is a superstar once it comes to laying Extra-Large to Jumbo sized eggs. Castle lay in between 250 to 300 brown eggs every year. The Red Star Sexlink chickens are a an extremely adaptable breed in the they take to confinement well but can additionally be fantastic free-range chickens.

Rhode Island Red

Rhode Island Reds space not just beautiful ladies through deep wealthy mahogany red plumes. They are also excellent great of brown big to Extra-Large Eggs. The have the right to lay native 250 come 260 eggs every year.Read More


As the Welsummer chicken is identified with breakfast together the male graces the Kellogg’s Cornflakes grain boxes. The hens do their own names by being very good layers of large to Extra-Large Dark Brown eggs as their donation to breakfast.

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This lovely ladies will certainly lay in between 200 to 250 eggs per year and also are regular layers all year around.Read More

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