Looking to obtain away on a midweek city break? Visiting canal cities is peak of countless boaters’ bucket lists as soon as it comes to exploring – especially through Europe. Yet what are the ideal canal cities to visit? whether you’re visiting by narrowboat through ABC watercraft Hire’s aid or you’re paris overseas, find our list of the best canal cities in Europe to discover this year.

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Best canal cities

1. Venice

World-famous for its picturesque thick canals, thousands of holidaymakers fly to Venice each year to experience the romantic ‘city of canals’. V copious canals to admire, historic culture to discover and gondola tourism to run on to discover the city, it’s no wonder this Italian hotspot is together a touristic delight – particularly for narrowboat enthusiasts.

With 150 city-based canals, there are few other canal networks the end there the can match Venice’s, with 26 miles of waterways to explore. The cool Canal, among the many famous and important canals in Venice, is 2.3 mile long and also 300 feet large at the widest part. Top top your trip to Venice, this canal is definitely worth check out!

2. Birmingham


A city with more canals 보다 Venice, Birmingham is a protect against not to miss out on when top top your tourism of the ideal canal cities. Together the city with most canals in the UK, Birmingham likewise contends come hold host to the many canals in Europe, too!

This liven city has a full of 100 mile of canal network running v the city centre, providing it a broader canal access than Venice by a huge margin! top top this canal route, you have the right to explore tasks for the whole family such together Cadbury World; require to the bustling bars and restaurants of Brindley Place; or do some to buy in the well-renowned shopping centre, The Bullring. Our Birmingham and also Return route will allow you to explore all the delights this city centre needs to offer, and also cruising along the mile of canal waterways.

3. Amsterdam

As among the most water-filled cities in the world, Amsterdam’s canals accounting a quarter of the city’s surface ar area. That’s a many water! additionally known as ‘the Venice that the North’, Amsterdam is a an excellent place to explore when visiting canal urban in Europe.

As well as the riches of canals this city has to offer, Amsterdam is known as one of the many bicycle filled cities in the world – with bikes in ~ every corner, hop on one yourself and also head come Vondelpark to take in the netherlands nature between lakes and greenery! and also this, delve right into the immense background of the city, beginning by taking a tour of ann Frank’s House.

4. Manchester


Looking to remain slightly closer come home? check out the delights the The Cheshire Ring in our Manchester route. An impressive canal, the Cheshire Ring forms a circular canal course in the heart of the Northwest extending a exceptional 92 miles long.

With 92 miles likewise comes 92 locks – which adds come the superior nature that this route, perfect for skilled boaters. Discover yourself curling roughly the Pennine Hills, the captivating Cheshire countryside and the Old Trafford football stadion in the love of Manchester’s city centre.

5. Llangollen

Cross the border between England and also Wales ~ above the Llangollen Canal by the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct – which is one more of the 7 marvels of the Waterway! The Pontcysyllte Aqueduct is the tallest aqueduct in the UK (and the hardest come pronounce!), reaching 126ft in the air. View sights of the river Dee far below from our Llangollen and also Return route.

This canal path is the perfect choice for lovers of picturesque countryside an unified with both English and Welsh culture, with component of the path designated together a UNESCO world Heritage Site. Surrounding by Welsh wildlife consisting of rare birds, sheep at every turn and also breath-taking see of the old landscape the Ice-Age lakes, this course is not one come miss!

6. Falkirk


Modern design meets the beauty beauty of the natural waterways on our Falkirk canal routes. The Falkirk Wheelis a huge pulling suggest for this impressive canal network. The Falkirk Wheel spectacularly connects the soon & Clyde canals in Scotland, whilst also providing a fun-filled family activity to suffer the world’s one and also only rotating boat lift.

Discover the lowlands of Scotland with easy cruising and also very few locks to navigate v – making this the perfect an option for canal watercraft beginners. As well as the Falkirk Wheel, the bordering area holds organize to a collection of bike and also hiking trails, perfect for obtaining closer come nature.

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Now you’ve learned our best canal cities, including some that the cities v the most canals in Europe, it’s time to publication your next trip. Uncover canal watercraft holidays perfect for families, couples and groups from ABC watercraft Hire. Get in touch with a member of our friendly team to find out more information now.