So this question is damn weird and random. But I don"t care. I don"t even know if men notice a girl"s nail color but the thought occurred to me out of nowhere and now I am curious. Do you like it when girl polish their nails? Do you notice such a thing? If you do notice it or care for it (even if it turns you on in some way), what is your favorite color on a girl? Red? Neutral? Dark? Bright?

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As a guy, my top 5 favourite nail polish colours on girls are:White, red, grey, sky blue, navy blue.Some honourable mentions go to candy pink, black, coral, nude, lavender and dark brown. Please no greens, yellows, oranges, neon colours, nail art/french manicures or acrylic nails.

I paint my nails all the time. I usually go for the girly colors like pink and purple. On the odd time I go for blue. Everytime I paint my nails blue I get a compliment from my boyfriend or guy at work, or even a random stranger. So odd, i thought guys didn't even notice that shit.

I've always been a fan of the blank colour.But let's be honest here, I doubt it's most guysthat gets attracted to you because of your hands.But seeking to improve how you look is always goodbut most of the times, it's how you carry yourself. ^.^

Most guys don't really notice unless it's something crazy. I kinda like it when girls wear nail polish. I'm fine with all kinds of colors. Red, black, neutral, pink, and purple. An important thing to add is the thing that makes it shine or appear kind of liquidy rather than dry. Oh, and avoid colors like gray, brown, light blue, and orange. I don't think those look any good.

i dk. I mean. depends on the type of girl you are. I know a lot of girly girls like to do theirs pink. my fav. color is red. so I'm always fond of mails that are red. and of course you can never go wrong with black. especially if your going with the ever resortful "little black dress"what might be fun is try to something with the rainbow. or w/e, yeah I know not enough fingers. but I'm sure you could figure something out :D
I work with the same finish nail polish is made of. I am always mixing custom colors. It is kind of fun to mix up little custom batches of nail polish for her. One woman used to get me to mix up colors to match certain things exactly.
All we see is that you're not satisfied with your own natural appearance and like to waste money on materials rather than boost your own confidence on a personable level. Women see things and recognize it. We're too busy looking for any signal of interest or desire, such as a look, or words.
Lol I have no idea why but black is always the most attractive to me! lol most things (how she dresses etc) I don't care about but for some odd reason black nail polish is ridiculously sexy to me
Pink, red or colorless/natural look the bestAnything else is a bad option, black nails look sorta creepy and blue/green/violet look too unnatural and 'poisonous'
The one color that turns me completely on and more is O.P.I.'s Lincoln Park After Dark. Plus, let me say that I have a major major fetish for pretty hands, nails, feet and toes. Yes! Guilty as charged !
My brother says a clear shinny coat looks best, then like white or black if your skin is tanner. That's what he says when I asked him
her natural colour, with nails really well taken care of. if you really want, had something which just enhances the natural colour
I find colored nails attractive because its very girlie and I am attracted to the girlie girl style.I like darks as well as pastel colors and funky nail art like flowers. :)

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Some guys I know like it, some have a peculiar sense about these things. Maybe due to their upbringing like mother and sisters, friends who were girls etc...