Want to discover what colors make burgundy come mix paint? are you considering dying her hair burgundy color? Or space you simply wanting to get the burgundy shade code for net design.

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Either way…

You’ve pertained to the right location =)

This short article is a finish Burgundy shade Guide.

About Burgundy Color

The shade burgundy is comparable to other deep shades that red. For example, it deserve to be quickly mistaken because that maroon, cordovan, cranberry, and also oxblood.

According to shade Psychology

Burgundy is a the shade lighter 보다 the shade maroon. It is a mix in between brown and also red that has actually a purple tint. Many people confuse it through maroon which has actually a slightly more red-brown tint and also lacks the purple hue the burgundy has. The color of burgundy was called after a drink that had the distinctive red shade of color. Much more specifically, it was named after the shade of the red wines comes from Burgundy vineyards in France.”

There space two popular versions that burgundy: vivid burgundy and also old burgundy. See exactly how these colors to compare side-by-side.


Final Words

Whether you’re mixing colors to do burgundy paint, or hair dye, or make-up… it’s a an excellent color of choice! Burgundy is so flexible for clothing, interval colors, or straightforward a beautiful color to share through friends.

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I expect you enjoyed this overview on the burgundy color and also learned what colors make burgundy.