What is the theme of the publication The Odyssey?

In this epos poem, there room three major themes: hospitality, loyalty, and vengeance.

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Which lines from the text best support this template one theme found throughout the Odyssey is that an excellent leaders take obligation for those in their charge?

One theme found throughout The Odyssey is that great leaders take duty for those in their charge. I m sorry lines native the text ideal support this theme? the Lotus, or you lose your expect of home.”

What design template is finest revealed by this conflict part 1 of the Odyssey?


What design template is best revealed through conflict?

What layout is finest revealed by this conflict? people must respect the wrath the the gods.

What design template is ideal revealed by this dispute it is easy?

What design template is best revealed through this conflict? the is easy to uphold morals once one is not suffering.

Which themes are presented in the city the prediction?

Explanation: The crucial idea the the author wishes come convey v the offered poem is the ‘leaving the friends behind is challenging and that is even stretching to disregard the failure or follies the we’ve cursed in ours life.

What ideal describes why Odysseus offered his wine to the Cyclops?

What best describes why Odysseus provided his wine to the Cyclops? He wants to trick the Cyclops by acquiring him drunk and also weakening him.

Which in text citation is formatted effectively in MLA format Homer writes that the men’s oars sent the white foam Scuddling by 38?

Answer: Homer writes the the men’s oars “sent the white foam scuddling by” (38).

Which in-text quote is formatted correctly?

The in-text citation that is formatted properly in MLA style is: odysseus and his guys “slept again over the to wash of ripples” (homer 68)., the is come say the critical option. MLA layout is usually used in records to mention information taken from various other sources.

Which in-text citation is formatted correctly in MLA style Homer writes the Odysseus and his men?

Answer: Answer expert Verified. The in-text quote which is formatted appropriately in MLA style is: Homer writes the Odysseus and his men “were left to groan and also wait for morning” (218).

What is the conclusion of Odysseus the speaker?

What conclusion around Odysseus (the speaker) is finest supported by the excerpt? that trusts Circe’s advice.

What conclusion about Odysseus the speak is the best supported by the excerpt?

Answer. Solution: as per the given excerpt, the key conclusion around Odysseus or the speaker ideal supported is that he trusts Circe’s advice.

Which conclusion about Odysseus is most logical and could be supplied in a paragraph about the characteristics that make him courageous?

Answer professional Verified I think the exactly answer is A. Odysseus deserve to be identified as courageous since he leader his crew with dangerous waters. That knows how dangerous this part of their journey is, yet he chooses to take the risk.

What is a common symbol the love and commitment?

wedding ring

Which is a price in this excerpt the Odyssey?

What is the symbolism the the new cloak in this excerpt? The brand-new cloak to represent Odysseus’s change from a weary traveler to the return hero. Jackson is making predictions about The Odyssey together he reads this excerpt.

Which excerpt from the Odyssey demonstrate the importance?

I would certainly say the the excerpt from The Odyssey that show the prominence of hospitality in Greek society is this one in ~ the beginning: “Here is a negative man come, a wanderer, propelled by desire to beg his bread, and everyone in hall offered bits, come cram his bag-only Antinous threw a stool, and also banged his shoulder”.

What Greek values are found in the Odyssey?

The Greeks valued beauty, art, intellect, honor, and truth; the list is long. Few of these worths are displayed through the story of the Odyssey, which speak of the adventures that Odysseus and his family.

What space the 4 most vital Greek values?

The old Greeks implemented their worths of loyalty, glory, intelligence and also hospitality into daily life. While this values might seem simple, they efficiently shaped an entire civilization right into a culture that is among the most referenced in history.

Is troy a real city?

In legend, troy is a city the was besieged because that 10 years and eventually dominated by a Greek army led through King Agamemnon. Troy additionally refers to a real ancient city situated on the northwest coast of Turkey which, due to the fact that antiquity, has been figured out by numerous as gift the Troy discussed in the legend.

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What walk the Odyssey reveal about Greek culture?

The Odyssey shows that the civilization of old Greece thought deities were anthropomorphic. The gods had actually human emotions and even suggested during meetings. Homer wrote about the Greeks in a method that is constant with other written history because he was describing a story that happened throughout his time period.