Have you ever sat top top a beach and also wondered what’s throughout the ocean?

If friend think you can figure out the answer simply by looking at a map, review on. You may be surprised. I was.

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When friend look across the s from a coast in Montauk, or anywhere in new York, this map reflects what’s top top the various other side (excluding some smaller nations that regrettably did no fit).

No matter which direction friend look, you’re not dealing with Europe.

That’s partly because the coastline of long Island is angled southward. But there is additionally something rather going on.


Though the present in the map over appear curved, all of them space actually right lines (great circles) on the 3D globe.

From a various perspective

If girlfriend have any type of doubt even if it is it’s possible to sail from new York come Australia follow me a right line, right here is what the looks choose in 3 dimensions.


From this view, you can see the present do show up straight.

You can likewise see plainly that the U.S. East coastline as a entirety does not challenge toward Europe at all.

Finally, below are the currently on an interaction globe, which you can play around with yourself. Push the mesh globe button at the top to move to a 2-dimensional view.

View a full display version of this globe.

Sailing east from brand-new York and continuing right ahead will certainly not take you come Europe. If you’re still not convinced, look at the line at the height that runs between brand-new York and northern Morocco and also convince yourself it is straight. Currently drag brand-new York come the center, and notice what direction the heat is going together it leaves new York (north east). Now imagine what direction a right line to Europe would certainly be going.

Europe is in ~ the exact same latitude as new York, therefore if you save your ship traveling eastern the totality time you will arrive in Europe. However doing therefore would require making constant turns along the way. Why? due to the fact that meridians the latitude themselves room curved.

What’s really across the Atlantic ocean?

There are countless ways that looking at the question and also no single right answer. However if you to be to was standing on a coast on the U.S. Eastern Coast and also look toward the east, right here is what’s directly across from you.

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