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  11. What Leonardo work-related illustrates Vitruvius’s principles of human and also geometric perfection that proportion and also symmetry? a. Mona Lisab.The critical Supperc.Vitruvian Mand.Embryo in the Womb12.Why go Bramante apply the Vitruvian one inscribed v a square to his church designs?a.To imitate classical Greek architectureb.To signify the perfection of Godc.To increase the.

  21.What influenced the first operas?a.Gabrieli’s compositionsb.Bernini’s playsc.The Venetian street processionsd.Ancient Greek drama22.What Greek myth inspired Monteverdi’s an initial opera?a.Prometheus and Pandorab.Orpheus and Eurydicec.Paris and also Helen the Troyd.Zeus and also Leda23.Why were just girls in Venice’s orphanages provided music instruction?a.Girls would take care of the vulnerable instruments much more gentlyb.It was assumed the boys would enter.

21.What motivated the an initial operas?a.Gabrieli’s compositionsb.Bernini’s playsc.The Venetian street processionsd.AncientHistory

  21.Why walk Giovanni Bologna title his sculptural innovation Rape that the Sabine Women?a.To provide it much more erotic appealb.A colleague said this titlec.To justification the serpentine compositiond.Roman mythology has this legend22.Why is Rape the the Sabine Women thought about sculptural genius?a.It unites three figures in a solitary spiralb.It is the first.

1.What event began sixteenth-century London’s building and construction and populace growth? a. Henry VIII’s deathb.The Dissolution action of 1536c.The finish of the black Deathd.England’s loss of the Spanish Armada2.What go the revenue of church lands allow England’s conference to do?a.Not progressive taxesb.Expand the conference buildingc.Finance brand-new World expeditionsd.Upgrade publicly sanitation3.How.

 33.Albrecht Altdorfer a. Danube Landscape34.Pieter Bruegel the Elder b. Gargantua and also Pantagruel35.Albrecht Dürer c. Harvesters36.Desiderius Erasmus d. In praise of Folly37.Martin Luther e. Melancholia I38.Michel de Montaigne f. “A Mighty Fortress is Our.

  21.Why go Virgil guide Dante through Hell and Purgatory?a.Dante’s family declared to descend indigenous Virgilb.Virgil represented the embodiment of reasonc.Dante taken into consideration Virgil the best of the pagan poetsd.Virgil, choose Dante, composed his an excellent work in Latin22.Why walk the flagellants think Europe was devastated by plague?a.God’s wrath against human sinsb.Infected fleas.

  32. Dante Alighieri a. Arena Chapel33. Giovanni Boccaccio b. Book of the City of Ladies34. Giotto di Bondone c. The Canterbury Tales35. Geoffrey Chaucer d. Canzoniere36. Cimabue e. Decameron37. Simone Martini f. La Vita Nuova38. Francesco Petrarca (Petrarch)Prophets g. Madonna Enthroned with Angels and39. Christine de Pizan h. Maestrà  .

  29. Peter Abelard a. Abbey of Saint-Denis30. Abbot Suger b. Canticle the the Sun31. Cutting board Aquinas c. Magnus Liber Organi32. Léonin and Pérotin d. Roman inn de la Rose33. Limbourg brothers e. Siena Cathedral34. Jean de Meung f. Sic et Non35. Giovanni Pisano g. Summa Theologica36. St. Francis of Assisi h. Très wide range Heures du Duc de Berry  .

  21. Matthias Grünewald’s Isenheim Altarpiece underscores what north European preoccupation? a. Deathb.Diseasec.Witchcraftd.Salvation by confidence alone22.Heinrich Krämer’s Malleus Maleficarum (The Hammer of Witches) set forth what attitude about women?a.They to be one step listed below angelsb.They to be to be pitied because of your low gaue won statusc.They to be cunning and deceitfuld.They to be likely.

  11.According to Francis Bacon, what were the best obstacles to human being understanding?a.Lack that education and superstitionb.Superstition and also religionc.Religion and prejudiced.Prejudice and superstition12.Which of the adhering to is not among Bacon’s four significant categories the false notion?a.Idols that the sector Placeb.Idols that the Theaterc.Idols of the Tribed.Idols that the King13.What.

  29.Anne Bradstreet a. Portrait of Charles i Hunting30.Charles le Brun b. The Kermis31.John Bunyan c. Ras Meninas32.Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz d. Pilgrim’s Progress33.Jean-Baptiste Lully e. Royal residence of Versailles34.Molière f. Mountain Pedro Nolasco35.Nicolas Poussin .

  31. Sofonisba Anguissola a. Allegory with Venus and also Cupid32. Giovanni Bologna b. Bernardino Campi painting Sofonisba Anguissola33. Agnolo Bronzino c. Feast in the home of Levi34. Benvenuto Cellini d. Jupiter and also Io35. Correggio e. Last Judgment36. El Greco f. The Madonna v the lengthy Neck37. Michelangelo g. The Rape of Europa38. Parmigianino h. Rape of the Sabine Women39..

  21.Why walk Michel de Montaigne’s wealthy father send him away at birth to be increased by peasants?a.To stop his father’s adversaries from kidnapping himb.So his father would certainly not it is in embarrassed by Michel’s illegitimacyc.So that would develop love and also respect for usual peopled.To protect him from the evils of Bordeaux’s city.

1. Why walk Bruges come to be the financial funding of the North?a.It to be a favorite location of the Burgundian dukesb.It was residence to the Medici bank interests in the regionc.It populated a main location in the Northd.It was home to a an excellent fair because that painters, goldsmith, and jewelers2. What physical attribute.

  11. Why walk Dufay’s Nuper rosarum flores repeat the fixed melody ~ above 6, 4, 2, and also 3 devices per breve?a.To mix the motet’s 2 voices more smoothlyb.To encompass each that Florence Cathedral’s seven organsc.To mirror the proportions that Solomon’s Temple and Florence Cathedrald.To boost the sonority of the combined voices.

  21. Why did Lorenzo de’ Medici favor frottole sung in Italian, not Greek or Latin?a.Italian to be the most beautiful of languages because that musicb.Most Florentines walk not recognize Greek or Latinc.Lorenzo want to establish himself together a “common man”d.Frotolle to be secular songs; Latin was booked for religious music22. According to Pico.

1. What had the Aztecs excellent that brought about other indigenous tribes to resent them and also thus be ready to help Cortes in his conquest? a. Confiscated their gold and silverb.Established Tenochtitlán top top the finest farmlandc.Raided their villages for sacrifice victimsd.Seized your land to develop Tenochtitlán2. After he fled native his.

  28. Gian Lorenzo Bernini a. Canzona Duodecimi Toni29. Francesco Borromini b. Switch of Saint Paul30. Caravaggio c. Church of mountain Carlo alle Quattro Fontane31. Giovanni Gabrieli d. Four Rivers Fountain32. Artemesia Gentileschi e. The four Seasons33. Claudio Monteverdi f. Judith and also Maidservant with Head that Holofernes34. Andrea Pozzo g. Orfeo35. Antonio Vivaldi h. Triumph of Saint Ignatius of.

 Matching35. Ludovico Ariosto a. Four publications on Architecture36. Donato Bramante b. Orlando Furioso37. Giorgione da Castelfranco c. Pange lingua38. Niccolò Machiavelli d. Pietà39. Michelangelo e. The Prince40. Andrea Palladio f. Sacred and also Profane Love41. Josquin des Prez g. The school of Athens42. Raphael h. The Tempest43. Titian i. Tempietto  .

  31. Francis Bacona. Well-Tempered Clavier32. Johann Sebastian Bachb. The Geographer33. Jacob Catsc. Novian Organum Scientiarum (The New an approach of Science)34. René Descartesd. The to dance Couple35. Judith Leystere. The Anatomy great of Dr. Tulp36. Rembrandt valve Rijnf. The Proposition37. January Steeng. Houwelick (Marriage)38. January Vermeerh. Discourse on Method  .

  21. Why throughout Elizabeth’s reign did living in London end up being so desirable?a.Cultural opportunitiesb.Higher wagesc.Repeal of taxes lawsd.Housing surplus22. Wherein in one English sonnet is the resolution or explanation?a.The last coupletb.The last quatrainc.The last sestetd.The last octave23.Which the the following is not one of William Byrd’s reasons for civilization to learn.

1. What 150-year time duration in Italy did nineteenth-century historians label the Renaissance?a.Early fourteenth to so late fifteenthb.Mid fourteenth to early on sixteenthc.Late fourteenth to late fifteenthd.Early fifteenth to mid sixteenth2. What were the Renaissance humanists aiming come understand?a.The relationship in between art and also logicb.The relationship between humanity and the divinec.The nature of.

  32. William Byrd a. The Tempest33. Elizabeth I b. Utopia34. Hans Holbein c. The Faerie Queen35. Henry VIII d. “List come hunt”36. Thomas More e. “On Monsieur’s Departure”37. Christopher Marlowe f. The Ambassadors38. William Shakespeare g. A Defense of the 7 Sacraments against MartinLuther39. Edmund Spenser h. Psalms, Sonnets, & Songs40. Cutting board Wyatt i. The Tragical history of Dr..

1.Why did Charles V straight his boy to build the Escorial?a.To provide the Spanish v a cool cathedralb.To house the endowment retrieved native the new Worldc.To function as the dig for all the Spanish kingsd.To offer as the holy Roman Emperor’s chair of power2.Why is the Escorial the a.

1.What resulted in the 1666 an excellent Fire the London?a.A ship’s engine recording fireb.A baker’s range explosionc.A cow kicking over a lanternd.Lightening striking a thatch roof2.Why to be the an excellent Fire useful to London?a.It compelled the city to create paid firefightersb.It made the city construct much better public housingc.It damaged the slums near the.

  11. What typical feature of northern art do the numerous symbolic aspects in jan van Eyck’s Giovanni Arnolfini and also His wife Giovanna Cenami signify? a. Secularismb.Religionc.Materialismd.Narcissism12. Properties of all northern painting of this time, roger van der Weyden’s lower from the Cross display screens tension between what? a. Irradiate and.

  11.While his coworkers created his designs, what hobby walk Bernini pursue?a.Flower growing at the Villa Borgheseb.Writing plays and also designing phase setsc.Amateur archaeology in Rome’s ruinsd.Composing canzonas for spiritual services12.How did Fra Andrea Pozzo develop the highly dramatic room in Triumph the Saint Ignatius of Loyola?a.Chiaroscurob.Tenebrismc.Foreshorteningd.Invisible complement13.Why walk Caravaggio.

1.Why go the late 14th-century popes refuse come live in Rome?a.The plague was raging thereb.It was taken into consideration a pagan cityc.It to be a sparsely occupied city in ruinsd.The French regulated it2.When the papacy went back to Rome in 1420, why go the popes consider restoring the city their spiritual duty?a.To move.

1.Why go Louis XIV of France think about himself “the sunlight King”?a.His attire was so affluent that that glittered once he walkedb.France’s domain was so big that the sun never set on itc.Like the sunlight god Apollo, he witnessed himself dispensing wealthd.He thought that the world revolved around him2.Why go Louis.

  11.Why walk Hans Holbein repaint Thomas an ext with mustache stubble and also sagging skin?a.More insisted the Holbein portray that realisticallyb.To emphasize More’s tireless company to the kingc.Holbein modeled his job-related on the roman portrait bustsd.To convey More’s distress at Henry’s politics12.Why go Holbein paint Nicolaus Kratzer in an ext subdued colour than.

 31.Leon Battista Alberti a. The book of the Courtier32.Sandro Botticelli b. Camera Picta33.Filippo Brunelleschi c. Florence Cathedral34.Baldassare Castiglione d. Gates of Paradise35.Lorenzo Ghiberti e. Lives of the Most great Painters, Architects, and Sculptors36.Leonardo da Vinci f. Mona Lisa37.Andrea Mantegna g. Primavera38.Masaccio h. Top top Painting39.Pico della Mirandola i. Oration ~ above the.

1.Why did divine Roman Emperor Charles V’s very own troops bag Rome in 1527?a.He ordered lock to bag itb.They hated the Medici pope, Clement VIIc.He was unable to pay their wagesd.They wanted to ruin Rome’s pagan art2.Which of the adhering to is not among Albrecht Dürer’s four Horsemen that the.

1.With what were the eighteenth-century French philosophes concerned?a.Manners and traditionb.Metaphysical mattersc.Secular and also social concernsd.Theater and also painting2.Why go the philosophes alienate themselves from the Church?a.Disbelief in Godb.Intolerant the hierarchy and ritualc.Disagreement v Church doctrined.Dislike for church ornamentation3.Which of the complying with does not define Rococo inner architecture?a.S- and also C-curvesb.Elaborate cartouchesc.Shell formsd.Symmetrical.

1.With what were the eighteenth-century French philosophes concerned?a.Manners and traditionb.MetaphysicalHistory

  21.Why did Spain get in a period of decline after the death of Philip II?They lost regulate of their brand-new World gold-producing holdingsSevere inflation and a ns of tax revenue bankrupted the courtTheir Armada had actually to be rebuilt adhering to England’s loss of itPhilip IV bankrupted the court through his arts purchases.

  11.How did Palestrina’s Missa Papae Macellus conform come the the supervisory board of Trent’s requirements?a.The words are clear over the limit musicb.It presents the indigenous a cappellac.The words space in the vernacular Italiand.It permits the entire congregation to sing12. What Michelangelo production do some believe to be among the earliest Mannerist examples?a.The.

1.What is the an interpretation of the dutch word landschap, indigenous which “landscape” derives? a. Flatb.Land formc.Farmd.Geography2.Why was portraiture especially popular v the middle-class seventeenth-century Dutch?a.Physical connection to their ancestorsb.Only art acceptable to dutch Reformed Churchc.Affirmation of their financial well-beingd.Expression of their dislike for lavish Baroque art3.Which of the following is.

 32. Zhu Dia. Taj Mahal33. Bernal Diazb. Hundreds of Birds Admiring the Peacocks34. Diego de Duránc. Noh35. Yin Hongd. True history of the occupation of new Spain36. Shah Jahane. Forbidden City37. Kan’ami Kiyotsuguf. Poet top top a Mountaintop38. Shen Zhoug. History of the Indies of brand-new Spain  .

  21. In which Florence leader did Machiavelli check out the function model for his perfect prince?a.Lorenzo de’ Medicib.Girolamo Savonarolac.Cesare Borgiad.Cosimo de’ Medici22. Why go Machiavelli insurance claim that the was better for a prince to it is in feared, not loved?a.Desire because that love weakens a princeb.Love deserve to lead come disrespectc.Fear creates war, the prince’s.

  21.Why walk Zhu Di launch his sweetheart fleet?a.To expand Chinese influence throughout the worldb.To scout other cultures for potential threatsc.To open up diplomatic relations with other culturesd.To achieve building materials for the Forbidden City22. What established if a painter belonged to the north or the southerly school?a.The painter’s place of residenceb.The.

  11.Why did man Milton write Paradise Lost?a.To carry out England through its epicb.To justification the methods of God come menc.To criticize the Stuart monarchyd.To describe why civilization sin12.Which that the adhering to was not included under Parliament’s invoice of Rights?a.No Catholic could ever dominion Englandb.No Puritan or roman inn Catholic could attend.

1.In what area of Italy space Siena and Florence located?a.Po Valleyb.Umbriac.Tiber basind.Tuscany2.According come legend, who founded Siena?a.The Etruscan king Tarquin the Proudb.Remus’s sons, Senius and also Aschiusc.The roman emperor Augustusd.The Frankish king Charlemagne3.Why walk Siena experience population growth after 1125?a.Its totally free commune status offered freedom indigenous feudalismb.While other city-states.

  11.Why were the Kongolese particularly accepting the Christianity?a.They revered a resurrected herob.They believed in one afterlifec.Their mythology consisted of a crucified saviord.They believed in miracles12.What walk the eighteenth-century Spanish-American casta paintings depict?a.Social hierarchyb.Religious syncretismc.Racial genealogyd.Economic disparity13.What group influenced the farming interest in portraiture in Islamic India?a.Netherland merchantsb.The footrest Empirec.Chinese tradersd.The.

  11.Why to be Luther’s translate into of the new Testament right into vernacular German therefore significant?a.People can own their own copy the the new Testamentb.People no longer had to rely on the Church because that biblical interpretationc.People were no longer had to find out Latin to read the Bibled.People no much longer felt the require to.

  11.According to Poussin, what must be a painting’s subject matter?a.The daily life of moral peopleb.Historical people and also eventsc.Heroes and the nobilityd.Classical mythology or Christian tradition12.Why was dance so famous at luigi XIV’s court?a.Its formality suitable Louis’s ruleb.Louis to be a an extremely talented dancerc.The Church had actually not spoken against danced.Louis enjoyed.

1.What did Bernini aim to symbolize with his oval colonnade that encloses Vatican Square?a.The people converging in ~ the churchb.The classic tradition of the churchc.The motherly eight of the churchd.The expansive reach of the church2.What is a specifying characteristic the Baroque art?a.Attention come viewers’ emotional endure of a workb.Return to the.

 26.Hieronymus Bosch a. Malleus Maleficarum27.Robert Campin b. Self-Portrait28.Albrecht Dürer c. Witches’ Sabbath29.Jan van Eyck d. Isenheim Altarpiece30.Hans Balding Grien e. Heptameron31.Matthias Grünewald f. Garden of Earthly Delights32.Heinrich Kramer g. Lower from the Cross33.Marguerite de Navarre .

  21.In The little Street why go Vermeer encompass a half-whitewashed wall and a mortar-filled cracked façade?a.To present the stress of domestic lifeb.To signify Protestants and also Catholic divisionc.To emphasize the differences between two housesd.To acknowledge the disparity in between classes22.Why was Rembrandt’s Captain Frans Banning Cocq Mustering His firm once mistitled The.

  21.Why did a London bishop ban Handel’s biblical opera, Esther?a.The words to be in English, no Italianb.The English taken into consideration opera also decorousc.A stage production of the holy bible was inappropriated.Ester was taken into consideration a Jewish heroine22.What to be King George II’s an answer on first hearing the Messiah’s “Hallelujah Chorus”? a. Burst right into tearsb.Fell into.

  11.Who to be Florence’s patron saint?a.The Virgin Maryb.Peterc.Thomas Aquinasd.John the Baptist12.How walk Duccio’s Maestrá rest from byzantine portrayals the Mary and also the Christ child?a.Mary and Christ are bigger than the neighboring attendantsb.Mary’s body has actually substance, and Christ resembles an yes, really babyc.Mary and also Christ are shown in reverse perspectived.Mary and Christ look.

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11.Who was Florence’s patron saint?a.The Virgin Maryb.Peterc.Thomas Aquinasd.John the Baptist12.HowHistory

 31.Jane Austen a. Messiah32.Daniel Defoe b. Gulliver’s Travels33.George Frederick Handel c. Gin Lane34.Thomas Hobbes d. Dunciad35.William Hogarth e. Pride and Prejudice36.Samuel Johnson f. Leviathan37.John Locke g. Mathematical principles of organic Philosophy38.John Milton .