Héctor Lavoe, (born Héctor Juan Pérez Martínez) to be a Puerto Rican salsa singer. Lavoe is considered to be perhaps the best and most crucial singer and interpreter in the background of salsa music, due to the fact that he aided to create the popular of this musical genre in the decades of 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. His personality, style and the characteristics of his voice led him to a successful artistic career in the entirety field that Latin music and salsa during the 1970s and 1980s. The clearness and also brightness that his voice, coupled through impeccable diction and also the ability to sing long and fast paragraph with total naturalness, made him one of the favourite singers of the Latin public.

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Born: Machuelo Abajo, Ponce, Puerto Rico

Genre: Salsa, Bolero, Latin Jazz

Lavoe to be born and raised in the Machuelo Abajo barrio that Ponce, Puerto Rico. Beforehand in his life, that attended Escuela Libre de Música de Ponce, known today as the Instituto de Música Juan Morel Campos and, influenced by Jesús Sánchez Erazo, arisen an interest in music. He relocated to new York City ~ above 3 might 1963, in ~ the period of sixteen. Shortly after his arrival, he operated as the singer in a sextet formed by Roberto García. During this period, that performed with several various other groups, consisting of Orquesta new York, Kako All-Stars, and also Johnny Pacheco’s band.

In 1967, Lavoe join Willie Colón’s band together its vocalist, recording numerous hit songs, consisting of “El Malo” and “Canto a Borinquen.” Lavoe relocated on to end up being a soloist and also formed his very own band performing as lead vocalist. As a soloist, Lavoe videotaped several access time including: “El cantante” created by Rubén Blades, “Bandolera” written by Colón, and “Periódico de ayer”, written by Tite Curet Alonso. Throughout this period he was commonly featured together a guest singer through the Fania every Stars recording numerous tracks v the band.

In 1979, Lavoe ended up being deeply depressed and sought the help of a high priest of the Santería belief to law his medicine addiction. ~ a quick rehabilitation, that relapsed complying with the deaths of his father, son, and also mother-in-law. These events, in addition to being diagnosed with HIV, journey Lavoe come attempt suicide by jumping turn off a Condado hotel room balcony in san Juan, Puerto Rico. He endured the attempt and recorded one album before his health began failing. Lavoe died on 29 June 1993, from a complication of AIDS.

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