The most memorable shows are the people that have something different to collection them apart. Castle have distinct plots and also interesting characters. They’re different from every little thing else that’s on, and also they sell viewers a chance to enjoy a great story and also escape native reality.

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Supernatural was among those unique shows. Throughout its 15-season run, Supernatural has caught fans and brought them right into an exciting, monster-hunting adventure. An excellent cast and also talented writers assisted to produce a memorable show that has engaged viewers every mainly for countless years. It additionally gathered a loyal following of fans, plenty of who think they understand everything about the show. They could be surprised to find out that among the show’s remarkable characters nearly died in the first episode. 


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What to be ‘Supernatural’ about?

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Supernatural complies with the Winchester brother in your attempt to rid the world of monsters, demons, and any other type of evil they have the right to find. Once the boys were young, their mom was killed by an angry being. Increased by your father, the boys learn just how to track and hunt these supernatural beings. 

The brother drive throughout the country in a 1967 Chevy Impala, ruining malevolent creatures when meeting brand-new friends and making allies. Sam is the younger brother, v special abilities favor precognition, demon detection, supervisor strength, and also immunity. Dean is older, and has literally gone to hell and back to save his brother’s life.

The show is filled with fascinating characters, trembling action, and also engaging storylines. The Winchesters hunting every kind of superordinary being you can imagine, native vampires to werewolves come fallen angels.

Who was john Winchester?

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John Winchester was Dean and also Sam’s father. That was also father to Adam Milligan, their younger half-brother. John’s father, Henry, was component of males of Letters, a an enig society that studied the supernatural and also unexplained phenomena. An assault by the demon Abaddon forced Henry come run, however he was eliminated anyway. Man didn’t know any kind of of this in ~ the time and thought his father had actually abandoned him. 

After fighting in Vietnam, John dropped in love with Mary Campbell. Prior to he could propose, the was eliminated by Azazel. Mar then make a deal with Azazel in exchange because that John’s life–she promised to enable him right into her residence in ten years. Azazel returned when the guys were really young, and also when mar tried come fight him, he killed her.

When man learned about Mary’s resolve Azazel, he vowed to hunt the demon and also avenge his wife. He came to be an professional hunter, amassing a riches of knowledge of all points supernatural. He maintained journals detailing his experiences and also later taught whatever he knew come his sons.

When the show begins, Dean and also Sam are investigating your father’s disappearance. Castle eventually uncover him and also the three begin to work-related together together a team. In ~ one point, john is own by Azazel, and encourages Sam come shoot the to kill the demon. However, Sam can’t death his father and also only shoots him in the leg. The demon left John’s body and escaped. In a frantic sirloin to the hospital, a van crashes into them and also severely injures every three.

Dean is dangerously nearby to dice after the accident, and also John summons Azazel to do a deal. He provides to profession his life for the life of his son. Azazel agrees and John dies while Dean recovers.

Was John an alleged to dice in the start of the series?

Originally, the creators that Supernatural had plan to have John die immediately, follow to ScreenRant. In the pilot episode, Sam return to his apartment to uncover his girlfriend on fire and pinned come the ceiling. She was shed alive by a demon, very much favor his mother had been as soon as he was a baby.

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Viewers were an extremely close come watching one even an ext disturbing scene–John being in this position instead of Sam’s girlfriend. Dean and Sam would have had actually to watch your father dice the same means their mother did. That scene would have been one emotionally scarring way to start a show.