Q. Why don"t witches like to ride their brooms when they"re angry?A. They"re afraid of flying off the handle!Q. Who did Frankenstein take to the prom?A. His ghoul friend.Q. What do ghosts serve for dessert?A. Ice Scream.Q. How do witches keep their hair in place while flying?A. With scare spray.Q. What did the skeleton order from the restaurant?A. A glass of soda and a mop!Q. Why did the monster eat a light bulb?A. Because he wanted a light snack.Q. What kind of mistakes do spooks make?A. Boo boos.Q. Why couldn"t Dracula"s wife get to sleep?A.

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Because of his coffin.Q: What is a witch"s favourite subject in school?A: Spelling.Q: Who was the most famous French skeleton?A: Napoleon Boneapart.Q: Do zombies eat popcorn with their fingers?A: No, they eat the fingers separately.Q: What do ghosts add to their morning cereal?A: Booberries.Q: What is a vampire"s favourite holiday?A: Fangsgiving.Q: What did one ghost say to the other ghost?A: "Do you believe in people?"Q: Why do mummies have trouble keeping friends?A: They"re so wrapped up in themselves.Q: What kind of streets do zombies like the best?A: Dead ends.Q: What is a ghost"s favourite mode of transportation?A: A scareplane.Q: What type of dog do vampire"s like the best?A: Bloodhounds.Q: What did the mummy say when he solved the case of the missing cat?A: That about wraps it up.Q: What did the mummy eat at the restaurant?A: The waiter.Q: What do mummies listen to at parties?A: Wrap music.Q: Where do mummies go to swim?A: The Dead Sea.Q: What is a skeleton"s favourite musical instrument?A: A trombone.Q: What do birds give out on Halloween night?A: Tweets.Q: Why do vampires need mouthwash?A: They have bat breath.Q: What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire?A: Frostbite. Q: What did the witch do when her broomstick broke?A: She witch-hiked.Q: Why do witches wear name tags?A: So they know which witch is which.Q: What is a witch with poison ivy called?A: An itchy witchy.Q: What does a witch ask for when she"s in a hotel?A: Broom Service.Q: What does a young witch want for Christmas?A: A haunted doll house.Q: What do you call a witch who lives at the beach?A: A sand witch.Q: What do you call two witches who live together?A: Broom-mates.Q: What kind of music do ghosts like?A: Rhythm and boos.Q: What do ghosts eat for dinner?A: Spook-ghetti.Q: What do young ghosts call their mom and dad?A: Transparents.Q: What does a ghost keep in its stable?A: Nightmares.Q: Why did the ghost go to the doctor?A: To get a boo-ster shot.Q: Who protects the shores where spirits live?A: The ghost guard.Q: Where do ghosts go on vacation?A: Mali-boo.Q: Who was the most successful ghost detective?A: Sherlock Moans.Q: What did the mommy ghost say to the baby ghost?A: Don"t spook until you"re spooken to.Q: What is it like to be kissed by a vampire?A: It"s a pain in the neck.Q: What is a vampire"s favourite sport?A: Batminton.Q: What is a vampire"s favourite fruit?A: Necktarine.Q: What type of boats do vampires use?A: Blood vessels.Q: What is worse than a hungry vampire?A: A thirsty one.Q: Why did the vampire"s lunch give him heartburn?A: It was a stake sandwich.Q: Where do bloodsuckers hang out in New York?A: The Vampire State Building.Q: Why do vampires brush their teeth regularly?A: To avoid bat breath.Q: Where did the vampire open his savings account?A: At a blood bank.Q: Why didn"t the boy skeleton go to the ball?A: Because he had no body to go with.Q: Why can"t skeletons play music in church?A: Because they don"t have any organs.Q: What did the skeleton say when his brother told a lie?A: You can"t fool me I see right through you.Q: Why don"t skeletons eat school lunches?A: They don"t have the stomach for it.Q: What did the skeleton order at the restaurant?A: Spare ribs.Q: Who won the skeleton beauty contest?A: No body.Q: What do skeletons say before eating?A: Bone appetit.Q: When do skeletons laugh?A: When you tickle their funny bone.Q: What did the skeleton say while riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle?A: I was bone to be wild.Q: What do you do if you find a vampire in your bed?A: Sleep somewhere else.