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For generations, african violets have actually been a favourite of houseplant lovers. If you are looking to start or expand your collection, there are countless beautiful options to select from.

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Most african violets room started from cuttings or from splitting plants. However, the is possible to prosper African violets from seeds. This takes around the same amount of time as beginning from cuttings, however you’ll get an ext plants from seeds than you would certainly from propagating cuttings.

You’ll also get a greater variety of afri violets if you begin from seed 보다 if you start from cuttings. As soon as you start an african violet from a cutting, the infant plant is the same as the parent plant. However, seed are developed by cross-pollinating 2 plants. For many varieties, over there is no guarantee the the resulting seed will flourish into the same species as the parent plants.

Instead, girlfriend can obtain vastly different-looking african violets native seeds also when those seeds come indigenous the exact same seed pod. This makes starting African violets from seed a surprising and profitable experience.

Keep reading to learn exactly how to start African violets from seeds and how come ensure healthy, prospering plants.

Are african Violets simple to Grow?

African violets room such a renowned houseplant since they room so basic to grow. While girlfriend can’t completely neglect african violets, castle are very forgiving, and they flourish in the low-humidity and also medium-temperature setting that most dwellings provide.

In fact, with just a little care, afri violets can flourish for years. Once you begin having success with one or two African violets, you’ll uncover yourself looking come get even more. The only thing the African violets space finicky around is the variety of hours of light the they get.

I periodically accidentally overlook my at home houseplants because that a few days when life it s okay hectic, however unlike my various other houseplants, my afri violets have never seemed to notice. African violets are fairly low-maintenance, which makes them a good choice for everyone through an open up spot in a clear room.

If you are planning to prosper African violets from seed, you’ll be relieved to recognize that they are also fairly easy to flourish from seed. While they execute require a little much more attention during the germination stage, starting African violets from seed is not a an overwhelming or facility task.

Learn more about caring because that African violets: 5 growing Tips to Consider prior to You to buy an african Violet Plant

Where can I Buy afri Violet Seeds?

If you desire to start African violets from seed, it’s easier to buy from a dependable seller 보다 to try to collect seed from your very own plants. Generally, you will have to order african violet seeds digital as big-box garden centers and also local retailers are unlikely to carry seeds (although they are likely to have actually a choice of potted african violets currently growing).

African violets have to be hand-pollinated to develop seeds indoors. While girlfriend could carefully pollinate your own plants, the procedure does not always work. Girlfriend would need to wait to watch if your attempt at pollination caused a seedpod, and also even if you to be successful, that takes months for the seedpods to mature.

African violets execute not develop seeds the look exactly like the parent plants. However, a trusted seller will test the seeds developed from a specific cross-pollination, and they will advertise the general type of african violets that the mix produces.

A an excellent seller will also separate seeds before selling to the customer. As soon as African violet seedpods space opened, there are two kinds of seeds: fluffy, failed seed that will not germinate and also plump seed that are an ext likely come germinate. By separating out the fail seeds, an excellent sellers for sure that more of your seeds will certainly germinate.

Propagating afri Violets native Seed

Starting afri violets from seed is exciting because you will get countless different type of afri violets, unlike v propagating from cutting where you will gain a clone the the parental plant.

Starting afri violets indigenous seed is less usual than taking a cutting, but beginning from seeds takes around as lengthy as beginning from a cutting. You’ll have blooms about the same time nevertheless of which an approach you use, so there’s no factor not come try starting from seed, particularly if you are looking to expand your afri violet collection.

How do You start an african Violet?

Now the you’ve chose that you’re interested in farming African violets indigenous seed, let’s talk about what you need to do to make that happen.

Step 1: Gather her materials.

Here’s what you have to start an afri violet from seed.

African violet seedsGrowing tool (either an afri violet potting mix or a seed-starting mix include coir)Small containersTap waterPiece of record (about the size of an table of contents card)Plastic plunder or a lid

Step 2: Prepare the growing medium.

Before sowing your seeds, you have to adequately moisten the growing medium. Include tap water to your cultivation mix until it is moist, but not soaking wet. Add a couple of tablespoons the water every cup of cultivation mix.

Place the mix into your container (or containers). Aim for at least a ½ great of cultivation mix. Tenderness smooth the end the surface ar of the farming mix, yet don’t compact the mix as well much.

Step 3: Sow the seeds.

African violet seed are really tiny and also can be challenging to pick up individually, i beg your pardon is whereby the item of record comes in handy. Carefully tap some of the seed from their envelope onto a piece of paper. Effort to evenly spread out the seeds across your container by tapping top top the document as you relocate it across the container.

The paper gives girlfriend a little more control 보다 dumping the seeds directly from the envelope, however you still probably won’t end up with perfectly even spacing.

Not all of the seeds that girlfriend sow will certainly germinate, therefore sprinkling in a couple of extra is not a bad idea.

Step 4: develop a humid environment.

Once the seeds space in the container, you must ensure that the atmosphere stays humid. If you have a clean plastic lid because that your growing container, place that on peak of the container. If not, use plastic plunder or a plastic bag come cover the container and keep the cultivation mix from dry out.

The cover have to keep the mix from dry out, however if you notice that conditions seem to be dry inside the container, climate take turn off the cover and also mist the farming mix with much more water.

Step 5: store the seed at optimum temperature and also light levels.

African violet seeds germinate best in environments between 70 to 80 levels Fahrenheit (21 to 27 levels Celsius). The bulk of households autumn within this range, however make adjustments come ensure that your seeds continue to be at this temperature if you have actually them in a spot that is frequently warmer or chillier than this appropriate temperature.

The seed need about 10 hours of irradiate a day to germinate. You have the right to either place the containers in a window that obtain indirect light because that this quantity of time each day, or you deserve to use man-made lights to carry out enough irradiate to start germination.

To use man-made light, place a fluorescent light on a timer around 10 inches above the height of the seeds. You can purchase lights that are specifically advertised as thrive lights, however fluorescent lights will work-related in the same way. Seed grown with fabricated lights usually start quicker due to continuous light, however it is not absolutely important to use synthetic lights if you have actually a spot that receives indirect sunlight for 10 hrs a day.

How long Does that Take because that African Violet seeds to Germinate?

The germination period for afri violets differs relying on temperature and light conditions. However, in most cases, you should begin seeing minuscule eco-friendly seedlings peeking out of the growing mix after about 14 days.

All the seeds build at different times. While you may see the very first seeds sprouting after ~ 2 weeks, few of the seeds may take 4 main to begin germinating. A couple of may no sprout till week 5 or so.

Be conscious that no every afri violet seeds germinates. This is normal. You’ll have greater germination rates as soon as environmental problems are ideal, but even climate you’ll finish up through fewer plants 보다 the number of seeds the you originally started with.

If you room a houseplant lover who likes fast progress, you’ll need patience during this time. Afri violets it seems ~ to begin off impossibly slow, but their growth speeds up after part time. It’s worth the wait.

You’ll obtain slightly faster results if you store the seed in suitable environment (70 come 80 levels Fahrenheit and 10 hrs of light a day), but African violets are going to take the time that they require to develop before financially rewarding you v gorgeous blooms because that years come come.

In fact, when African violets start blooming, they can proceed blooming nearly continuously indoors as lengthy as the environmental conditions remain right. You just need to have actually patience if they space maturing.

How lengthy Does it take to flourish African Violets indigenous Seed?

African violet seed start small and seem inclined to stay tiny for a while. Friend can begin transplanting them indigenous the container the you began them in as shortly as lock are big enough because that you to maneuver them the end of your container. However, there is no sirloin to transplant them if they it seems ~ to have actually enough room and it is in content where they are.

When you execute decide to transplant, make sure that you usage an afri violet potting mix. Continual potting floor is also dense and retains too much water. This can reason your plant’s root to rot. After putting effort into growing brand-new African violets, friend don’t want to lose them halfway v the process.

Choose a small pot to encourage afri violets to bloom. They do not do too in huge planters, and also transplanting into large containers that space too large could slow down how conveniently you watch the first flowers on her African violets.

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Generally, you should expect to watch the an initial blooms on african violets get an impressive from seed 6 to 9 months after sowing. The moment that that takes relies on the environment. African violets with proper amounts of watering, light, and temperature tend to develop sooner.