Not many human being are aware of the intimate details concerning cheerleading uniforms. There are numerous myths regarding the bottom undertake in a cheerleading uniform. Some people opine the skirts are better for cheerleading, offering an elegant and also attractive look come the cheer girls.

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Others believe that spankies or bloomers are the safest alternatives in regards to modesty. But, most civilization wonder whether cheer girl wear anything under the spankies or merely wear them beside the skin.

What do Cheerleaders wear Under your Spankies? What else other than underwear should be the usual answer. However there are indeed some rules the govern this straightforward yet tricky thing. read the full write-up to understand more.

Do not make the wrong of reasoning that spankies are a substitute for underwear. Cheerleading underwear is a should under briefs and spankies come avoid any sort the indecency throughout a performance.

Cheer girls this days choose wearing spankies under their skirts to prevent exposing the underwear during jumps and also stunts. Most cheer girls brand-new to the job are often clueless around the proper undergarments come wear for competitive cheerleading.

Let’s recognize in detail about the cheerleading uniform to understand what should go underneath.


Evolution of Cheerleading Uniform

Cheerleading uniforms have the spirit of athleticism associated with competitive sports while maintaining the glamor quotient high. But, the uniform has undergone a sea adjust since the moment cheerleading very first started evolving.

Before the global Cheerleading Association, girls performed in below-the-knee skirts, special socks, and full-sleeved sweaters, carrying the institution name and also logo. Cheerleading earlier then did not encompass stunts, jumps, and toe-touching kicks. The performances were more dance-centric in that era.

As cheerleading ended up being competitive and also the focus shifted to athletics, the uniform started changing to body-hugging tops and also pleated skirts. Once cheerleading ended up being a recognized competitive sport, it ended up being necessary to bring a makeover in the uniform.

Cheerleading because the 2000s change to facility jumps, stunts, pyramid formation, and also a variety of strong skills. Tumbling isn’t feasible in poodle skirts, pleated skirts, or saddle shoes. Such performances require spandex shorts to sell convenience and also flexibility.

As the interpretations of modesty started changing, the pleated skirts got shorter to expose much more skin. To store up with the transforming trends when offering flexibility to carry out the complicated athletic moves, pleated skirts gave means to A-line brief skirts v a slit.


These help the girls carry out high jumps, allowing the foot to reach above the hips with ease. Cheer girls likewise started wearing shorts or spankies underneath the uniform skirts and over the underwear for flexibility of activity without risking indecency.

This modern-day cheerleading uniform suits the athletic nature and also glamor linked with the sport. Part teams even prefer bodysuits or shorts instead of the dress for much more glamorous and flexibility to achieve clean kicks and also jumps.

High school and college teams choose shorts or A-line slit skirts do of polyester and spandex with patterns or stars published on shiny fabric. Dye-sublimated fabrics have team names and designs published on the uniform.

Along through the skirt or shorts, lock wear shells through a sporting activities bra or tank peak underneath. The length of the skirts is normally 10 to 13 inches to facilitate tumbling. Spandex spankies must match the shade of the skirts and also is a part of the uniform for the team.

Team members must likewise follow undergarment rules and wear persons of similar form and shade underneath the spankies.

Purpose Of wearing Spankies

Wearing spankies under skirts offer a lot of purposes. Firstly, it provides you more coverage for a kind look on the field. Secondly, it saves the performers from embarrassment by avoiding exposing the underwear as soon as they perform.

When you kick your leg high, walk up in the air as a flyer, or execute a backflip, you risk exposing what you space wearing under the skirt. Too lot skin show than essential can be disgraceful during practice or events and invite undesirable attention native the dorn people.

Spankies matching the color and fabric the the shell top and also the skirt space usually a component of the uniform this days to conserve you from together embarrassing occurrences in public. They likewise give you much more freedom during the performance, especially during thigh stand flyer positions, and tumbling.

A flyer attract spankies underneath the skirt has actually the flexibility of going increase in the air and spreading the foot without hesitation. Too lot risqué skin present isn’t acceptable for athletic cheerleading.

Lastly, spankies under the skirts or worn there is no skirts provide the cheer girls the ideal flexibility because that tumbling, stunting, and high kicks. 

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What carry out Cheer girl Wear under The Spankies? Why Is it Needed?

Having elaborated on the objective of wearing spankies, one must be wonder why underwear is essential to wear underneath the spankies. Because they currently give coverage under the skirt, why need to you take it the trouble of wearing an additional layer of underwear?

But, spankies do not do it be assumed of as a replacement for underwear. Spankies or bloomers space made that thin and stretchable spandex. Skipping the undergarment can cause embarrassing camel toes, sweat stains, and also discomfort.

Wearing the correct kind of underwear beneath the spankies ensures you uncover comfort and stay assured that there would certainly be no embarrassing exposure. Shorties or spankies may ride or roll up when you absent high in the waiting or host a stunt in the air.

Underwear offers better coverage come the nether regions, staying clear of accidental exposure, camel toes, sweat stains, and also giving comfort throughout movement.

What Is Cheerleading Underwear?

Cheerleading underwear is apparel worn alongside the skin while performing. It describes sports bras, thongs, stockings, panties, and briefs worn under the spankies and shorts. Cheerleading underwear relies upon the entire uniform, type, and length the spankies, etc.

Wearing them gives you confidence and protection while performing. Cheerleading garment manufacturers offer miscellaneous styles and colors that cheerleading underwear come go v your uniform.

What kind Of Underwear Goes ideal With Spankies?

So just how do you decide which form of underwear would finest suit your spankies? because these are crucial part of a cheerleader’s day-to-day uniform, you must be certain of a couple of things. 


Firstly, because the strong cheerleading performance is all about visual aesthetics, a slight mistake in choosing garments have the right to make you show up distasteful. Seams that underwear mirroring under spandex shorts, spankies, and also bodysuits look bad.

Wearing the wrong types of undergarments with influential seams will make the currently visible, revealing what you are wearing underneath. Select seamless underwear to go beneath spankies so the the seams do not end up being visible end the spankies’ fabric.

Cheer girls wear thin, seamless underpants through narrow coverage come perfectly stay beneath the spankies without peeking the end from areas or ending up being visible in any kind of way. 

Breathability frequently becomes an issue when you have actually so countless layers of clothing. Pick breathable underwear to prevent sweating and also feeling uncomfortable after wearing them in ~ the spankies and also skirt.

The third most necessary thing to think about while selecting underwear to go beneath spankies is the color. Spankies must complement the fabric and also color of the dress or overall uniform for visual appeal.

Similarly, the underwear must complement the shade of the spankies to conceal any kind of unwanted exposure. Moreover, matching underwear is usually the preeminence for all sports requiring participants come wear shorts and skirts. Part cheer girls choose wearing skin shade underwear because that discreet coverage.

Is Underwear Banned because that Cheerleaders?

Some organizations have actually strict and also weird rules because that cheerleaders, consisting of wearing no underwear. Even though the factors are not totally clear, however NFL and also NBA have actually rules stating no thongs for cheerleaders.

They have the right to only wear spankies under the cheerleading uniform skirts. Together strange rules have frequently made headlines since of your shocking statement. Number of cheerleaders have actually recounted being based on such regulation by your team’s handbook, lot to your irk. If the team has such a rule, climate you have actually no selection but come abide by it.

In situation your high institution team has actually no such rule, the safest come wear the recommended type of underwear in ~ the spankies for extra protection and convenience. Save it discreet and choose what maximizes her comfort during the routine.

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The Bottom Line

By now, the speculations about what cheerleaders stay under spankies or if they wear anything at all need to be demystified. This is a raging question and also often a topic because that debate regarding whether cheerleaders have to wear anything beneath the spankies, and if yes, climate what’s the safest alternative to choose. Not to forget, several people have number of opinions, which are frequently contradictory.

You must be well mindful of the importance of attract underwear in ~ the spankies for every the reasons debated here. Invest some time in choosing the ideal kind of underwear that remains discreet under her spankies, provides you feel comfortable, provides you sufficient coverage and also freedom.

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You may additionally select spankies with integrated underwear for a lesser hassle and reduce the number of layers. Cheerleading costumes and uniforms are changing for the best with time and also increased competitiveness.

New-age costumes take treatment of all aspects, giving you myriad choices to select the best undergarments for comfort, modesty, and freedom that movement.