1HISTORY IS THE examine OF occasions IN TIME- what happened and whenGEOGRAPHY IS THE study OF space AND PLACE.MAIN tool OF history IS A TIME LINEMAIN tool OF location IS A MAP
3some geographers study people and their stays why countries readjust their government or why world speak a details language this form of info have the right to not it is in measured
5 - component of the civilization that has one or more common attributes that distinguish it from surrounding areas.regains deserve to be split by physics characteristicssuch as hill ranges , climate , or plants indigenous to the area EX Sahara desertEx Scandinavia< splitting the civilization into areas makes it less complicated to study the world>
6 an initial great geographer was greek mathematician called Eratosthenes. He was the first to use world geography and also calculated earths circumference together 25,000miles (24,840 actual)
7Greek thinker Hipparachus made it less complicated to locate places ~ above maps by illustration a net (pattern of intersecting vertical and also horizontal lines)
10Map has actually many benefits over a globe. Level maps are much easier to job-related with 보다 globes additionally it is much easier to show little areas choose cities on a map 보다 a world maps additionally usually present mope details than a globe , land use, cities , languages human being speak , where ancestors came fro
11five fundamental themes in location are movement region location interaction and pace(Mr. Lip)movement: civilization are constantly relocating -within cities, in between cities, and between countries. geographers desire to understand why and how civilization move. Theme of movement likewise involves just how goods, ideas, disease, and other things move from on place to another region creating regions makes it less complicated to compare places. Comparisons help geographers discover the means each location has emerged the way it has . It is identified by formal boundaries, attributes or languages location- every suggest on earth has a ar a description where that is . Absolute ar is certain terms : the white home is at 1600 Pennsylvania path in city the Washington D.C. Scientific (absolute) location uses latitude and longitude occasionally a sites location is to express in basic terms- Canada is phibìc of the united claims this is loved one location. Interaction- this gets to the heart of person geography world interacting with and also responding to each other and their environment. Location - is carefully related to location. However this theme contains both physical and human characteristics. Physical attributes include such attributes as mountains, rivers , soils, and plant and also animal choose of details spot top top earth. Human features are actions of people- roads, buildings, agriculture, market , and culture
12geographers usage a system of standards and essential aspects which identify the many important concepts in the study of geography. The 6 essential aspects are the world in one-of-a-kind terms , places. And also regions , physical systems, human being systems, environment and society , and also uses the geography
14imaginary present that operation east and west roughly the earth are called lines of latitude . These lines measure up north and south that the equator.

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15Imaginary lines dubbed longitude or meridian runs north and also south stretching from pole to pole. One meridian is designated as the prime meridian from which all other meridians room measured. The prime meridian runs with Greenwich , England just exterior of London.
17Every meridian other than 0 degrees and also 180 levels are labeling as east or west depending upon the hemisphere in which that lies.
18the legend or key on a map explains the an interpretation of symbols on the maps the scale is a marked line that suggests distance
20physical geographers desires to physical geo know what causes the different shapes on earth to price these concerns they take thorough measurements and also keep mindful records. human geographers examine the worlds people past and present lock look at where people live and also why what sort of jobs they have what plants the grow why the move.

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20studying the transforms that take ar on planet can help us prepare to liv e with those alters being able come predict volcano eruptions or strong storms help us prepare for them
21 human geographers research the worlds civilization past and present lock look at where human being live and also why what type of jobs they have what crops the prosper why the move.




World Geography and also CulturesRichard G. Boehm
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