The story of the scriptures were set in a hilly and also mountainous landscape. For this and many various other reasons, mountains and hills are stated so plenty of times in the scriptures – over 500 times. Both the Jewish and also Christian cultures connect a far-ranging logical symbolism to the mountains. For this reason what do hills symbolize in the Bible?

Mountains In The Bible


To provide you a sneak preview of the miscellaneous mountains pointed out in the Bible, right here are few of the prominent ones.

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Mount Sinai: In Exodus 19:20,24, the bible records the Mount Sinai was the venue where Moses got the ten commandments native God. It is 7,497 feet.Mount the Olives: This is a 2,710 ft tall mountain and served the site where Jesus prayed before was crucified. Later, the holy bible records that Jesus ascended to heaven from here.Mount Zion: Slightly much shorter in height compared to the mountain of Olives, mountain Zion-2,510 feet, is caught by David and becomes the city the David’s kingdom. 2 Samuel 5:1-10 and also 1 emperors 8:1 capture the story very well.Mount that Transfiguration: on this hill -Mount Tabor-Jesus is transfigured, involvement Elijah and Moses as videotaped by Saint Mathews in Mathew 17:1-9, through Saint Luke in Luke 9: 28-36 and also Saint note in mark 9:2-8. Mountain Tabor measures 1,886 feet in height.Mount Carmel: This is one more famous hill as tape-recorded in 1Kings 18. ~ above this mountain, Elijah the prophet phone call on fire from heaven in prior of the prophets that Baal to consume a sacrifice. It was a show of the supremacy and sovereignty the God. This hill is around 1,724 feet.

There are other mountains stated in the bible such together the place of the Sermon ~ above the Mount. This is one unnamed hill where Jesus it is intended the to teach on the beatitudes. The symbolism of hills in the bible is so an effective and vast. In the sections the follow, us shall look in ~ the most prominent of the symbolism.

Symbols of physical Impossibilities

In Mathew 17:20, Jesus invokes a human impossibility that have the right to only be achieved through faith in God. The bible records:

And Jesus claimed unto them, due to the fact that of her unbelief: because that verily ns say depend you, If ye have confidence as a grain of mustard seed, ye candlestick say depend this mountain, Remove therefore to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.’Mountains were developed not to it is in moved due to the fact that they space symbols the stability and permanence. Whatever moves them must be under the authority of the creator – God. In Mathew 21:21 Jesus again invokes a spiritual opportunity to manage a physics impossibility.

Nearness the God

There is a desire in man that draws him closer come God. Except the majestic nature of mountains and also the fact that they surpass ordinary mankind to pierce into the clouds and extend to the heavens, hills have drawn men to God.

In Psalm 121:1-2, the bible records:

"I lift up my eye to the hills — whereby does my help come from? My assist comes from the LORD, the device of heaven and also earth.’ Nearness to God was always associated with magnificent breakthroughs and also help.

In mountain Sinai, Moses met with God on the mountain. In Exodus 19:3, the holy bible says:

‘Then Moses went approximately God, and also the Lord called to him from the mountain and said, “This is what you are to say to the progeny of Jacob and also what you space to tell the human being of Israel’’’.

Symbol of oh my gosh Protection

Being a mountainous region, the middle east, and also the neighboring areas where the scriptures was set had human being hide in mountains to escape assaults by enemies and marauding gangs. In among the most epic demonstrations the the scripture, God encapsulates the concept of protection and also brings the out through the mountains that surround Jerusalem.

In Psalm 125:2, the scriptures reads:

As the hills surround Jerusalem, for this reason the mr surrounds his people both now and forevermore.’ This is a clean demonstration and endorsement the Gods defense upon his people.

The publication of Matthew 24:16 speak of the occupants of Judea running to the hills to conserve their lives. Mountains were a place of refuge where world under threat might seek security whether spiritual or physical.

Symbol of Worship


The people of both the Old and also the brand-new Testament frequented the mountains for prayer and worship. We view Jesus alluding come this as soon as speaking to the Samaritan mrs at the fine of Jacob. He claims in man 4:21:

“Woman,” Jesus replied, “believe me, a time is coming as soon as you will worship the father neither top top this mountain nor in Jerusalem.’ Jesus was redirecting and reforming the worship endure as the woman provided to practice. He was pointing come the true form of worship.

Jesus self frequented the hills to go and pray. In Matthew 14:23-24, the scriptures points to an event where Jesus had actually to isolation himself and also go by the mountainside to pray. The mountain. Hosea the prophet in Hosea 4:13 speak of sacrifices and also burning that incense on hill peaks as part of the people’s idolatry.

Symbol the Permanence and also Trust

In Psalm 125:1, the holy bible likens the civilization who to trust in the mr to mount Zion. That says:

Those who trust in the lord are favor Mount Zion, which can not be shaken yet endures forever.” mount Zion to be a price of permanence and endurance. Therefore, the people who trust in the LORD would certainly be developed the same method as mount Zion.

In the spiritual realms, this performance supposed absolute conviction in the existence and sovereignty the God.


The mountain as the scriptures mentions is a an extremely symbolic feature. God says in Micah 4:1 that:

In the last days the mountain of the LORD’s temple will be developed as the highest of the mountains; it will be exalted over the hills, and peoples will stream to it.” It shows that the hill is crucial not just to us as humans yet to God together well. Mount Zion to be the chosen place of dwelling because that the LORD.

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