At the room of Highway Safety and also Motor Vehicles (, us come into contact with almost every Floridian and many visitors to our state.

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People gain a driver patent to run their vehicles or for picture identification purposes. Castle register and also title your automobiles, cell phone homes, and also boats. They may receive assistance from the Florida Highway Patrol if lock are associated in a crash or their vehicle breaks under along Florida’s highways. Frequently the Patrol will certainly remind drivers to sluggish down and also buckle up.

There is much more to than meets the eye. Our mission is to provide highway safety and security v excellence in service, education and also enforcement. Our room members around the state are specialized to accomplishing this mission.

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Terry L. Rhodes, executive Director

Colonel Gene Spaulding, Director, Florida Highway Patrol Jennifer Langston, chief of staff Robert Kynoch, Director, division of Motorist services Kevin Bailey, Director, department of governmental Services Boyd Dickerson-Walden, Director, details Systems administration Aaron Keller, interactions Director Larry Gowen, Chief power Officer Christie Utt, general Counsel Susan Carey, chef Financial Officer

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Department Goals and Organization

Agency objectives Organization chart Statement of company Organization and also Operation notice Under the Americans with Disabilities Act same Employment opportunity / Affirmative action Plan open up Government/Public Records

Divisions in ~ the Agency Motorist solutions – Driver patent Motorist services – engine Vehicles Florida Highway Patrol

Praise a Employee The department of Highway Safety and also Motor Vehicles is committed to offering highway safety and also security through excellence in service, education and also enforcement. We would favor to know around any employee who has actually gone the extra mile to do his or she job. If you would favor to prayer a employee because that a job well done, you re welcome click here. Thank you!

Our Mission offering Highway Safety and also Security through excellence in service, education and enforcement.

Our Vision A much safer Florida

Our Values We think in: company by exceeding expectations; integrity by upholding the highest ethical standards; COURTESY by dealing with everyone v dignity and also respect; PROFESSIONALISM by motivating confidence and also trust; creation by cultivating creativity; and also EXCELLENCE IN ALL us DO!