A woman who has actually a sexual partnership with a married man is dubbed a mistress, right? but what perform you contact a man who has actually a sexual partnership with a married woman? ns would prefer to recognize formal and also informal ways to contact such guys in the regard.

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"Mistress" (in regards to a sexual relationship) can mean either:

A "kept" woman, whose living costs are paid by a man in return for she (usually exclusive) sexual favors. She may be payment money or given expensive gifts in addition to together expenses, in which case she may also be dubbed a "courtesan" (although the rather argues a non-exclusive relationship).

A woman of some social standing who accepts a man as one unmarried sexual partner. There might be no payment involved, or she may also pay him. She is usually however not always married to who else.

In both situations a irreversible relationship is implied, and the term "mistress" is not usually offered unless the guy is of top class, or at least over average social status.

In either situation the man may be one of two people married or unmarried, yet in neither case are the 2 parties married to every other.

(If i am not mistaken sense 2 is in reality older, darting earlier to the middle ages "courtly love" tradition.)

The ax is rather out the date, ns see couple of uses later on than the 1970s.

There is no clear male tantamount for either sense that I recognize of.

"Gigolo" implies a male prostitute, and also includes male equivalents of sense 1, but additionally includes shorter-term arrangements. The is also now somewhat obsolete, and also was constantly offensive.

"Lover" can be offered for anyone who has actually a sex-related relationship, commonly without marriage, through anyone else, however does not imply the details social instances that "mistress" does.

"Adulterer" (or "adulteress") can be used for anyone who has actually a sexual relationship with a person who is married come another, yet again walk not always imply the details social situational the "mistress" does.

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There are plenty of slang terms for prostitute and also lover, carrying assorted implications, yet none that carry quite the sense of "mistress" because that a man, probably because when the term to be devised, social and sexual situations between men and women was not at all symmetrical, and also the word still carries those assumptions.