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Don't permit the sexiness of the Portuguese interval fool you once someone is insulting you. These amazing Portuguese insults we're sharing are deadly.

Don't allow the sexiness the the Portuguese interval fool you once someone is violation you.

Like any type of culture, the Brazilians and Europeans offer their very own insults that room unique. In fact, some of these phrases don't also make sense once you directly translate them to English. Yet this is why it's among the many reasons to learn Portuguese.

If you already speak an additional romance language, choose Spanish, Italian, or French, girlfriend may an alert some similarities v the native or phrases in Portuguese.

From Portuguese insults to unique slang words, we've gained the ideal lists curated right here for you.


25 impressive Portuguese Insults that You can Curse v Passion‍

1. Ns don't provide a damn (Estou-me nas tintas)

When someone is make the efforts to convince you of something the you understand is bullsh*t.‍

2. Drunk/High (Chapado)

If you're drunk or high, you might be referred to as chapado. Not to it is in mistaken for Chapo, the best Mexican cartel leader alive.

3. Sloop down frogs (Engolir sapos)

Just the visuals the this activity alone should provide you an idea the its meaning. Brian Tracy has whole book around this, but it's focused approximately being more productive. In short, the publication is around doing the hardest thing in the morning first. Because that this purpose, 'Engolir sapos' is as soon as you need to do something friend don't want to do.

4. You're walk to dice (Você vai morrer)

Hopefully you're saying this in a joking manner. If you're a UFC fan, you may even remember the face-off between Conor Mcgregor and also Jose Aldo, whereby Conor whispers: "Você vai morrer." But based upon his face expression, maybe this one wasn't a joke?

5. Obtain lost/Go stroked nerves someone else (Chatear camões)

We all have that one friend who's overly also close physically in public settings or intoxicated in ~ parties. Luckily because that you, if their aboriginal language is Portuguese, informing them this will certainly grab their attention more than just saying 'get lost.'‍

6. Eat or I'll slap you (Estás aqui estás a comer!)

Yes, the direct translation because that this is 'you're below to eat.' This is one of the many mysteries of Portuguese insults. Friend can't directly convert it to the English language, i m sorry is why reading guides choose this before you travel is crucial! also if girlfriend don't remember this distinctive definition, opportunities are the whoever states this come you will certainly express their tone v passion.‍

7. Crazy human (Porra Loca)

The indigenous loco might ring a bell, therefore you more than likely guessed the meaning. Also not to it is in mistaken for 'El Pollo Loco' which way the crazy chicken, and a famous fried chicken franchise in the joined States. Sorry vegans.‍

8. You are offering me a thong. (Tás-me a dar tanga.)

Much prefer the an initial time girlfriend may have heard one Australian to speak thong (sandals), this is likewise not talking around underwear. And also it's not about whether you're a male or female. It's offered when someone is trying come mess with us, and we're saying: 'you're kidding, right?'‍

9. You're do a silly of yourself (Estás a meter água)

The direct translation for this is: 'you're letting water in.' It's a visual symbol for someone who's trying come act cool, but they're drown in water instead.‍

10. Boy of a mother (Filho da mãe)

Oh, the great ol' SOB indistinguishable of Portuguese is changed with mother. There is a legal reason for this, as youngsters born exterior of a marital relationship wouldn't it is in eligible to inherit a family's wealth, assets, or even their surname. Hence, kid of a mother.‍

11. Unshit yourself (Desenmerda-te)

Need we say an ext about this? We'll let your creative thinking run wild.‍

12. Stunner (Bobo)

We recognize this isn't a big insult in Portuguese, but it was such a cute and innocent word for calling who silly. In retrospect, the word itself is silly so that does make sense.‍

13. Ass crack (Rego perform Cu)

To explain someone who's simply being annoying or obnoxious. You have the right to only manage these civilization for for this reason long.‍

14. To talk too much (Falar pelos cotovelos)

Direct translation? come speak through the elbows. Not even native Portuguese speakers can define what elbows have anything to execute with speaking as well much. If you can take a assumption: v or take place to recognize the answer, you re welcome let us know.

15. Don't push it (Não te estiques)

Final words for someone to let them recognize not to press your buttons, due to the fact that you're in ~ wits end. Speak this v force, conviction, and firmness. Friend won't have actually an concern with this person after.

16. Screw friend (Foda-se)

AKA: cursed you, f-off, and...‍

17. Suck the (Chupa-mos)

Not too different from #16, yet we desire to give you a different method to speak the exact same thing. A small diversity never hurt anyone right?‍

18. You're together a sissy! (Você é um bundão!)

Yeah, us all know how we deserve to play with someone's emotions as soon as you get ego involved. Hopefully you're using this to difficulty someone to do something beneficial, not just to have much more drinks.‍

19. Walk comb chimpanzees (Vai pentear macacos)

Combing primates for a living might not be so negative afterall, if they're cute. However, this slang to be passed down from the center Ages, which supposed you're telling someone to execute a project that no one wants to do.‍

20. Piece of sh*t (Monte de Merda)

Pretty self-explanatory if you currently know what merda means.‍

21. That renders no feeling (O que é que o cu tem a ver com together calças?)

The literal meaning for this is: What does the ass need to do v trousers? v the two instances given having actually nothing to execute with every other, the Portuguese regularly use this to say: 'that renders zero sense.'‍

22. You're a donkey's ass (Seu cu de burro)

Why is the that practically every society uses a donkey together the epitome of a unintelligent being? one of two people way, we're not below to debate around society's definitions.

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Next steps past Portuguese insults

We hope you appreciated this guide on learning around some Brazilian and also European Portuguese make an oath words. This society brings part unique history that has actually translated to its language distinctions versus various other languages.

If you're interested in acquisition your Portuguese speaking an abilities to the following level, come fulfill some of our peak Portuguese tutors top top Rype.