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electric question: 115V in 110V outlet (Air Conditioner, appliance, building, circuit)
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Hi!I"m not sure that this is the right location to write-up this inquiry ... And I think that I currently know the answer however just desire confirmation for this reason that i don"t end up blowing up a building (or at least shorting a circuit).The outlets space standard 110V.The waiting conditioner unit is detailed as 115V.I recognize that ns can"t plug a 220V air conditioner right into the 110V outlet, yet can i plug a 115V wait conditioner in a 110V outlet? I"ve review that 115V appliances are totally fine come plug right into 110V outlets, but I also know the you can"t believe everything that you read on the Interwebz. Oh. Wait! This is additionally the Interwebz. Yeah, yet I trust you City Data folks.So, what say ye? Is it okay to plug a 115V wait conditioner right into a 110V outlet?Thanks!
Standardized at 120 V. Power suppliers target to keep many customers supplied between 114 and 126 V most of the time.

I"ll do it even much more complicated. You can have 120 in ~ the outlet, plug your AC in and have it drop to 110. No must thank me. Indigenous the consumer suggest of view, if the socket fits, the appliance can wear it.
I"ll make it even an ext complicated. You can have 120 at the outlet, plug her AC in and have that drop come 110. No need to thank me. Indigenous the consumer allude of view, if the socket fits, the appliance deserve to wear it.
My worry would it is in the amperage draw. Inspect the bowl on AC unit. A 20 amp circuit should have actually no load better than 16 amps, or 80% the its capabilities, and a 15 amp no greater than 12 amps. You might overload a 15 amp circuit v a device designed because that a 20 amp circuit.

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a 20 amp rated machine has a different plug so typically that part is no a problem but i will certainly tell friend what is and also you just mentioned it.it is a an equipment pulling a complete 15 amp can pop a 15 amp breaker ..funny, you lugged this up. Today i had a customer speak to me at work and say he thinks he received a defective breaker .they are a manufacturer and are forced to test every product castle use.i offered him a siemens ED layout 15 amp breaker and it tripped in 70 secs in 71 level ambiant with 15 amps on it.i pulled a station time existing chart ~ above it and also yes the breaker to be defective however according to the graph a complete 15 amp continious fill would generally trip in 1500 seconds.interesting because i thought it would have actually held. Yet like you said you really have to not go over 80% volume or you can have false tripping.
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