As a Norwegian, i am curious about what Norwegian sounds favor for foreigners. I want opinions from civilization who have actually heard this, and are from countries outside that Scandinavia


Englishman learning Norwegian here. It sound like civilization from the north of England speaking English if they space drunk and too much away indigenous me to hear what they are saying.

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Norwegian here. I've heard human being from other countries say the sounds choose Norwegians space singing as soon as speaking, due to the fact that of our transforms in pitches

Dutch here. Everything you say sounds choose a question. And sometimes a native you to speak sounds prefer Dutch.

As an American I quite like just how Norwegian sounds, in fact, that's mainly why I desire to discover it. It's much smoother sounding to me idk.

I can't recognize it against other Scandinavian languages but if told what that is and also compared to others I like the sound of the more

I actually had a Norwegian course to demo teaching methods yesterday. Someone said it sounds like german there is no grammar which it sort of does. Also you deserve to tell it's a scandi language yet it's much much less crazy for English native speakers come pronounce 보다 the others. That does sound a small like indigenous blend however no where close to as lot as Swedish. To me the sounds sort of playful.

It is very comparable to Swedish. They have actually the pitch accent, therefore it sound melodic. Here in Finland we have actually a hoax that once you put a warm potato in your mouth and also speak Swedish, it's Norwegian.

Im an American who research studies Swedish, however im very familar through listening/reading Norwegian. I deserve to tell each of the Scandinavian languages apart by hearing the accents and also word sounds. Come me, Norwegian sounds prefer its spoken in a depth pitch than the other Nordic languages. The Norwegian vowels, talked with the Norwegian accent, room what was standing out most to me.

If you want to hear for yourself what Norwegian sounds favor to foreigners, make up a bunch of nonsensical words utilizing Norwegian grammar and letters, then set them in a sentence, and also have somebody else check out it the end loud.

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For example, (ill do it in Swedish) 'Jåg ör ållor talikör kommaka skör'

American here. Sound pretty much like white-filtered English. But like, pagan white.

Edit: I claimed hear :-(

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