Quarter-past (15 minutes past)9:15(quarter past nine) 7:15 (quarter past seven)12:15(quarter past twelve)

Also, what time is 4 minutes 1 after 5? So, as soon as it"s 7:15, we say it"s“quarterpast seven”. Or as soon as it"s 1:15, we sayit"s“quarter after one”. In ~ minute 45, us sayit"s“quarter to” the following hour. For example,at5:45, us say it"s “quarter come six” (or15minutes prior to 6:00).

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Correspondingly, what time is quarter past?

Hours and minutes Time say or to speak
1:00 One o"clock
1:05 Five previous one One-oh-five
1:10 Ten past one One-ten
1:15 Quarter past one One-fifteen

What is a quarter to 4?

A quarter is 1/4 that a number. There are60minutes in one hour and also 15 is one quarter or 1/4thof60. So a quarter past 4 way it is4:15,either to be or pm relying on the time ofday!

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What is a 4 minutes 1 to nine?

(a) quarter the (a offered hour intime)
A quarter of one hour (15 minutes) beforethenamed hour in time (e.g., "quarter the six" would mean5:45).Primarily heard in US. B: "Not until a quarter ofeight, sowe"ve obtained plenty of time!"
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What time is quarter after 1?

The word “quarter”meansone-fourth. Once we say, “A quarterpast6,” we average one-fourth of one hour past6o"clock, or 15 minute past 6. Once we say,“Aquarter it spins 6,” we average one-fourth ofan hourtill 6 o"clock, or 15 minute till 6.
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What is a 4 minutes 1 to 8?

6:45. It"s eight o"clock. 8:00. It"saquarter past nine. 9:15.
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What is a quarter till 3?

A quarter hour (1/4 of an hour) is. 15 minutes,ahalf hour (1/2 of an. Hour) is 30 minutes, andthreequarters. Of one hour (3/4 of one hour) is 45minutes.There space special expressions because that time.
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What is a 4 minutes 1 to 1?

a quarter of an hour=15. Therefore, quartertoone would certainly be 15 minutes before one,or12:45.
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What walk a quarter to 7 mean?

(a) quarter that (a provided hour intime)
A quarter of one hour (15 minutes) beforethenamed hour gradually (e.g., "quarter the six" wouldmean5:45). B: "Not till a quarter of eight, for this reason we"vegot plentyof time!"
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What does 4 minutes 1 after mean?

Quarter past or quarter after means15minutes after the proclaimed hour.
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What time is a 4 minutes 1 to 7?

How to say the moment in English – ExamplesandReference
Digital typical Use ideas
6:15 It"s quarter previous 6. past and also the previous hour (here: 6)
6:30 It"s half past 6.
6:35 It"s 25 come 7. to and also the following hour (here: 7)
6:45 It"s 4 minutes 1 to seven.

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How perform you write time in hours?

How come Read military Time. Whenkeepinghours in this fashion, the job starts in ~ midnight andiswritten as 00:00. The last minute that the day is written as23:59,or one minute prior to the following midnight. Periodically you might see00:00written as 24:00.
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What is 4 minutes 1 past and quarter to?

When it"s prior to the hour (after 30 minutespast)we to speak "to". 30 minute is fifty percent an hour, us say "halfpast"or "thirty". 15 minute is quarter of one hour,we say"quarter past" or "fifteen" or "quarter to"or"forty-five".
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What is a 4 minutes 1 to 12?

one quarter of one hour until it is twelveo"clock.In various other words it is 11:45. Quarter past, would beonequarter of an hour after so in the abovecase“Quarter past” or“Quarterafter” would average 12:15. Together 15minutes is onequarter of an hour.
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What go AM and PM mean?

From the Latin words meridies (midday), ante (before)andpost (after), the ax ante meridiem (a.m.)meansbefore midday and also post meridiem (p.m.)means aftermidday. The American Heritage dictionary of theEnglish Languagestates "By convention, 12 AM denotesmidnight and 12PM denotes noon.
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Why is each 15 minute period on a clock referred to as one 4 minutes 1 hour?

Why is each 15 minute duration calledaquarter? since there are 4 fifteenminutesections in an hour. Therefore each onemakes upone quarter the the hour and also therebythegame.
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How perform I call time in English?

After about 5 seconds the time appears asnumbersand as words (e.g. 2:10 - It"s ten past two) next to theclock. Thefollowing time intervals (vocabulary) appear:five past, tenpast, quarter past, twenty past, twenty-five past,half past,twenty-five to, twenty to, quarter to, ten to , five toando"clock.

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What time is noon?

12 p.m.
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