BlogWhat Is The Difference between .au Domain Extensions?

What Is The Difference in between .au Domain Extensions?


In this week’s blog we’re going to discuss the difference between the seven .au domain name extensions.

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If you’re brand-new to registering domain surname you have the right to be forgiven for being puzzled by every the various extensions. But their purposes are pretty straightforward, together we will talk about below. What is vital to understand, however, is the all registrations in .au call for some kind of official Australian credential (we intend to dedicate a short article to this in the historicsweetsballroom.coming weeks)--that is why Australians (and anyone else in the world) deserve to trust that .au domain names are really Australian! - Businesses

The domain name extension, or second-level domain (sometimes described as SLD or 2LD), is the most renowned in the namespace. The the first choice because that businesses and historicsweetsballroom.companies, v the likes that Woolworths, NAB, Telstra all using a together their main domain name.

Alternatively, part businesses register a It might be for stylistic reasons, or since the is taken, or come harken earlier to the beginnings of .net which was together a unique room for businesses in networking or technology.

You need an energetic ABN/ACN to it is registered a or - Charities/Not-For-Profits/Associations

Charities and not-for-profit (NFP) organisations typically register a This extension is restricted to politics parties, trade unions, sporting and also special interest clubs, and also charities through the ideal credentials. Oxfam, Wilderness Society, and RSPCA Australia all usage addresses to quickly historicsweetsballroom.communicate the kind of organisations they room and the an ar which they serve.

The expansion was designed for associations, though isn’t together widely provided as Rules because that registering a or are available on the auDA website. - Individuals

Did you understand you deserve to be one individual and have your very own .au domain name? though again not in vast use when historicsweetsballroom.compared come and, countless individuals have registered a for an individual use. The need is simple: you just need to it is in an Australian citizens or residents to register one. - educational Institutions

Look at any kind of school or university website and they’ll have a address. These extensions actually walk a level higher than and can be registered at the 3rd level, e.g. or This addresses call not only that they relate to an Australian educational institution however one based in Victoria or south Australia. Eligibility for registering a have the right to be uncovered here. - government Departments

Government departments and local councils will usage a domain name. This is crucial trust signal--it tells customers that they are dealing with an official federal government site. Prefer with, names may be registered in ~ the second and 3rd level. Government credentials are vital for it is registered in

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We hope this blog helps you choose the ideal domain for your organization or organisation.

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