In English it’s fairly acceptable and also normal to usage the indigenous blitzkrieg also in other than historical contexts. For example, in the October 2015 concern of National geographic I review on web page 43

<…> Berger invited much more than 30 young researchers <…> for a blitzkrieg fossil fest lasting 6 weeks.

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How would one translate this right into, in details the indigenous blitzkrieg? (How to be it translated for the edition?) Is it acceptable to use this Nazi-period word in in contexts similar to this? usage political-correctness
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It might be worth considering English synonyms before translating - in this context, ns think the writer is trying come convey "fast/frenetic/focused" - possibly, "sudden/unexpected"
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Using words Blitzkrieg casually in is no much more acceptable 보다 trivialising the Holocaust by making use of literal translations of awful words such together grammar nazi. In each situation one would need to uncover a an ideal translation, much removed from any nazi-specific imagery. Violent imagery in general, even war imagery, is no problem even if words Blitz (flash) is included.

PS: It currently seems to me that more precision is in order.

In historicsweetsballroom.comy over there is a basic taboo approximately most indigenous that are specifically regarded the nazi era. It is no problem to use words fallout’s under this taboo in their initial sense, however casual figurative use is taken into consideration inappropriate. Both Blitzkrieg and also Nazi loss under this general taboo.

This taboo is the strongest for words v direct link to the Holocaust (e.g. KZ, i.e. Concentration camp), rather weaker for words that deserve to be viewed to stand for the entire duration in every its facets (Nazi drops in this category), also weaker for words the relate specifically to battle as protest to (other) crimes against humanity (Blitzkrieg drops in this category), and also weakest for words that relate to other phenomena regarded the era yet not straight to war or crimes (e.g. Hitlerjugend, i.e. Hitler Youth).

Sometimes the status of a indigenous isn"t so clear. E.g. Endlösung (final solution) has actually been a typical native long prior to the nazis used it come the "Jewish question". As a result, words is cure as entirely harmless in some contexts, but falls under the strictest form of the taboo in others.

If you to be to speak Grammatiknazi in, this would certainly in principle loss under the taboo against trivialising figurative meanings, but a lot of of human being would additionally understand that this is one anglicism, so that is no clear come what extent the taboo applies. However, Blitzkrieg is the original, unmodified word. Therefore, even though the original taboo is somewhat weaker because that Blitzkrieg, the all at once effect is about the very same for both words.

It is likewise important to recognize that this taboo is strongly associated with the join that the Nazi crimes were wrong and in some feeling unprecedented, the historicsweetsballroom.comy lost the war, and also that no one of this should ever be repeated. In the context, for a long time no abiding by the taboo has actually meant the you want to revisit this issues. Just like saying "Not whatever was bad about the Nazis", skipping the taboo is not objectively wrong every se but only v the fact that that is aberrant behaviour that signals disagreement v the general consensus of society concerning the period.

The slide out of time has actually been weakening both the consensus and the taboo. Nowadays a many historicsweetsballroom.coms spend a big part of your time in the English-speaking parts of the internet. Consequently, English coinages such as grammar nazi and the figurative usage of blitzkrieg contribute to the steady loss the the taboo in much the same method that the realisation how normal and main-stream racism and extreme nationalism room in nations such together the us (Trump), France (Front National) or Hungary contributes to an ext open extreme nationalism in historicsweetsballroom.comy.

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As a result, yes, friend can get away with using words Blitzkrieg in a translation in this way. However you can neither usage it nor protect against it without acquisition a position.