A expression that perplexed me while analysis Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was the rabbit’s explanation the why the Queen bespeak the Duchess come be executed in chapter VIII. The rabbit describes to Alice, “She boxed the Queen’s ears” (Carroll, 73). The activity of “boxing ears” is something I had actually never heard of, so I made decision to look right into the an interpretation of the term. I found that boxing that the ear is a hard, simultaneously slap the both ears. The violent act to be a popular kind of child punishment during the victor era.

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In an 1878 problem of The London Reader: the literature, science, art and general information, the penalty of boxing the ear is debated. The post warns,

because that not only is deafness brought about by “boxes,” i m sorry rupture (as castle continually do) the north of the ear, but the inflammation that the interior cavity, i beg your pardon is so constant a result, might be complied with by disease of the bone, giving rise to abscess of the brain, and having a fatal termination (“Boxes top top the Ear,” 449).

The write-up explains the schoolboys room suffering indigenous the chastisement through schoolmasters and also fears, as provided above, that the results of the slaps may be long-term.

An 1891 concern of Woman’s Exponent echoes this criticism that boxing children’s ears. The short article instructs mothers on just how to appropriately chastise their children. That warns versus the injury of boxing the ears by referencing a city by Robert Browning the “commemorates the action of one old Earl of Arundel” who has a paint done of himself and also his child after boxing the boy’s ears. The post writes that after a few years, the child ended up being “imbecile indigenous the impacts of the blow” (“A box on the Ear,” 19). ~ citing this example, the article advises readers, “It would be well for every parent, and for those having children on your hands, come commit these verses to memory; because that the injury excellent to kids by the quick and also careless crate of the ear, the is believed nothing of at the time, is other incalculable” (“A crate of the Ear,” 19).

After analysis these periodicals for context, i re-read the rabbit’s explanation come Alice about the conflict between the Queen and the Duchess. I would argue the the inclusion of “boxing the ears” in Alice speaks to the concerns youngsters may have actually held during the victorian era. Probably the Duchess’ boxing of the Queen’s ears is offered to resonate v the fears of victorian girls and also boys, prefer Alice, and also offer readers a “moral to the story.”

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