Definitions include: feces.

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Definitions include: black color tar heroin.Definitions include: as soon as sleeping with someone therefore hideous, you have to put a brown record bag over your head come hide their face.Definitions include: rhyming slang for "dead".Definitions include: to have to defecate badly.Definitions include: annoyed.Definitions include: the anus.Definitions include: supposed note that, when played, renders everyone that hears it lose bowel control.Definitions include: come fawn over a superior; "suck up".Definitions include: a human who through an overtly friendly mindset towards those in government in really hopes of getting a more favorable place in the workplace.Definitions include: anus.Definitions include: anus.Definitions include: a woman thought about wife material.Definitions include: a turd in the toilet.Definitions include: The deceptive plot of a woman, the continually job-related on a certain male. Compare through <(black widow syndrome)>(show 12 morehide)

Other state relating come "chicken":

Definitions include: to it is in okay; no a huge concern.Definitions include: a coward.Definitions include: a redneck or bigot.Definitions include: masturbator.Definitions include: fear or cowardlyDefinitions include: a happy male that prefers young happy men.Definitions include: a female who performs fellatio frequently.Definitions include: a manipulative female.Definitions include: to no go through with a setup because the fear.Definitions include: feeble.Definitions include: one expression that comes before a phone contact to an asian drug dealer.Definitions include: to masturbate.Definitions include: to masturbate.Definitions include: to end up being extremely hopeful about a future occurrence.Definitions include: one imaginary pet that is ugly, skinny, and female.(show 7 morehide)

Other state relating come "cow":

Definitions include: an uncomfortable woman; "bitch".Definitions include: cow feces.Definitions include: milk.Definitions include: "co-worker".Definitions include: golf.Definitions include: cow feces; "cow patty".Definitions include: cow feces.Definitions include: cow feces.Definitions include: view go cow tipping.Definitions include: a countryside town.Definitions include: to push cows over while they are sleeping, as a type of amusement.Definitions include: freak out.Definitions include: basic exclamation.Definitions include: a term offered in lieu of a profanity.

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Definitions include: walk crazy.(show 3 morehide)