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These days, everyone is mindful of the phenomenon that is twerking. Yet what around the run term, "Buss it open?" 

A rapid search ~ above the Internet's upmost ratchet source, metropolitan Dictionary, discover its root meaning: "A phrase provided to define when a woman spreads her legs open vast to fuck." Now, take that definition and use it to the run floor. Similar to twerking, it's about letting her freak nasty flag paris freely, typically in the vicinity of opposing sex. That's right; both male and also female participants space eligible to let loose, however understand, ladies just do the better.

With this day being brand-new Year's Eve, it's only right that us ring in 2015 v a playlist that will have actually everyone gettin' down on the dance floor. Take our Definitive Buss It open up Playlist below. 

Buss It open Playlist | hear for complimentary at bop.fm

1. DJ Snake and also Lil Jon - “Turn under for What”2. Diplo f/ Nicky Da B - “Express Yourself”3. David Banner - “Play”4. Ludacris - “How Low”5. Ice cream Cube f/ Mack 10 and Ms. Toi - “You have the right to Do It”6. Trina - “Pull Over”7. French Montana f/ rick Ross, Drake, and Lil Wayne - “Pop That”8. Lil Jon & the eastern Side Boyz f/ Ying Yang pair - “Get Low”9. Juvenile f/ Mannie Fresh and also Lil Wayne - "Back the Azz Up"10. Lil Boosie f/ Foxx and Webbie - “Wipe Me under (Remix)”11. 2 Live Crew - “Hoochie Mama”12. Too $hort f/ Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz  - “Shake the Money”13. Twista f/ Pitbull - “Hit the Floor”14. Juicy J f/ 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne - “Bandz a make Her Dance”15. Rihanna - “Pour that Up”16. T-Pain f/ B.o.B - “Up down (Do This every Day)”17. Sir-Mix-a-Lot - “Baby gained Back”18. Pitbull f/ Lil Jon - "Culo”​19. Jeremih f/ YG - "Don't phone call 'Em"20. Nicki Minaj - “Anaconda”21. Bubba Sparxxx f/ Ying Yang Twins and Mr. Collipark - “Ms brand-new Booty”22. Ying Yang twins f/ Lil Jon & the east Side Boyz - “Salt Shaker”23. Tyga - “Rack City”24.

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Huge Sean f/ Nicki Minaj - "Dance (A$$)"25. MC shy D - “Shake It”