In the video game Gears the War, Soldiers are referred to as Gears while the military team they offer is referred to as the Cog.

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My dad asked me the meaning of these when he to be playing, ns told them the most likely Gears to be to refer to the soldiers together being Gears in the maker called battle while Cog to be the Acronym Coalition Of Gears because that"s what they kinda were.

But I"m wondering if there is a canon source as come the an interpretation of Gears and also Cogs in Gears of War.


A couple of seconds v Google offered me the Wikia page which states COG stands for Coalition of notified Governments.

Your theory on Gears was best - Wikia says:

The term comes from the rotating device which signifies the unity of the COG and also the ar of the Gear.

"I shall host my place in the maker and identify my place in the Coalition. I am a Gear."— Oath of the COG



Might refer to the mechanical connection of a smaller "cog" steering a bigger "gear" - the cog gives the impetus, the gear provides the force.



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