In number of credits, some names (usually amongst the first ones) have actually an abbreviation after their surname like:


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Where does that come from?

Do they typical something particular about your job?



Generally, these abbreviation you view indicate a society or union that human being is a member of. Because such cultures are very distinctive and respected ones, people include it to your names in credits. As with when one has actually Ph.D. Degree, he/she would prefix Dr. Or suffix Ph.D. In his/her name.

1. A.C.E.

It represents American Cinema Editors, a culture for film editors. This is a high respect in the cinema industry.

2. A.F.C.

It means Association Française des directeurs de la photographie Cinématographique (in English, French culture of Cinematographers). The is a France"s foremost experienced organization the French cinematographers and founded in 1990.

3. A.S.C.

It is the American culture of Cinematographers for special impacts experts and photography directors. This company was created to construct a collaborative setting for cinematographers come share your ideas and techniques.

The organization is no a job union or guild, but an educational, cultural, and also professional organization. Membership is extended by invitation, exclusive come those who have demonstrated outstanding ability as a director of photography.

4. B.S.C.

British culture of Cinematographers. Very same as A.S.C., just for british Cinema. Interesting thing to note is that Cinematographers working both in USA and also UK can be component of both A.S.C. And B.S.C.

5. C.A.S.

Cinema Audio Society.

The Cinema Audio society was created in 1964 for the purpose of sharing info with Sound specialists in the Motion picture and television Industry. We have seven (7) categories of membership: active (Full), Associate, job Achievement, Honorary, Student, Retired and Corporate Members. Source

6. C.S.A.

Casting society of America. It was formed in 1982 together the American culture of casting Directors. Best casting director in film, television, and stage have actually this tag.

7. D.G.A.

Directors Guild the America. It to represent directors and also members that the directorial team working in film, television etc.

8. P.G.A.

Producers Guild of America. It represents producers of film and also TV. It to be originally developed as display Producers Guild in 1950, yet later it was an unified with the television Producers Guild and American association of Producers.

9. S.A.G

Screen actors Guild. It was a society of main and also background performers in movie & TV. Established in 1933, it was later linked into American Federation the Television and also Radio Artists in 2012 and known together S.A.G. - A.F.T.R.A afterwards.


Writers Guild of America. E stands for East and W represents West. That is a mix of two labor unions and was created in 1912 by a collection of book, magazine, and drama writers.

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As you have the right to see, this societies describe the details group of world belonging come Choose D.G.A is a culture for directors and P.G.A. Is a culture for producers. These societies have actually their very own motives, however they re-publishing a typical goal to provide a cooperation platform because that people connected in making. As well as this, they have their very own membership rules.