What go Delmar mean?


▼ together a boys" surname is pronounced DEL-mar. That is that Spanish and Old French origin, and the meaning of Delmar is "of the sea". Location name and Spanish form of Delmore. Poet Delmore Schwartz.STARTS/ENDS v Del-, -ar



VARIANTS Delmer▼, Delmor, Delmore

CREATIVE FORMS(male) (female) center NAME PAIRINGSDelmar Antony (D.A.), ..

How popular is Delmar?

Delmar is a rather popular first name because that males (#717 out of 1220, height 59%) and an even an ext popular last name for both adults and also children (#21620 out of 150436, height 14%). (2000 U.S. CENSUS)

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Delmar got to its top position the #317 in the U.S. During 1930-1939, however is no ranked currently. (2018 bear STATISTICS)



Which version is better?

Delmer is the only other famous variation type of Delmar rated in the top 2000. Adoption of these develops of Delmar got to its many widespread throughout the year 1920-1929 (MEDIAN #376).

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Similar Names

Suggested similar-sounding names are Adelmar, Algar, Allgar (see Alger), Alomar, Aylmar, Baumar, Cezar, Damar, Danar, Decker▲, Deems, Deepak, Deker, Dekker, Delani, Delano▼, Delany, Delfin, Delios, Delius, Dell▼, Delles, Delman, Delmon, Delmont, Delon, Delos, Delray, Delron, Delton, Delvin, Delwyn, Demar, Demario, Demarko, Demarr, Demas, Denman, Denmark, Denver▲, Deodar, Deshad (see Deshan), Deshal (see Deshan), Deshay, Deval, Dewuan (see Dejuan), Dexter▲, Dilan, Dima, Dolan, Dylan, Dyllan, Edmar, Elgar, Ellgar (see Alger), Elmar, Halvar, Hamar, Homar, Ilar, Jamar▼, Jemar, Jimar, Jomar, Lemar, Omar, Osmar, Palmar, Sezar, Tilar, Ullmar, Ulmar, Umar, Willmar (see Wilmer) and Wilmar. This names often tend to be less frequently used than Delmar.