One the my favorite scenes in Tombstone needs to be the Latin duel. The that moment when Doc Holliday and Johnny Ringo satisfy for the an initial time and realize the they are perfectly matched combatants. The insults fly, yet in Latin no English. Ringo pulls some fast moves v his total that room mirrored perfectly by a very drunk Doc Holliday juggling his believe cup. I recognize you have questions around the scene. I did the very first 100 odd times i watched the movie. Would you favor some answers to those questions? Then read on.

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Were Doc and Ringo similar?

Johnny Ringo circa 1880

In short, not really, yet they did have some points in common. Ringo was just a year older 보다 Doc and he did apparently dress well. In the Tombstone Epitaph article about his death, he’s defined as having actually a silver- pocket watch. One more thing they had actually in usual was your love that a great drink. Prior to Ringo passed away he was checked out in Tombstone and also Galeyville enjoy it a boozy drinking main actor that lasted for a couple of weeks.

Apart, from that they yes, really didn’t have actually much in typical in genuine life.


Did they both yes, really speak Latin?

“That’s Latin dahlin. Evidently Mr. Ringo is an educated man. Currently I really dislike him.” Doc Holliday to huge Nose Kate in the 1993 film, Tombstone

It was fairly common back in the 1850s because that Latin come be taught as component of a normal school education. That being said, it to be not always common for someone to acquire a an excellent school education. Doc absolutely did, he learned to speak Latin. Greek and also French in ~ The Valdosta Institute, a private school in Valdosta, Georgia. By all accounts he to be a good student. Johnny Ringo ~ above the various other hand may or may not have had the opportunity. That did get a simple school education farming up in Missouri but whether or no this included Latin, who have the right to say for sure.

What go the Latin in Tombstone Mean?


Bear through me a second, unlike Doc, I have no expertise of Latin worth talking around so ns relying on other people’s translations in this case.

Doc Holliday: In vino veritas. (In wine over there is truth.)

Johnny Ringo: period quod agis. (Do what friend do.)

Doc Holliday: Credat Judaeus Apella, no ego. (Let Apella the Jew believe, no I.)

Johnny Ringo: Iuventus stultorum magister. (Youth is the teacher that fools.)

Doc Holliday: In speed requiescat. (May he remainder in peace.)

Did Doc and Ringo struggle in genuine life?

They tried to on January 17, 1882 however were break-up up prior to the discussion resulted in gunfire. They were both arrested, fined for delivering guns and also released. Walter Noble Burns’ 1927 book Tombstone: an Iliad the the Southwest would intricate on the tale arguing that Ringo took the end his handkerchief and also flipped it at Holliday as a difficulty to a duel. Holliday replied, “I’m her Huckleberry Ringo, that’s just my game.”

Did Doc Holliday kill Johnny Ringo?


Ringo’s fatality in the movie Tombstone, is a beautiful resolution come the anxiety that builds between Doc and Ringo transparent the film. It has to be the perfect gunfight. Ringo calls Wyatt Earp to the fight, however gets a really sickly Doc Holliday instead. Both Doc and also Ringo obtain the fight they’ve to be wanting all through the film. In reality, Doc Holliday to be stuck in a courtroom in Pueblo, Co, countless miles native Ringo’s place of death in Turkey Creek Canyon, AZ. That may also have read around Ringo’s death in the newspaper v interest. Certainly Ringo’s fatality was a strange one.

Johnny Ringo died on July 14, 1882. He was uncovered slumped by one oak tree with a bullet wound on the right-hand side of his head the was big enough to placed two finger in. He still had actually his pistol in his hand, pressed to his head and also his rifle was propped up against a tree. He had two cartridge belts, one of which was hanging upside down. Component of his scalp was missing and looked favor it had been cut out v a knife. He had removed his boots and also was attract his undershirt over the peak of his socks, wrapped about his feet. The coroner’s verdict in to be suicide, but that hasn’t stopped the speculation that he may have been killed.

In his last days, Ringo became increasingly paranoid that someone would kill him and perhaps his paranoia to be justified. Just a couple of months prior, he had actually been accused of being among Morgan Earp’s assassins, something the he denied. Ironically, he additionally rode in Johnny Behan’s posse, chasing Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday. Ringo had plenty that enemies and there were plenty of likely candidates the would have actually happily have killed him.

One candidate was Wyatt Earp, who apparently even claimed that he had killed Ringo. He made an error in his insurance claim though and said Ringo passed away in march of 1882 rather than July when he yes, really did died. This case came native an interview that Earp offered in his 70s. I honestly believe that the may have actually simply given the wrong name in error or probably the details was copied down wrongly at the time by the human being interviewing him. One thing is clear though, if Ringo was killed, it wasn’t by Doc Holliday.

“Why Johnny Ringo, girlfriend look like someone simply walked over her grave.”

Johnny Ringo’s dig in Cochise Co., AZ.

Ringo is buried close to the oak tree the he passed away at in Turkey Creek Canyon. His grave site is on personal property, however it is open to the public to visit. Ns haven’t been there, but I think it would certainly be an interesting trip. Nothing much appears to have changed. I’m sure it’s fairly an atmospheric place.

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So did i answer every the questions that you had? I definitely tried to, however if yes sir anything else that you’re yearning come know, gain in touch and also I’ll see if I have the right to answer it for you. I’m not guaranteeing I’ll understand the answer, yet you have the right to always shot me and see. I love come hear from you and I don’t require an pardon to acquire me talking around the history behind the movie Tombstone or the film itself.