What walk ”Don Don (どんどん)” typical in Japanese?Posted through keiko ~ above Jun 27, 2018 in Culture, Grammar

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Hi everyone!

Hope everyone is enjoy it the start of the summer. Summer beak has officially started in ours area, which way kids are residence all day, everyday. Oh boy. Ns am already having a difficult time keeping the kids busy especially throughout the week. We have actually our family members vacation coming up, however not till August. So, it will be a lengthy month the July comes up because that me.

So, this morning, kids were up early for some reason (this doesn’t take place so often), and already making some noise downstairs. They were playing video games in the life room, yet as they were playing, they to be bouncing up and also down top top the couch. I just had actually to yell in ~ the kids, “どんどん するの やめて (Don don suruno yamete)!”(“Stop bouncing please!” or this could additionally mean, “Stop making every the noise!” )

The word “don don” is one more word that explains state or problems in Japanese, but it is together a super flexible word the we use on numerous occasions. So, ns figured why no cover this in today’s lesson.

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When you room immersed in Japanese language, you will hear this indigenous sooner or later.