In Gerry Anderson"s "Thunderbirds"(1965-66), the Tracy brothers (Scott, John, Virgil, Gordon and also Alan) would certainly respond on the radio


interpretation "affirmative" or "understood".

There are many theories regarding the interpretation to this acronym. While watching "The Right Stuff", I noted that Virgil Grissom would respond to the various other astronauts via the phrase

F..... A, Bubba!

interpretation "affirmative" or "understood".

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Given that this was a phrase offered by the real Mercury Astronauts, 5 of whom were the namesakes for the Tracy boys, might this Gerry Anderson"s source for the acronym?


If those real-life astronauts gave the display with any kind of impetus beyond their names, I can"t find documentation to assistance it--in reality, fairly the oppowebsite.

Gerry Anderchild says F.A.B isn"t intended to be an abbreviation for any specific phrase; the real-life catalyst was "fabulous" ("fab" was a prevalent slang in the 60s) and also that"s it.

FAB represents absolutely nothing! In the Sixties when the series was made the abbreviation "fab" as in "fabulous" was all the rage and also I simply adjusted it a bit.

There"s supposedly a tie-in comic wbelow F.A.B implies "For Almeans Brothers," but I can"t track dvery own the source yet. Even that citation points out it"s simply one worry of a comic (whose authors most likely had actually little bit to no contact through the TV show).


Officially "Nothing"

Potentially "Fully Acknowledged Broadcast".

Taken from What does FAB stand for?:

"This has actually acquired to be among the most asked questions: What does FAB stand for in Thunderbirds? Well here’s the answer in one basic word: Nothing! In the 60’s the buzz-word was “fabulous”. This was shortened to FAB and also supplied sindicate as a call sign choose ‘Roger’ or ‘Ten-Four’ to acexpertise got instructions. If it was an acronym, then the ideal pointer we’ve heard for a potential definition is “Fully Acknowledged Broadcast”. So currently, next time someone asks you what FAB represents, you have the right to offer them the authoritative answer: nothing!"

The above was created by Jamie Anderkid, boy of creator Gerry Anderkid.


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