In Gerry Anderson"s "Thunderbirds"(1965-66), the Tracy brothers (Scott, John, Virgil, Gordon and Alan) would respond ~ above the radio


meaning "affirmative" or "understood".

There are plenty of theories regarding the definition to this acronym. When watching "The right Stuff", I detailed that Virgil Grissom would certainly respond to the various other astronauts with the phrase

F..... A, Bubba!

meaning "affirmative" or "understood".

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Given that this was a phrase offered by the genuine Mercury Astronauts, 5 of whom to be the namesakes because that the Tracy boys, could this Gerry Anderson"s source for the acronym?


If those real-life astronauts provided the present with any kind of inspiration beyond their names, ns can"t discover documentation to assistance it--in fact, rather the opposite.

Gerry Anderson claims F.A.B isn"t supposed to be an abbreviation for any specific phrase; the real-life motivation was "fabulous" ("fab" was a usual slang in the 60s) and also that"s it.

FAB means absolutely nothing! In the Sixties as soon as the series was made the abbreviation "fab" together in "fabulous" was every the rage and I just changed it a bit.

There"s reportedly a tie-in comic whereby F.A.B way "For always Brothers," however I can"t track under the source yet. Also that quote points the end it"s simply one issue of a comic (whose writers most likely had small to no contact with the TV show).


Officially "Nothing"

Potentially "Fully acknowledged Broadcast".

Taken indigenous What does FAB was standing for?:

"This has gained to be among the many asked questions: What go FAB was standing for in Thunderbirds? Well here’s the price in one simple word: Nothing! In the 60’s the buzz-word was “fabulous”. This to be shortened come FAB and used simply as a speak to sign prefer ‘Roger’ or ‘Ten-Four’ to acknowledge got instructions. If it was an acronym, then the best suggestion we’ve heard because that a potential definition is “Fully identified Broadcast”. So now, next time someone asks friend what FAB stands for, friend can give them the authoritative answer: nothing!"

The above was created by Jamie Anderson, boy of creator Gerry Anderson.


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