If you have actually been following some soccer leagues for a while, you could have noticed that numerous soccer teams have actually the prefix or suffix “FC” in their name.

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Other clubs additionally have different prefixes of suffixes like SC, AC and also so on. But what perform these prefixes and suffixes precisely mean?

In soccer, FC simply way “Football Club”. The is offered by a lot of soccer clubs both inside and also outside Europe. Even some American clubs usage the FC prefix or suffix in your clubs names even though soccer is well-known as soccer in America.

There room some American clubs (teams) that use SC rather of FC, and also as you can have guessed, SC means “Soccer Club”.

Why execute soccer clubs include prefixes/suffixes to their names?

Now that you know what FC means, the next question come ask is why do numerous soccer clubs have it in their name?

The price is fairly simple. A soccer associated prefix or suffix can help people recognize that the surname is a soccer club name and not miscellaneous else.

Many soccer clubs are named after the urban or says that they source from. For example. Barcelona is a city in Spain, but there is also a Barcelona football club. Because that the club to be differentiated from the city name, it needs to have the FC prefix in its name or any type of other prefix that have the right to identify them as a football club.

In other words, Barcelona is a city, yet FC Barcelona is a soccer club.


However, one thing to keep in mind is that FC is not only offered when the football club’s name is currently taken by an additional sports team or one more landmark. most of the soccer clubs that incorporate the FC prefix or any kind of other prefix/suffix in your name perform it simply to determine themselves together Soccer Clubs (Football clubs if girlfriend live external the unified States)

Back in the old job when most of today’s large soccer clubs to be born, soccer wasn’t as huge as it is today, so football clubs required a means to do themselves recognized using their names, and also hence they offered “FC” to determine themselves together soccer clubs also if their name is currently unique.

For example, Manchester united F.C. Has the “FC” suffix in their name even if Manchester united is still a unique name.

Are prefixes or suffixes compelled by the regulations in soccer?

Not all soccer clubs have prefixes or suffixes in many of the optimal soccer leagues about the world. In other words, if a football club’s surname is unique on that own, climate it could not require to add the FC prefix or any other prefix or suffix come be welcomed as a soccer club.

In Spain for example, over there are countless soccer clubs in La Liga that have actually no prefixes or suffixes in their names. The exact same thing applies for soccer in the unified States.

As lengthy as the football club’s name is not already taken, many of the club registration committees will permit them to usage names through no prefixes or suffix included.

What are some of the common prefixes/suffixes offered in soccer?

The complying with is a perform of some usual prefixes/suffixes supplied in the surname of soccer clubs around the world.

Prefix/suffixFull wordExamples
FCFootball ClubLiverpool F.C.F.C Barcelona
SCSoccer ClubChicago Fire SCSan Diego loyal SC
CFClub de soccer (Spain)Real Madrid C.F.
ACAssociazione Calcio (Italy)AC Milan
ASAssociazione Sportiva (Italy)AS Roma
UnitedUnitedManchester united FCLeeds United
RealReal (which method Royal in Spain)Real BetisReal Sociedad
CityCityManchester City FCLeicester City FC
Common soccer Clubs Prefixes and Suffixes

Is football the just sport that supplies FC and also other comparable prefixes?

Using prefixes or suffixes in a team names is not distinctive to soccer. Other huge clubs from other sports around the human being use prefixes and suffixes to recognize their clubs too.

For example, part Rugby clubs usage the suffix “RFC” which means “Rugby soccer Clubs”. 

In various other words, some soccer clubs and also other famed clubs from various other sports roughly the world add suffixes or prefixes come their club names in stimulate to do them distinguishable from other similar names.

With that said, I’ll finish my write-up here. Here’s a quick an introduction of what you have actually just read.


FC in soccer method “Football club”. Prefixes or suffixes prefer FC are offered in soccer in stimulate to differentiate the clubs from other landmarks or other clubs with comparable names.

While a prefix or a suffix is not required by the regulations of the game, numerous soccer clubs still usage them also if their name is already unique. The factor why is due to the fact that these clubs desire to be figured out as football clubs automatically when someone learns around their surname for the very first time.

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Using Prefixes and also suffixes in society names is not distinct to football only. Other clubs from various other sports do it too.