A swarm the bees is thought about to be a symbol of wellness and profit, but different interpretation have the right to have various explanation of the photo in a dream. If bees stung girlfriend in a dream, different dreambooks deserve to have various interpretations, yet the main criteria space bite spots. If a bee stings in the lip, a human being should watch the end for his tongue. You should not be as well frank and reveal an individual (and other people"s) secrets also to those human being who are considered the most reliable.

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If the bees in a dream stung you in the face, head or neck, this plot warns about problems at work, your employer may not be satisfied with exactly how you fulfill your duties. Besides that this symbol have the right to predict gossip behind your earlier spread by your ill-wishers. If the bees stung your whole body in a dream, that is a signal the you have to act here and now. This dream is a special authorize that shows a favorable time for planned tasks, currently you can accomplish the greatest results. If a punishment stung girlfriend in a dream, however you didn’t feel any pain and kept being in good mood, this image symbolizes a successful finishing to every your current beginnings. If the dreamer felt every bite and each of them hurt a lot, this way he will need to put a many efforts and also do his ideal in stimulate to complete what he started. The plot can also indicate ingratitude, the invaluable work of the dreamer by employers.

According come the dreambooks, see bees swarm in a dream is a fairly favorable sign and promises hard profit, prosperity in business, and also success in every endeavors. Dreams about hives and honeycombs are also considered really favorable. Castle predict welfare, success in business and promotion at work. One empty hive bring financial loss and problems in business. A hive complete of bees shows a favorable period not just for her business, but additionally for a house refurbishment or residential property purchase.


A wasp in a dream deserve to symbolize an unpleasant person with who you will have the ability to cooperate or occupational at the same project. The interpretation of the dream additionally reminds around a human being in your close surrounding who has mutual antipathy to you.

Bees and honey are taken into consideration a price of tranquility at home and prosperity in the family. If bees were bringing honey to your place, this plot can predict adjust of the house interior or pregnancy in the family. A big bee represents the dreamer’s capacity for management and administration; if he really takes high place in actual life, this plot show that his subordinates respect him and value a lot.

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If you watch bees in the hair, the dreambooks define this picture as little troubles or obstacles in actual life. Insects entangled in the hair promise revealing of cheating. Dead insects in a dream warn around loss that money, theft, deception or signing a cynical contract. The dreamer must not make new acquaintances at the moment and also postpone the signing of any type of contracts because that a while. Come kill the bees in a dream means, follow to the dreambooks, to it is in abandoned, betrayed.