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Responsive listening mirrors a genuine interest in the needs or difficulties of the customer. Also often people tend to interrupt others since they have made assumptions before gathering all the relevant information. Through cultivating an excellent listening skills, service representatives deserve to avoid make mistakes or misreading situations. In addition, listening closely to what the customer claims can help prevent problems in the future.

Directions: Evaluate her listening an abilities and determine where you might need advancement by comment the complying with questions v YES, NO, or SOMETIMES.


Do ns judge indigenous the speaker’s ton of voice and delivery whether what is being said is worthwhile? ________________


Do ns listen because that ideas, underlying feelings, and subtle messages? ________________


Do I know my biases and put castle in perspective? ________________


Does mine mind wander when I hear to someone talk? _________________


Do i interrupt once someone makes an incorrect statement? ________________


Do i give good feedback? ________________


Do ns evaluate the logic and also credibility the what ns hear? ________________


Do I need to have actually the critical word? _________________


Do I shot to focus the conversation ~ above the other party? ________________


Do ns effectively regulate the length of the conversation? ________________

Review your answers and also list your top three STRENGTHS and also WEAKNESSES:








_________________________ ...

Get 101 methods to enhance Customer Service: Training, Tools, Tips, and also Techniques now with O’Reilly digital learning.

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