When you have a crush, it seriouslymesses through your brain,and what comes the end your mouth is never thesame together what you"re speak in her head. Even though you try andact cool, collected, and also totally unbothered, butinside, you"re totallyfreaking out.

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1.When her friends record you staring at your crush.

What yousay:"I wasn"t staring."

What you mean:"Crap. They caught me glaring right into his soul."

2. When you introduce yourselffor the an initial time.

What girlfriend say: "Hi, pretty to satisfy you."

What you mean: "Should we begin planning our wedding right now or wait till lunch?"

3.When other people ask what"s walking on between you two.

What you say:"We"re simply talking."

What you mean:"I"m afraid to lug up the DTR conversation, yet he"s totally off limits."

4. As soon as your crushsays "hi"andyour friend freak out.

What friend say: "He simply said hi. Chilled out. Be cool."

What friend mean: "That"s it. He"s definitelyin love through me."

5. As soon as you recognize they"re a jerk, yet you have a like on castle anyway.

What friend say: "I would never ever be with a jerk like that."

What girlfriend mean: "Does gift hot give him a pass? No? Okay..."

6.When yourcrushcatches friend blushing after that smiles atyou.

What you say: "I"m not blushing. I"m just really hot."

What girlfriend mean: "My cheeks!They BURN v the heat of a thousands suns!"

7.When friend don"t want to admit that her crush is the cutest human being you"ve ever before seen.

What you say:"They"resonot that cute."

What friend mean:"That isthe many glorious thingI"ve ever before laid my eyes upon."

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8.When you find out your crush isdating someone.

What friend say: "I don"t care."

What girlfriend mean: "I"m devastated.What go she have that i don"t?!"

9. As soon as your friends call you to play hard to get.

What you say: "Yeah, totally. I can keep mine distance."

What friend mean: "How much distance is necessary to play tough to gain adequately? can I still walk through his course every period and go to the library once I understand he"s conference his study group?"

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10. As soon as you embarrass you yourself in former of your crush.

What you say: "Oh, well. It"s nbd."

What friend mean: "I"m going right into hiding. I"ll contact you as soon as the heat dies down."

11. As soon as your crush states you"re choose a sister.

What girlfriend say: "That"s fine. I feel the same way about you."


What you mean: "So this is what having your heart take it out and also trampled onfeels like."

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